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Send a virtual thank you note with iGiftThanks app

Ciaran Blumenfeld has been a long time friend of Daily Grommet. Ciaran is a talented entrepreneur (be sure to check out Francie Pants!) and recently shared with us her newest idea with us -- iGiftThanks is a thank you app for sending a virtual thank you note.
virtual thank you noteTell us how the idea of iGiftThanks came about?

I was at my daughter's birthday party and she was tearing into her presents, one after another.  I was snapping pictures with my phone and then I realized I wasn't writing down the gifts and who gave them  for thank you notes so I started scrambling for pen and paper (a scrap of wrapping paper). I had my phone in one hand, the list in the other and it just occurred to me if there had to be a better way. I assumed there would be app for my particular problem but none of the ones I found did what I wanted them to do. I knew I had to make one
How exactly does it work?
iGiftThanks lets you lose that list scrawled on the scrap of paper - the one you were going to lose anyways! It allows you to take a photo as the gift is opened, and note what the gift is, and who gave it.  You don't have to take a photo of the gift to enter an item on the list, but it does serve as an excellent visual cue and a great way to share the moment when it's time to write your thank you note. It is for lack of a better term, a Virtual Thank You Note! When you are ready to thank someone, you choose the image you want to send with your thanks. Most people like to share the photo of the gift being opened because it really brings the sender into the moment.  You can also create a handwritten note and take a photo to send that as your thank you if you believe in handwritten notes. Once you have chosen your image, you can decorate it with a frame, and then you can send it via email, twitter, facebook or text message.
thank you app
Sounds like a great problem solver! What has the feedback been so far?
People love the simplicity and ease of this app! So many people feel grateful but lack the follow through to send proper thank you notes and that is the source of a lot of tension for them and their friends and family. This app is a lifesaver for them! It's also been very popular with families that are eco conscious. No trees are cut down, and no resources are wasted in delivering a note that will probably ultimately be tossed in the trash. We thought that grandparents might object but even they are won over by the images that their grandkids are sending them and in the case of grandparents with Facebook walls - they love that their friends can all see the photo thank yous as well!
Where can we get it?
The app is available on the iTunes app store at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/igiftthanks/id411045326?mt=8

We're currently working on the Droid version of the iGiftThanks thank you app and hope to be sharing that soon!


  • Tori Says:

    I tried to find the app on ITunes and it says it doesn't exist. What happened?


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