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Sew-cial Media

My mother machine-sewed many of my clothes when I was a kid   She made some nice things, but by the time I was in grade school I wanted Jordache jeans and an izod sweater, in triplicate, please, and no more homemade frilly little girl outfits.  I must have been pretty harsh in my rejection of her work because she never even tried to teach me how to sew.
Thanks to the Internet, I eventually learned anyway.  To some extent, I taught myself to sew (with lots of phone calls home to mom:  "how is the bobbin thingy supposed to go?") so that I could have original, unique and custom home goods.  Inspired by interior decorating web sites and designers' blogs, it occurred to me that if I only knew how to sew a straight line, I could make a duvet cover, some curtains and a table-runner that would be uniquely mine, and maybe they'd even be lovely.
The crafting community might be my favorite thing about the Internet - the beautiful, photo-filled blogs of crafters who knit, sew and design; those with a family focus, others more interested in fashion or art or vintage or eco or interiors.  I'm inspired everyday by the crafters whose work I see online, and my RSS reader is full of posts that I save to visit now and then, just to take another peak.

But it's the collaboration and the generosity of this online crafting community that really amazes me.  People post patterns and thoughtfully written tutorials on every sewable thing -- from pillows to skirts to fashion rehabs to curtains.  Entire sites, like our featured Grommet today (tune in after 12pm to see what it is!), are devoted to fabric and give space for even the blogless to post their completed work or projects-in-progress to get and give feedback,tips and ideas that help everyday crafters like me think about ways to customize their own work.
So, thanks mom -- I'm sure those homemade outfits planted the kernel in my craft-loving head, and it just took 20 some odd years for the sewing seed to blossom.


  • Paula Reynolds (Mom) Says:

    You're welcome, honey. Craftiness runs in the family. I have more pictures if you want them...

  • Sam Flint Says:

    I would say the "sewing seeds" have more than blossomed. You are one of the most creative people I know! It's always fun to see what you are working on. And I suspect your girls will continue the family trend!

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