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Silence falls on filming day

An office of almost all women usually makes quite a lot of noise -- but not today. The usual hubbub of activity has been dialed down; even our footfalls walking down our winding back stairs need to be reduced to “butterfly steps”.

No, we are not in mourning. It's filming day here at Daily Grommet; a day that some people dread so much they used to skip that day of work (aren’t you glad you got moved upstairs Anthony?).

After experiencing many of these days, I can now understand his trepidation. For someone as noisy as me, it really is hard not to talk too loudly or walk around too much. I even have to remember to wear quiet shoes on filming day!

That's Jesse, our man behind the camera.

Despite the veil of silence that descends on 6 Wallis Court during filming day, I love watching the day unfold. It is so cool seeing my coworkers (and sometimes special guests) talk so enthusiastically about upcoming products. There is always a flurry of activity, no matter what the product being showcased is. Today I got to watch Julia present SimpliSafe, a home alarm system (it happens to be today's Grommet!). The variety of products that comes through our filming studio is simply endless.

One of the best parts is seeing the number of outfit changes people go through; after all, you can’t be caught wearing the same outfit in two videos in a row (because then readers would find out we filmed them on the same day, and we can’t have that).

Watching each day’s Grommet, it would be easy to believe that each video needs just one take and goes smoothly. If you think that, think again. I can’t tell how many times I tried to get my lines down before I got them exactly right. I would have to say that a way that process is made easier by our video producer  Jesse. No matter how many mistakes you make on camera (and I say this from experience...), he makes the end result look amazing. I even heard someone say “don’t worry about making a mistake, Jesse makes us look beautiful!” He knows what you should say and how you should say it; its like having a big Hollywood director but without the drama from Hollywood. I usually hate watching myself on camera, but watching the playback of my ChicoBag video, I didn’t immediately run for the hills like I often do when I see myself on video. So Jesse, thank you!

I am amazed at how effortlessly our veterans of video (here’s looking at you Jeanne) handle each video.

Although it's sometimes (OK, usually) a madhouse here at Daily Grommet during filming day, I love the fact that I can be behind the scenes; I love being able to to peek over Jesse’s shoulder to see the upcoming video unfold. Yet another reason working at Daily Grommet is always full of surprises!


  • Jules Says:

    OK just to prove that we don't edit our intern's posts and thoughts, I am going to share with the world how much I loved reading this post from you Claire. I am reading it from a seat in front of the window of a Peet's in San Francisco. Observant passers-by would wonder why I have a big smile on my face. Thanks Claire!

    One tweak....I wish Jesse could make some of us more beautiful (you don't need any help in that department Claire)....but he does always succeed in making us sound coherent, when we (often) aren't.

  • Claire Says:

    Hi Jules!
    Thank you so much - I am glad that you could enjoy my blog post all the way across the country - and in a Peet's, which we have here in Boston! A little bit of home, I guess?
    I hope your trip is going well!

  • Anthony Says:

    Yes, I am very glad I've been moved upstairs. Although I now have to make sure I remember to bring my lunch, fill my water bottle and grab all the utensils I need to eat before heading up to ensure my thundering footfalls aren't heard going down the stairs.

    I can only get so quiet ;)

  • Barbara Says:

    Claire, as a former "Grommette", I thoroughly enjoyed your post. You captured the special aura that surrounds each and every of the MANY filming days perfectly. And while there are many heroes on the inside of Daily Grommet, Jesse is one of the most important. His 'footprint' (not footstep, of course, that'd be too loud) has been marked indelibly on the site since day one. Nice post - and best wishes to you during your internship! They are lucky to have you at DG.

  • Claire Says:

    @Anthony - I know what you mean, I have to remember all those things too....and sometimes I forget! I guess they always have breaks in filming where I can dash through!

    @Barbara - thank you so much! I'm glad you liked my post; I totally agree about Jesse. He is the unsung hero behind the camera.
    Thanks for the well wishes about the rest of my internship; I'm sad that next week is my last week here at DG!

  • Jesse Says:

    Thanks Claire! Very sweet to read your behind the scenes insights. I missed this when it was published-- a treat to find it. Your Hollywood comment made me laugh...I've joked about wearing an ascot on shoot days, but now it seems that wouldn't be enough. We'll all have to get matching Daily Grommet slippers to wear as well.
    You've been such a seamless addition to the scene, good energy and real concern for every step of the process. Hope to see you in front of the camera again soon!
    @Barbara, you too! When are you making a guest appearance?

  • Claire Says:

    Jesse please would you wear an ascot? That would be perfect! And maybe a directors chair....haha!
    Thank you for the lovely comment - doing Daily Grommet videos are the only ones I don't mind doing!

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