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Simple steps to a clean, green holiday season

Daily Grommet friend (and resident "green" expert) Leslie Reinchert,  is here to help us with our green holiday cleaning. You may remember Leslie, author of  The Joy Of Green Cleaning, from several Grommet stories. She has helped us discover many great green cleaning products  over the past couple of years (Eco Me Home and Charlie's Soap just to name a couple).

Today, she's putting us up to a challenge -- start cleaning for the holidays with her simple (green) cleaning steps.

By Leslie Reichart

Green Holiday Cleaning

Leslie Reichert

Wash, press, repeat

 Let’s start by getting all your table linens ready for the day of the dinner. You can start washing and pressing them now and store them in a drawer until you need them. Make sure you get the linens clean and green by using a green laundry detergent. Charlie’s is a safe laundry detergent that will wash away any old stains on your table cloth and cloth napkins. And since it rinses totally from the fabric so there won’t be any scent to conflict with your sweet smelling home. Click here to learn more about Charlie’s Soap.

A quick polish

Polishing your silver used to be such a terrible chore, until now. Make sure you buy a can of Cape Cod Silver polish so that you can wipe them clean the week before Thanksgiving. Just use their treated sterling sliver polish cloths and wipe all your silver so it is sparkling for dinner. Click here to learn more about Cape Cod  Polish Company.

green cleaning products


A little elbow grease

Next, start cleaning your home now, so you don’t have to go crazy the day before your guests arrive. Take care of your home and your guests by only using green cleaners. Since so many people are sensitive to different chemicals, try making your own all natural cleaners. Use the Eco Me Set so you can have some help making the different cleaners you will need to clean the entire house. With some simple ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda and some essential oils, you can clean your home easily and without toxic cleaners. Click here to learn more about EcoMe Home cleaners.

Freshen up that fridge

The grocery store is the last place you want to be a few days before Thanksgiving.  But you also want to have the freshest fruits and veggies available for your Thanksgiving dinner. Now you can shop ahead with the help of  BluApple. This little addition to your veggie drawer will make your fruits and vegetables fresh for your big dinner and you can avoid having to be at the grocery store during the big rush! Click here to learn more about BluApple.

One last wipe

Okay, your guests will be there in seconds. Do a quick clean with this microfiber cleaning cloth called E-cloth. Just wet it with water and you can wipe down all your appliances, your furniture and even the front glass door.  Everything will be sparkling clean when they arrive. E-cloth can clean your windows, stainless steel and granite without using ANY cleaner. It’s perfect for that last minute clean up. Click here to learn more about E-Cloth.


 green holiday cleaning                                                                                                             

 Tackle the kitchen  

Show your guests how much fun it can be to help you clean up after dinner. By using the stylish dish washing brush from Full Circle, your guests may actually fight over who can help you clean up the kitchen. These green scrub brushes are made from sustainable, biodegradable materials that look good on your counter and feel good in your hands. They will make your guests feel good inside and out while they help you clean up. Click here to learn more about Full Circle Sponges.

Thanks Leslie for sharing these tips and motivating us all to get started on our own green holiday cleaning!

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