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Simply Divine

More great news -- you can now find reviews of some of our favorite Grommets at Divine Caroline!

divine caroline logoDivine Caroline is creating a compelling site by providing an engaging and lively community for women to share their own thoughts, voices, passions and observations.  We particularly appreciate that the Divine Caroline user submissions are thoughtfully curated and attractively presented, to avoid that free-for-all cacophony of some other sites.  In their own words:

At DivineCaroline, women come together to learn from experts in the fields of health, fashion, and work; to reflect on shared experiences with family and friends; and to express themselves by writing and publishing stories about anything that matters to them. Here, real women publish like real pros. Together, they are discussing all facets of women’s lives from kids and health to politics and style. So come discover, read, learn, laugh, and connect at DivineCaroline.com.

We are delighted to partner with Divine Caroline to provide product reviews that can provide real solutions.  Depending on the review, you might find a Grommet under any number of Divine Caroline's channels, including Parenting, Play, Home & Food, Body & Soul, Travel or Style. We encourage you to check out Divine Caroline and look around.

There are a few things I especially appreciate about Divine Caroline.

  • Anyone can publish at Divine Caroline, so if you have a story you're just dying to tell - it provides a great forum to share.  Here's how to get started.
  • chit chatThe Divine Caroline team knows that you may not feel like submitting a whole story, but you might want to add your two cents about this or that. So, they have a great feature called chit chat on each of their channels, where they ask a fun question, and you can provide your point of view.  And many chit chats offer incredible giveaways.  We sponsored one earlier this year, when we asked the question "what's your favorite product find?"
  • Divine Caroline also offers a daily dose of fashion and product finds called Found It, Loved It, written by its fashion editor, Jacinta O'Halloran.  You can check out an example here. We share Jacinta's passion for great finds!

Divine Caroline is worth a good look - from its content to its community to its incredible staff (that's a shout out to Emi Hofmeister, our fun, friendly and totally capable friend there).  Check it out - and let us know what you think about it.

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