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Size matters: Perfect stocking stuffers

Great things come in small packages, including fun games, cool baubles and clever accessories. If you're looking for unique stocking stuffers for kids and grownups, look no further.

 Corkcicle Wine Chilling Bottle Stopper

Corkcicle - Wine Chilling Bottle Stopper

Shaped like an icicle, the Corkcicle keeps white wine chilled and can cool a red wine to the optimal serving temperature. Buy the Corkcicle single bottle wine chiller here.

 TAXI Wallet by Alicia Klein

TAXI Wallet - by Alicia Klein

The Taxi Wallet has smart universal design and beautiful leather plus all the pockets you need and none you don’t. Buy the thin Taxi Wallet by Alicia Klein here.

 Sugru Hacking Putty

Sugru - Hacking Putty

Don't junk your stuff. Fix it, improve it or remake it with Sugru. Buy Sugru moldable silicone putty here.

 Krave Pure Eats, Inc Gourmet Jerky

Krave Pure Eats, Inc - Gourmet Jerky

The next time you need an energy boost, skip the chips. Krave’s meat jerky is high-protein, low-carb and totally delicious. Buy Krave Jerky gourmet jerky here.

 Cufflinks Inc Men's Accessories

Cufflinks Inc - Men's Accessories

Great cufflinks are a clever way for men to express their personal style. Choose classic, sporty or unexpectedly techie. Buy unique cufflinks here.

 Zipboard Portable, Retractable Whiteboard

Zipboard - Portable, Retractable Whiteboard

A whiteboard that rolls up is the perfect accessory for coaches, teachers and anyone who thinks on their feet. Buy the Zipboard portable dry erase board here.

 Drawstring Tool Drawstring Threader

Drawstring Tool - Drawstring Threader

Reach for the Drawstring Tool when you want to re-thread a lost drawstring or retrieve an object from a tight spot. Buy the Drawostring Tool drawstring threader here.

 One Good Earbud Single Earbud

One Good Earbud - Single Earbud

A single, stereo-quality earphone lets you listen to music without tuning out your surroundings. It’s the safer way to play. Buy One Good Earbud single earbud in stereo here.

 Snap Infusion Vitamins and Candy

Snap Infusion - Vitamins and Candy

Candies that multitask: they’re tasty, energizing, hydrating, and boost your immune system. Sweet! Buy Snap Infusion healthy candy here.

 Travalo Travel Perfume Bottles

Travalo - Travel Perfume Bottles

A travel-sized perfume atomizer makes it safe to stash your favorite scent in a purse, suitcase or carry-on bag. Buy the Travalo refillable perfume atomizer here.

Discover more stocking stuffers here.


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