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Spirithoods: Our tribe has spoken

Today's Grommet, SpiritHoods, began with this curious photo we posted on our Facebook wall ...

Jules snapped the photo while she was walking the streets of NY during a recent business trip. The animal hat caught her eye and its wearer happily agreed to being in the spotlight.

So along with the photo, here's what she asked our Facebook community:

Would you wear this? I saw so many versions of this "giant animal head" hat all over New York this week. Both on men and women. >Jules

Within instants, we'd received over 100 responses (you can read them all here on our Facebook page). It was obvious we'd hit a nerve. Our Discovery Team began to dig deeper into this idea, vowing to give the people what they wanted: animal-inspired hats.

SpiritHoods is perhaps the most "socially sourced" Grommet to date (how's that for Citizen Commerce in action?). And that makes today a particularly special day for me as the Community Manager here at Daily Grommet. So speak up folks ... we hear you!

Now,  let's keep doing it. Have another Grommet idea? Submit it to our Citizens' Gallery or tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter.

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