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Spreading Confidence with Beads

We talk with so many amazing people in our work on the Discovery Team, and today’s Grommet, Science Kits for Kids, came to us from finder Linda Waters who is also the founder of Back to Business and Confidence Beads. She met Connor Bernstein (the 16 year old inventor of Science Kits for Kids) at a business conference, and told us about his products. As we talked with her, we learned that she has a terrific story to share as well.

Q: Linda, how did you get the idea for the Confidence Beads?

A: I’m really a Career Coach and my company, Back to Business, was founded to help Moms get back into the workforce. I help people identify their natural strengths and re-invent their lives. It's so inspiring to see women go from almost a paralyzed state of "stuck" -- to being able to articulate their value, feel excited about their futures, and believe in themselves.

Through my practice though, I've noted a huge lack of confidence among women. I've also seen women competing with one another, when really, we all have a story, and we could support one another better than many of us do. So, I just wanted to find a way to send confidence-boosting messages on a broader scale, to find a way to inspire women to be their best, and to give back.

Q: Everyone can use a boost! Tell us a little bit more about the beads.

A: The Confidence Beads are meant to be for anyone who could use a little inspiration and support, and for anyone who’d like to send support and inspiration to someone else. They’re made of Murano glass and sterling silver. Each one is hand-made and designed by me. First I think of a message I think could inspire someone, then I develop a design that I feel reflects the sentiment of the bead.

Confidence Beads is a very “from-the-heart” project for me, and it's been a project that has just blossomed and grown legs. We ship beads all over the country, now. We even have a map with pins in it, that tracks where our beads are!

Ever since the beginning, the stories I could tell you about how this project has moved forward are remarkable. The emails we receive from women are incredibly meaningful, and now, we're focusing on non- profits to help them raise money for their causes.

Q: Which non-profits are you supporting?

A: The Confidence Beads donate to two organizations: Ovations for the Cure of ovarian cancer, and to New Hope, for domestic violence education programs.

Ovations for the Cure is not only a significant contributor to ovarian cancer research, but they also run programs that support the women fighting this disease. Ovarian cancer is almost impossible to detect early, but with funding, we hope to find an early detection for it and save lives. The Princess bead is a very special bead because it is only available through Ovations to ovarian cancer patients. New Hope is our other partner, and I’m very passionate about the topic of domestic violence. Domestic violence knows no socio-economic boundary, and it is everywhere. What’s even worse is that children of violent households will grow up to repeat the same behaviors 98% of the time- what a staggering statistic. I am so happy to have a way to contribute to this cause!

You will notice that my two causes are “quieter ones”- topics that are not talked about so much. So, while I support many causes, these two are dear to my heart and deserve more attention, and I'm so happy to have a way to spread the word about them!


  • Graham Says:

    Cool concept!

  • TS Says:

    When I first read the words spreading around the beads I first thought about how everytime I buy a bead bracelet it always breaks and all the beads spread all over. Second when I searched to see if there was a ritual of spreading of the beads oddly enough there was that related to a medical petri dish. Then third it led to this site and I discovered the Princess Bead relating to Ovarian Cancer. My mother-in-law had a hysterectomy, my sister-In-law had a hysterectomy, and last month or two ago my daughter aged 30 just turned 31 had 1ovary removed with a cancer scare that tested negative but has to be watched for a year. Hmm, a Princess Bead. It seems okay.

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