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Staycations are so 2009

kite-photoToday's Grommet, the Zip-n-Go Blanket , inspires me to think of all the fun ways to use a travel blanket.  And with a week of school vacation looming soon (and zero travel plans on the docket), the Zip-n-Go couldn't be more timely. Like many of us, I'm realizing it's time to plan a staycation.

We've all read lots about staycations, and whether you like the word or hate it, (I know, it is one of those slightly annoying made-up words), let's face it - the concept is probably here to stay for a while.  Here are a few of my favorite staycation ideas:

  • Don't answer your phone, and ignore your emails at least for a few hours each day.  Just be present with your family or friends  in a way we often are not. Pretend you are as un-reachable as if you were on a tropical island!
  • Schedule a little something fun every day: a picnic, a trip to the library, a bike ride to a local pond to go fishing, a special craft, or a family hike.
  • Turn your yard into a creativity zone  -- help the kids make an obstacle course in your yard, or let them build fairy houses or make bird feeders.
  • Do regular vacation stuff:  take a lot of photos, send postcards, and stay up a little later than usual!
  • Add a little night life: plan a movie night, lie on a blanket after dark and look for constellations, or maybe even camp out in your backyard.
  • Be a local tourist - wherever you live, check out your local museums, parks, or just about anything your town would put in it's tourism brochures.  A change in venue is usually a good thing.
  • Plan a theme day - one of my friends once had Backwards Day, where her family started the day with dessert for breakfast, wore clothes backwards, walked backwards, you name it.  You can announce any theme and have fun -- Spa Day, Beach Day, Going Green Day!

Buy the Zip-n-go waterproof picnic blanket here.

If you're planning a staycation, I hope it's a good one.  Often it's just the kind of relaxed break from routine we all need, without the hassle and expense of travel.  Enjoy, and let us know how it goes!


  • julespieri Says:


    One of my kids' favorite memories was our own "backwards day". For breakfast we sat under the table, eating ice cream and M & M's. Very similar to what your friend said. I remember we went to visit a local tourist sight with all of our clothes on backwards. That alone was entertaining. Suffice it to say that you have to do this with pretty young kids...

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