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Stepping in front of the camera

Last week was a first for me -- I was invited to be a guest on Pixability's webinar series featuring video & social media business professionals talking about their craft. The series is hosted by Bettina Hien, Pixability's Founder & CEO. Pixability itself is a fascinating company -- they help people create cost effective videos for distribution online. Most of the time they send Flip style cameras to their customers, along with a shot list & shooting recommendations.  They also have a network of producers who will show up at your doorstep prepared to make a video. There are obvious parallels to what we do here at Daily Grommet, so it felt like a spirited conversation. But I'm still not used to being in front of a camera!

I'm also awed by Bettina for working on (in her words) "two start ups at once." The second start up is her infant child, quietly (while I was there)  absorbing all the energy and vitality that is in the DNA of a thriving enterprise.

I really enjoyed meeting the entire extended team at Pixability. We share an appreciation for authentic videos produced from the heart.  The Q & A and "video makeovers" were also uplifting -- it made me remember just how daunting video can be when you're starting out, and how much fun it can be to explore the medium once you get started. It was also the most trafic I'd ever gotten on Twitter, and Tori did a fabulous job of keeping up with it during the show. Which reminds me, I have some @'s in my future...

(Also, I sat down for a  few more questions after the webinar -- you can catch them here)


  • ocean frieght Says:

    This is really inspiring. Nothing inspires me more than stories of passionate people delivering for their craft. And what is notable, these people while they are passionate they inspire others not only by their words but with their actions as well...for that we can approve for a good job.

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