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A Summer road trip and a little Grommet spotting

My husband and I decided we'd hit the road at the start of summer for a classic family road trip.  We planned a driving tour; the first stop was a family wedding in Oswego, NY, then up to Lake Placid and on to Montreal and Quebec City.  We left the itinerary open, booking just hotel rooms, and otherwise leaving the days unplanned.

There's the pain and the pleasure of the road trip, of course -- Will there be a bathroom when we need one?  Where to stop for lunch?  Do we have enough gas to get to the next exit?  Why is that exit not on my Google map? Are we there yet?  When will we be there?  How many hours is it?  Who's turn is it to pick the music?  Happily, in 24 total hours in the car, we only got lost once and just for a short time in a driving rainstorm, and there was little bickering among the troops.  Jeanne suggested a book on tape for the car, so Alice in Wonderland helped us along, too.  

My family loves a great city walk.  Quebec City is particularly beautiful, and highlights included the Chocolate Museum, the Morrin Library -- originally a prison, then a college, now houses the only English-language library in Quebec , and a 90 minute cruise of the St Lawrence aboard the M/V Louis Joiliet -- so beautiful!  In Montreal, the Jardin Botanique was a huge hit, and Vieux Montreal captured our hearts.  We also loved the sound and light show at Notre Dame Cathedral, which highlighted the history of the city and truly showcased the beauty of the church.  

My kids proved that they really know their Grommets, too.  They spotted Shainsware and Jishaku in the window of a store in Lake Placid and urged me to go in. "Mom, this is a Grommet store," one said.  "And there might be Grommets in there you don't know about yet!"  So we went in, and just maybe we did indeed find a future Grommet .... stay tuned!

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