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Summertime, and the BBQing is easy...

Today's Grommet is Bug Off!, all-natural, DEET-free insect repellant.  We love to be outdoors in the summertime, but who wants all those bug bites?  We asked the lovely Sherry Osborne to tell us about one of her favorite summer pastimes -- I think we can relate to her idea of summer fun. (And it sounds like she might need some Bug Off!)

By Sherry Osborne of Chaos Theory

BBQ SignSummer has officially kicked off here in my hometown of Montreal as of Wednesday. Oh sure, summer started earlier than that according to calendars but they don't mean much of anything in real life.

For one thing, June 24th was the first day that my oldest didn't have to go to school. Her last day was the 23rd, and it was so wonderful to really start summer vacation (naturally my youngest woke me up even earlier than your average school day anyway, but at least I didn't have to bark at anyone to hurry up and get out the door).

For another, June 24th is a major holiday in the province of Quebec - St. Jean Baptiste. It generally involves a lot of street festivals with live music, parties and BBQs, and fireworks. Oh, and booze. It's not unusual to see ten people in line at the store, each of them holding a case or five of beer.

We spent the first day of summer vacation lazing around, too-early start aside, then we went to have a BBQ with some friends we hadn't seen in about two years. It was so nice to stand with a glass of wine out on the back deck while one of the guys grilled up burgers and chicken, and it just screamed "hello, summer!" Since it was our first BBQ of the season it was even better. There's something about grilled food that really announces the start of summer for me.

Afterwards we drove over to see other friends of ours, and we sat out in the backyard as the sun went down. We got our first mosquito bites of the season too, which is less exciting than the first BBQ of course, but we made up for it by lighting a fire in their brand new fire pit, and we toasted far too many marshmallows as the stars came out. Seeing some fireworks coming from somewhere on the other side of the suburb was almost like that cheesy perfect final touch that you would see in a movie sequence.

The kids were up way too late, getting home at 11:30 that night, but that's part of the fun of summer too - throwing out the rigid rules just a little bit, staying up too long for the sake of a good time and good memories.

And you know, for me that's what summer is all about! Happy grilling!

Be sure to visit the Daily Grommet homepage, and check our blog later this week for a great grilling recipe!


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