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Support Makers Whose Values Align With Yours

The Grommet is a place where you can shop by your values to make more impactful purchases. Look for these value symbols on the Grommets we launch.

Made in the USA copy
Here’s the place to find unique products made in the USA. These American-made products create jobs and opportunities for local communities.  Discover our Made in the USA products.

Shop by Values: Made in the USA
Sustainable Living
Discover eco-friendly products and accessories, including organic clothing, all-natural health and beauty aids and green jewelry designers. See all Sustainable Living products.
Shop by Values: Social Enterprise
Explore handcrafted products, personal creations and one-of-a-kind items from artists around the world. If you’re the type of person who enjoys spending a day at the craft fair, learn how we're committed to the preservation of craft. We support local artisans, and we strive to help readers discover and buy handmade items online from these gifted entrepreneurs. Discover Handcrafted products.
...     Shop by Values: Handcrafted    
Social Enterprises
The entrepreneurs and artisans featured here use their businesses to pursue social and environmental goals, and we want to make sure people hear about their extraordinary efforts. These businesses are assisting communities in need all over the world, and your purchases can help them do more. Discover Social Enterprises on The Grommet.
Shop by Values: Social Enterprise

Discover socially responsible and non-profit businesses that donate time, money and resources to charity. When you contribute, you’re enabling their support of humanitarian organizations, local communities, and individuals around the world. Learn about Philanthropies on The Grommet.

Shop by Values: Charities
Tech and Innovation

Groundbreaking ideas. Brilliant new designs. Advances in materials, technology, and usability. All of these products put a game-changing spin on daily life. Discover  Tech & Innovation on The Grommet.


underrepresented entrepreneurs

Too young. Too “seasoned.” Women. People of color. Veterans. These warriors face extra challenges, and even The White House promotes them at events and gives them a boost with special policies. Learn about products from Underrepresented Entrepreneurs.

Shop by Values: Underrepresented Entreprenuers  


Shop crowdfunded products curated by The Grommet. Through crowdfunding platforms, such as IndieGogo and Kickstarter, individuals are influencing the world by amplifying the impact of products and voting with their dollars. The Grommet is a natural next step for crowdfunded Makers. Browse Crowdfunded products.

 Shop by Values: Crowdfunded

Made for a Lifetime

Commit to products that commit to you. These Makers use superior materials and techniques so that their goods will last for years to come. Follow the Maker’s instructions for use and maintenance, and if the product breaks or breaks down, the Maker will repair or replace it. Contact us to initiate a lifetime warranty claim. Discover Made for a Lifetime products.



  • Megan Bennett Says:

    I an interested in your lake art and am wondering if you would be able to do one off the coast of Cabo San Lucas? Thank you!

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Megan, You can more info on ordering Lake Art, including a list of all available lakes, here: <a href="https://dailygrommet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/226512847-Lake-Art" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">LINK</a>

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