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Surfacing the most viable and inspiring products

Recently,  Peter Davison shared with us a speech he gave, during which he discussed the current state of crowdsourcing. We were honored to hear Daily Grommet mentioned (at around 10:06 of video) and to be included in Peter's TEDx speech.

As Peter points out, some of the early iterations of crowdsourcing, like getting a graphic design project created at 99Designs, are just  scratching the surface of this cultural and technical advance.  He recognized that at Grommet we are building a powerful crowdsourced platform for deeply impacting the most central of all business activities:  discovering and launching products.  Until we pulled various technologies and media together, most new products were left to the wild to survive.  They would often die before getting discovered.  It was just plain unfair and wasteful that the playing field for innovation was not level.

Now that we have built a way for an entire global crowdsourcing community to surface viable and inspiring products and even whole new companies.  Once launched on Daily Grommet they have a great fighting chance and are achieving great success.
We are grateful that Peter Davison, as a domain expert, recognized the impact of what we are building, via crowdsourcing.


Daily Grommet is mentioned at 10:06

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