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Surprised by Paper Art

One of my favorite professors used to say "What is a blank piece of paper? An opportunity."
These artists certainly make the most of every paper opportunity they're given.

Yulia Brodskaya was born in Russia, and now lives in the UK making her incredible Papergraphics. I love keeping up with what she's been up lately to in the News section of her website (especially when she posts process videos!).

I thought this one struck a Dailly Grommet chord.

Yup, that's all paper.

Jen Stark's paper sculptures are a stunning combination of texture, depth, and color interaction that are just dripping with versatility. They have the kind of rare adaptability that would make them fit perfectly in all kinds of settings.

I always think of this one when I see a stack of multicolored Post-It Notes.

This reminds me of the Joseph Joseph Worktop Saver!

Julene Harrison takes a 2D approach which is no less impressive. She cuts each of her pieces out by hand! The way she photographs the finished pieces is what I appreciate most about her work. She's able to capture the finished piece and her process together in one image.

Julene cuts every one by hand

The most beautiful Nietzsche quote I've ever seen.

Do you know of other works of art made of paper? I'd love to check them out!


  • Judy Gehrig Says:

    Can we buy any of these or have one made?

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Judy, I would suggest following the link Danielle included in the post above to learn more about these artists and if they sell their work. Hope that helps!

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