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SXSW: Why We're Excited

Exciting news, The Grommet team is being considered to speak on two panels at the upcoming SXSW! But first, we need your help! Please vote here and here to help us get selected. Read on for more details. 


I have to admit that I first learned about SXSW way too late (it's been around for 20 years), when a former co-worker started posting mind-blowing pictures and event recaps on Facebook a few years back. What was this magical week-long creative, innovative, techie gathering that I didn't know about? Clearly not an early adopter (took me forever to figure out what the X stood for...), I set out to will myself into attending SXSW someday.

SXSWedu_SXSW_Slideshow_Debbie_Finley-0106_0 (1)

For those of you who are not familiar, SXSW (stands for South by Southwest) is a 5 day conference, of sorts - "an incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity". This includes amazing industry leader talks, networking, seeing new technology and interactive work, as well as the latest work in music and film.
Coincidentally, this year,  The Grommet is up for presenting two near-and-dear to us talks. The first one is on Crowdfunding (teaming up with our Product Pitch winners, THINX, Indiegogo's Kate Drane, and Nate Hindman & Joe Epstein from Huffington Post & Thrillist). The second talk we'd love to present is one on the new Citizen Commerce trends in ecommerce (partnering up with Bernard Luthi from Rakuten Shopping).
Why is this important to the Grommet? Getting our brand and our mission in front of a huge international audience would help us further establish ourselves as a leader at the forefront of the Citizen Commerce movement. Additionally, our support for the crowdfunding industry ties directly into our mission to help our partners succeed and launch innovative and meaningful products into the market. And how cool would it be to take our Product Pitch winner, THINX, to the SXSW Stage?!
So please help The Grommet get to SXSW next year. Our panels need to be selected to present and people's votes count towards this. We would so appreciate the help! Our 2 panels have been formatted for easy social media sharing below.  Please don't forget to vote yourself (quick and painless registration required).

You raised crazy money crowdfunding – now what? Vote for @dailygrommet to make it to sxsw #panelpicker http://bit.ly/167ruCZ

The Next Thing You Buy Online Will Matter More – vote for @dailygrommet to make it to sxsw #panelpickerhttp://bit.ly/1f7D32A

We appreciate your help and I look forward to (fingers crossed) experiencing SXSW with my team in the 2014!


  • Stephanie Says:

    You are not showing up in the panel Pinker.

  • Dan Says:

    The Grommet is GREAT! Support people that don't have the resources to promote their ideas and inventions - great ideas and inventions.

  • Kathleen Says:

    Love the Grommet fresh ideas for our busy lives.

  • Dana Andrews Says:

    I love this place. I am always looking for new and exciting things and now all I need to do is go to your site. Thank you. I wish you had a Facebook button on your homepage so I could share. For now I am Typing it . Love this place

  • carey starket Says:

    These products are amazing. So helpful in everyday living. I am so glad that I found out about The Groummet. Go for it!

  • Elizabeth Says:

    I hope you guys make it to A-Town for SXSW, the Austin crowd will love it. There're so many things I want to buy, but my crazy life has between towns it's hard to know where I'll be. My daughter who is big on saving the environment too, liked you website. Good speed- see you in A-town. Bring those water bottles that stay cool for 12 hours. E-

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