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  • 9 Holiday Apps You Need to Know About

    While it may be the “Most wonderful time of the year,” the holiday season can often be full of stress. Here are some Christmas apps  that will help you get the most out of your holidays with a little bit of drink, song, and fun for all ages.

    Christmas Apps


    Nothing puts you in a festive mood quite like holiday music. We have more access to free music than we ever have before, but it can sometimes be a chore to find the style of music that you want. Here are a few apps to bring the song into your life.

    Christmas Radio – With over fifty stations of music, Christmas Radio will keep your holidays fresh and entertaining. It makes it easy to skip stations if what you find isn’t to your taste.

    Little Fox Music Box – A songbook with three sing along songs for your kids, and the record your own song feature will keep your young ones occupied for hours.


    Whether hosting a party or simply enjoying a holiday evening at home, a well-concocted holiday beverage by your side is a must. However many of us (myself included), are a bit lost on the art of the cocktail creation. These cocktail apps will help you mix the drink that everyone will remember.

    Christmas Recipes - Winter Drinks for the Holiday Season! –This app boasts good collection of holiday themed drinks will keep you in good spirits. Bavarian Ginger Dream, Nuremberg Holiday Coffee, and German Eggnog are small sampling of the many recipes inside.

    Speakeasy Cocktails – The heavyweight app of the cocktail mixology world, Speakeasy Cocktails has over 200 cocktails from two incredibly talented bartenders. There is no doubt that there is a cocktail for everyone in this collection.

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  • 3 Food & Drink Apps For Summer

    Alex-InternHello Grommet fans!  My name is Alexandra and I’ve  just started as an intern here at The Grommet.  Already, I can tell that there is an open and inviting atmosphere here (it can be felt as soon as you step through the front door of the new office space).  This, plus the genuine effort put forth by my coworkers to integrate me into their habitat has started making me feel like an important part of this blossoming business.  Also there is a coffee machine in the kitchen that is completely at my disposal.  Thus, in short, I couldn't be more excited to be interning here.

    One of my first tasks was to find the best apps to help kick off summer. Being  the most highly anticipated season (and one of my favorites), I was up for the task!   What's not to love about beaches, barbeques, and a welcome dosage of vitamin D?  It means we can stop hoarding food like a bear in hibernation and start having fun, light meals while watching the sunset.  It means we can kick back and enjoy evening drinks on the deck, knowing that somehow cocktails just taste better June through August.

    Here are a few food and drink apps that are sure to keep you happy until the leaves turn, as well as some choice products from The Grommet that will enhance your summertime experience.  Enjoy!

    recipe app | cocktail app

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  • Green thumb? There are apps for that.

    Gardening apps


    It's officially spring and that means it's time to get our gardens growing. Here at Grommet we're excited to launch several items this spring that will help you and your landscapes get into full bloom. We're also continuing our series on our favorite apps and have listed some of the best gardening apps below that will help you keep that thumb of yours bright green.

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  • Valentines Day: Love it or hate it? Either way, here are 5 great apps for it!

    Heart bokeh 2

    CC Image Courtesy of Heart bokeh 2 on Flickr

    Oh, Valentine's Day. It's either a day you're anxiously awaiting or one you're dreading. You're either waiting for that special smooch from your loved one, or...planning a movie night with the girls and burning old love letters. Either way, you'll have a great story to tell and only 365 days until the next. If you're planning a special night with your sweetie, yet stuck for some romantic ideas, here are 5 new apps that may help.

    Happy Valentine's Day from the team at Daily Grommet!

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  • 6 Apps To Help With New Year's Resolutions

    Image courtesy of www.dreamstime.com

    Welcome to 2013! Right in front of us we have a fresh slate, an unwritten year that we can make into anything we want. It's time for renewal, rebirth, and you guessed it, resolutions. Doesn't it feel like yesterday that we promised ourselves (or not) that this would be the year for ___ (fill in the blank). Whether or not you've sucesfully stuck with your resolutions from last year, here's your chance to start again. This time, we thought we'd share a few apps which may help.

    Below read about 6 apps that will help you keep your new year's resolutions, whatever they may be.


    Ever gone to the gym in January? It's packed!  Unfortunately, by March it's back to the regular crowd. Those who ditch feel guilty for not working out and not using the gym that they've paid for. Enter Gympact. When real money is involved, people's motivations heighten. Who knew? Keep your own "pact" of how often you'll go to the gym or work out and you'll be compensated with cash. Miss a workout and be ready to pay the price (typically about $5). Check out this app and be sure to let us know if it helped you to get motivated and fit.


    You can think of RunKeeper as a necessary arm to Gympact. They actually work together to help you achieve your weight and workout goals. When you track your workouts on Gympact, they get added to your goals on RunKeeper too. It even adds in the social aspect to provide encouragement from friends who also use the app. Want a laugh? Check out their video on Why New Year's Resolutions are Bullsh*t. Then scroll through the informative infographic on new year's resolutions and how to make them realistic.

    Ideal Me Lite:

    Here's an important question. Who's the ideal person that you'd like to become? Kind of a big question, right? Don't think about just one or two aspects of your life, but others such as becoming more confident, dressing better, getting up earlier. Take some time to think about it and then make them into real goals on the Ideal Me Lite app. We think it's pretty cool and would love to hear what you think.


    N'aimeriez-vous pas de parler français?

    Translation: (from French) Wouldn't you love to speak French?

    Or perhaps you've always felt yourself drawn to the beauty of the Italian language. Yet there's just so little time to take classes between kids, school and work. Well, now you can learn on the go with Babbel. It has strong reviews and the New York Times even wrote about the app recently. So what are you waiting for?

    Inizia oggi l'apprendimento!

    Translation: (from Italian) Start learning today!

    My last cigarette: Quit Smoking!

    We all hope that fewer and fewer people need this app each year. Yet for those who are trying to kick the bad habit, this app might provide some help. My last cigarette has recently become an app, and a popular one at that. All you need to do is enter your smoking information along with personal details and readouts will keep you informed with stats about your improved health, lifespan, savings, as well as nicotine CO2 levels and expected cravings information. We know quitting is hard, which is why no on can do it alone.

    Reward Volunteers:

    More than ever, the world needs volunteers to help. Volunteering gives you a sense of accomplishment and helps you to become part of a community. Yet there are so many charities and causes out there, who can choose? Reward Volunteers helps you choose and rewards you and the organizations where you volunteer.

    What are your resolutions this year and which apps would you suggest?


  • App Roundup: Best for the holidays

    The holiday season is here in full force! (In case you hadn't noticed) Gift planning, travel arrangements and recipes are just a few things on our minds. Don't worry, there are apps for that. Continuing our series on some of the best apps out there, below are 5 of our favorites for the holidays. So take a seat, put your feet up and start downloading these apps to help you keep everything under control.

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  • App Roundup: Fall 2012

    Smartphone apps

    Image courtesy of Chiefmarketer.com

    Raise your hand if you have a hectic life. Of course you do! You might be juggling classes and social commitments, or parent pick-ups and gymnastics meets. Whatever your crazy schedule, you likely have a few apps on your phone to help keep everything together.

    If you're a fan of Daily Grommet, you know that we're always looking out for the next big innovation.  Typically, we keep our eyes peeled for cool products that we feel people will want to buy. Yet sometimes it's fun to take a step back and search for innovation in places we don't normally look. So today we are launching a new series to identify some of the most popular smart phone apps out there. We're getting this series started by outlining 5 apps below to save you time and keep you organized. Ready to get started? Read on.

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