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  • 7 Back-to-school, Fashion-Meets-Function Grommets

    Look good without sacrificing practicality. Warning: these Grommets are at a heightened risk of your roommates "borrowing" them.


    1. Hair Tie Bracelet

    Ladies, if you're sick of the indent your hair tie leaves around your wrist, we recommend using bittersweet- the hair tie bracelet. Lightweight and elegant it cleverly holds—and disguises—hair elastics keeping your wrist indent-free.

    Buy now: $24.95


    2. Leather Front Pocket Wallet

    Keeping your wallet in your back pocket can wreak havoc on your back and posture. The curved design of this wallet fits perfectly into curved front pockets, carrying both cash and cards comfortably and keeping you yourself comfortable. For added protection, it has RFID blockers stitched in. Nice try digital pickpocketers!

    Buy now: $45

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  • 7 Back-to-School, Get-Your-Act-Together Grommets

    Upgrade your organization from the dorm room to the classroom all semester long with these de-cluttering Grommets.


    1. Lay-n-Go Makeup Case

    Tired of an annoying cleanup after you're finished putting on your makeup? This quilted, water resistant cosmetics mat allows you to see and spread out everything that's in your makeup bag without actually taking it out. It then cinches closed into a travel-ready clutch.

    Buy now: $34.95

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  • 7 Back To School Grommets to Help You Keep Calm

    As college students, we could all stand to make college life simpler and as stress-free as possible. With these products, you can eliminate anything that could cause stress from sore muscles to an overflowing bathtub to give you the peace-of-mind you need. 

    1. Therapy Dough

    When homework piles up or your roommate gets under your skin and you feel the urge to pinch him or her, pinch this instead and all your worries will disappear. Ok, maybe not all of them -- but it does help. Just squeeze and shape this scent-infused therapy dough to relax. The soft hues, calming smell, and pliable texture help you recalibrate. (Parents: this is a great going away present- it will be put to use. We promise.)

    Buy now: $25
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