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  • Creative & Unique Gifts For Kids

    Want to break away from the over-commercialized presents for kids and get them something with a bigger "wow" factor? These Grommets are anything but everyday- creative gifts for kids:

    Wild Creations Frog EcoAquarium, Pet Frogs, Frog Aquarium,Frog Wild Finding a pet that’s exciting for kids but low maintenance for parents is a tough challenge. But we’ve found a really fun solution. The EcoAquarium from Wild Creations is an all-in-one aquatic environment that will thrill kids (without stressing out the adults!).  ($3.99 to $30.00) Buy Wild Creations' pet frog eco-aquarium here.

    Fashion Playtes - DIY Design Site for Tweens, Design Your Own Clothes for Tween Girls


    It's Sew Easy Fashion Playtes is an interactive clothing design website that’s perfect for girls ages 6 to 12 who have a creative flair and love fashion. In a few simple steps, young designers pick garments, select sizes and choose colors. Then comes the really fun part: embellishing the tops, skirts, dresses or jackets they’ve selected. (Free and up!) Learn more about Fashion Playtes studio where tween girls can design their own clothese here.


    Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Sled, Snow Speed SledKing Of The Hill The unique lever on the Zipfy Freestyle Sled makes it super maneuverable and stable. And, at just 3.7 pounds, it’s easy to throw this sled over your shoulder for a quick run back to the top of the hill. Your kid will be the coolest sledder on the slope! ($39.99) Buy Zipfy snow speed sled here.


    Animation-ish, Easy Animation Software for KidsGet Creative, Be Happy. Here's one computer game you won't mind your kids spending time with: Animation-ish. The easy-to-use software lets kids make their own animated movies, greeting cards, websites, and presentations. Our 10-year-old tester was up and running in minutes – allowing mom some time for her own creative pursuits. ($59.95) Learn more about Fablevision "Animation-ish" easy animation software for kids here.


    Shred Sled Try this New Caster Board, Extreme Skateboarding Fun Why Skate When You Can Shred? Imagine the combined sensation of skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing, and you’ll have a good idea of what the Shred Sled is all about. Reaching for the Dramamine? That’s okay, you’ll never get a chance to ride it anyway, since the daredevil kid in your life will probably love it more than you would anyway. ($119.00) Buy Shred Sled's caster board here.

    Francie Pants Cover-Up Shorts for Girls, Cover Up Shorts for Girls

    Better Than London And France More modest than just underwear, but way more sassy and fun than bike shorts (not to mention less restricting), Francie Pants are giving girls the freedom to both wear dresses and play hard without anyone chanting, “I see London, I see France…”($16.50) Buy Francie Pants cover up shorts for girls here.

     kids play fort

    Portable Fort & Canopy  What kid doesn’t love making a fort with blankets and chairs? And what parent doesn’t cringe a little when the kids grab your best clean sheets to make their fortress? With the Fortamajig, kids can exercise their architectural creativity and keep your special linens out of the game. ($49.95) Buy Fortamajig play for here.

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  • Grommet Gift Guide - Gifts For Grandparents

    What are you buying for Grandma and Grandpa (or Mimi and Papa ... or Grammy and Pops) this year?  The Daily Grommet has all kinds of unique ideas for the young at heart on your list -- perfect for your kids to give their grandparents, and great for great-grandparents too.

    Peek Mobile Email Device, Handheld Mobile Email DeviceThe Un-Gizmo. Peek was born when wireless industry entrepreneur Amol Sarva’s pregnant wife, Ursula, wanted an easy way to keep up with email during her long walks, but didn’t want all the bells and whistles of a smartphone. (Really, who needs a cell phone/mp3 player/digital camera/microwave oven?) Sleek and stylish, the Peek is elegantly designed to do just one thing and do it very well: send and receive personal messages. Fun way for everyone to stay connected! ($59.95) Learn more about the Peek handheld mobile email device here.

    Presto Email Printer, Email for Elderly Senior Citizens The Emailman. If the notion of giving your parents or grandparents “computer 101” lessons sends you into a cold sweat, you’ll love the Presto email printer. It’s like a secure one-way mailbox (think color printer/fax hybrid), where your offline friend or relative can get inbound emails, photos, and PDFs without ever setting up an Internet connection. No spam, no junk mail, and no ads. (The emails don’t have all that techno stuff at the top either, they’ll just look like full-color letters to the recipient.) And, you can check on their ink and paper levels from afar. ($49.99). Buy the Presto email printer here.


    Coolibar, UV Sunwear, Zinc Oxide Swimwear, SPF ClothingBe Sun Smart. Coolibar makes clothes for the whole family with a UPF of 50+ (UPF is just like SPF in sunscreen, only it measures the protective power of fabric). They even figured out a way to get zinc oxide in the fabric! Apply the sunscreen, layer on a cover up, swim top, or hat from Coolibar, and you’re ready to go. (Prices vary) Buy Coolibar's UV Sunwear here.

    Rail Riders, Bug and Mosquito Repellent ClothingRail Riders. Keep them cool outside. The RailRiders Equator HT Shirt is a hardworking shirt with built-in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and insect protection. It wicks away sweat and moisture, and has side vents to keep the wearer cool and breezy. Of course, it’s been road-tested by hardcore adventurers, but we think it would be a smart buy for any outdoor-loving grandparent. ($76.00) Buy Rail Riders bug and mosquito repellent clothing here.

    Josh Bach Baseball Theme NecktiesBaseball Theme NecktiesGame Tied. Josh Bach has created the perfect souvenirs for your favorite baseball buff. His 100% silk ties feature distinctive baseball graphics, helping your favorite fan root, root, root in a subtle, elegant way. ($45.00) Buy Josh Bach baseball theme neckties here.

    Roggio Silversmiths - Little Angel Necklace, Guardian Angel NecklaceYour Guardian Necklace. Created by Sue and Victor Roggio, silversmiths with nearly four decades of experience, the little angel hangs on a contemporary 18” beaded chain — and packs a lot of personality into a small package. The little angel has bare toes, pointy wings and her head is tilted to one side as if she’s pondering the universe. Perfect for Grandma. ($34.00-$44.00) Buy Roggio Silversmith's guardian angel necklace here.

    KiDoodles Kids' Art Jewelry, Jewelry From Kids ArtWear Your Grandchild's Art. Everyone can have a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind piece based upon their own beloved grandchild’s imagination thanks to KiDoodles. The possibilities are nearly limitless, and Joy can forge up to three separate figures per piece. Simply submit your child’s drawing (any size, any medium, actual paper or a scan); choose from 14k gold or silver; select the product (earrings, pendant, pin, or tie tac); and in just a few weeks you’ll have your custom jewelry delivered in a gift box, ready for giving to Grandma and Grandpa. (Please allow extra time in May or December.) ($55.00 and up) Buy KiDoodles jewelry from kid's art here.

    Tikatok Publishing Website, Create a Story, Book Publishing Website for KidsSelf-Publishing For The Sippy-Cup Set. Tikatok is a free online community where kids under thirteen can write, illustrate, publish, and print their own books. Young authors create and save works using StorySparks interactive templates. (There’s no extra software to download.) Tikatok lets kids store works-in-progress in a private account and allows them to share stories with the community in a safe, parent-moderated environment. Kids’ identities are even protected with their own nom de plume! A perfect gift for their favorite grandparent. ($25.00 and up) Learn more about Tikatok book publishing website for kids here.

    CaliBowl no spill mixing, cereal and general use bowlRadical Bowl. Anyone who regularly cleans up after uncoordinated toddlers, careless teens, or hungry husbands will appreciate the insane genius of the CaliBowl. Its sleek, patent-pending design makes it nearly impossible to spill its contents while you’re scooping them out. CaliBowl comes in ceramic or polypropylene, a plastic polymer made from partially recycled materials, and they’re all dishwasher and microwave safe. ($13.00 and up) Buy the CaliBowl no spill salsa bowl here.

    d ID - Personal Identification Gear To Wear Road ID, ID Bracelet, ID TagIdentification To Go. Sometimes outdoor enthusiasts do meet with misadventures. That’s why helmets, elbow pads and life vests are so important, after all. But personal identification gear, such as the Road ID, is just as critical. If there’s an accident, a readily visible ID tag, complete with emergency contact information and medical needs, could make the difference between life and death. ($19.99) Buy Road ID's ID Bracelet and ID tag here.

    Yaktrax Traction Devices, Ice Cleats for Walking on Ice and SnowMake Tracks. This cleverly engineered gear, made from rubber and steel coils, slides on easily over boots, shoes, or sneakers. Yaktrax traction devices are lightweight and spikeless, but the sure footing they provide on ice and snow makes it possible to walk upright and naturally — you’ll wonder how you teetered through winter without them. ($12.99-$26.99) Buy Yaktrax ice cleats for walking on ice and snow here.


    A Better Back - Lumbar Support Pillow, Back Support Pillow | Back Posture SupportSore No More. Called A Better Back, it’s a lumbar support pillow that can be worn like a backpack if you’re on the go, or strapped onto a chair if you’re sitting down. You can use it everyday as a gentle reminder not to slouch. The pillow comes with two thermal packs, one for the microwave and one for the freezer. So when pain flares up, you can alternate between hot and cold therapy – a proven method to relieve all types of soreness and muscle tension. ($69.00) Buy A Better Back's back support pillow here.

    Spencer Peterman, Natural Edge Spaulted Maple Bowls Wooden Bowl, Hand Carved Wooden BowlsFunctional Art From Fallen Trees. Spencer Peterman scours the woods near his studio in Western Massachusetts looking for fallen trees, then he turns his finds into stunning bowls that celebrate the life and death of trees. His spaulted bowls are named for the natural veining, or spaulting, that occurs when wood begins to decompose. Each bowl is a one-of-a-kind creation, and we love that the wood is either found or donated. Spencer never cuts down trees, although if you have a beloved tree that has fallen, he can make it into a bowl for you. A unique and inspired gift for someone special on your list. ($26.00-$285.00) Buy Spencer Peterman's hand carved wooden bowls here.

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  • Baker's Dozen: 13 Gourmet Treats to Tempt Your Taste Buds

    Looking for to spoil someone on your list with a gourmet gift? We're excited to share these gourmet Grommets with you! Here are a few ideas for gifts for foodies:

     Jeni's Truly Splendid Ice Cream, Best Gourmet Ice Cream, Premium Ice Cream Gift Simply Splendid. All of Jeni’s treats are delivered deeply frozen, so they’re easy to ship (in packs of six or nine flavors) just in time for a decadent holiday dinner or to your favorite food-lover for an unforgettable gift. One bite and you’ll be hooked. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. ($70.00) Buy Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams gourmet ice cream here.

    Fat Toad Farm Goat Milk Caramel, Goat Milk Products, Organic Goats Milk CaramelYou Will Like it With a Goat. Like dulce de leche (a traditional caramel sauce made with cow’s milk), all of the Fat Toad caramel sauces start with milk and sugar. But here, the milk is from goats, and the sugar is organic. Choose the original flavor (simply milk and sugar), or go for coffee bean, vanilla bean, or cinnamon for an extra flavor kick. The creamy, sweet sauce tastes familiar at first, but the finish is lent a buttery complexity unlike anything we’ve ever had. ($8.95 and up) Buy Fat Toad Farm's organic goat's milk caramel sauce here.

    Honibe Honey Drops- Honey you can hold!, Pure Honey Cubes Natural SweetenerA Sweet Innovation. Food lovers know honey can be a healthier alternative to sugar in your tea or coffee. These Honibe honeycomb-shaped drops contain no additives or preservatives. The drops also work great as lozenges if you’ve got a sore throat, or for a quick energy boost during workouts. Just unwrap and enjoy the sweetness. ($9.99) Buy Honibe pure honey cubes here.

    Adventures In Chocolate. Hotel Chocolat, Chocolate Fondue Set - Unique GiftHotel Chocolat is both a cocoa grower and chocolatier – your host will swoon over this delectable and sophisticated experience. Select from lovely gifts like a dipping adventures and luxurious truffles. These are truly meant to be shared! ($35 and up) Buy Hotel Chocolat's chocolate fondue set here.

    Sodastream Soda Club, Make Your Own Soda and Sparkling Water, CarbonatorFizz, Sparkle, and Pop. Love the fizz of a carbonated beverage but hate taking the empty ones to be recycled? We were thrilled to find SodaStream from Soda Club Group. With a touch of a button you can turn flat water effervescent. Add any of the company’s 25 flavored regular and diet syrups and you’ve got homemade soda at a fraction of the cost of store brands (and without high fructose corn syrup). It’s a great way to save time and money—and reduce your carbon footprint. This is something fun for the person who doesn't even know they want it. ($99.95-$199.95) Buy Soda Club Sodastream carbonator to make your own soda here.

    Adagio Teas Gourmet Teapot and Sampler Set, IngenuiTea, Loose Leaf Tea Pot with InfuserJust Your Cup Of Tea. IngenuiTEA is an all-in-one compact loose tea making device. All you need to do is boil water for a quality cup of tea. Now how easy is that for a gourmet experience? ($15.38) Buy Adagio Tea's Ingenuitea here.

    TCHO Chocolate Tasting Party Pack, Good Fair Trade ChocolateChocolate 2.0. TCHO is decidedly different. This San Francisco-based chocolate factory was founded by a Space Shuttle technologist-turned-chocolate maker and a chocolate manufacturing veteran. They set out to make “obsessively good dark chocolate” and found Fair Trade cacao from around the world to make it with.($55.00) Buy TCHO good fair trade chocolate here.

    Sweet Nostalgia. Do you remember the taste of a whoopie pie? The Whoppie by Chococoa Baking Company is fresh spin on this homespun favorite, which some say got its name because farmers would shout, “whoopie!”   A bite-sized, cream-filled cake in five flavors.These sweet treat are made with all natural ingredients. ($28.00) Buy The Whoopie here.

     Buy Brownies Online

    Enchanted Chocolate. There’s good reason for the success of Fairytale Brownies. Eileen and David insist on pure ingredients, like Callebaut Belgian chocolate blended with pure creamery butter and farm fresh eggs. You won’t find any trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives or artificial colors. And their brownies are guaranteed fresh upon arrival. We’re guessing they won’t stick around for long, but if you’re the type who can avoid the temptation to immediately consume every last morsel, Fairytale Brownies will keep at room temperature for a week or longer (you can also freeze them).  ($26.95 - $39.95) Buy Fairytale Brownies here.

    Tea Forte Holiday Tree Sampler, Gourmet Tea GiftBrew Up Happy Holidays The beautifully packaged collection from Tea Forté includes three tasty blends: a decaf sweet orange spice, a caffeinated traditional English breakfast blend, and a decaf crimson nectar tea that steeps to a deep ruby red—a great alternative to humdrum hot cider this holiday season! ($15 and up) Buy Tea Forte's gourmet tea gift set here.

    MixMyGranola Custom Granola MixMixed With Love. Trying to cook up a perfect breakfast for someone in your life? MixMyGranola will throw together a custom, all-natural, 16-ounce blend according to your specifications that lets the gourmet-lover in your life know you remember they hate raisins, love Craisins, and adore all things chocolate! Just go to the site, choose a granola or muesli base, and layer in all of their favorite things. It’s that simple. ($4.99 and up) Buy MixMyGranola custom granola mix here.

    Silvery Moon Creamery Cheese Sampler, Maine Artisanal Cheese SamplerMove Over, Chocolate. From the Smiling Hill Farm in Maine, you'll discover award-winning artisanal cheeses from the Silvery Moon Creamery. These unforgettable cheeses will make an unforgettable impression on every recipient. ($40.00 and up) Buy Silvery Moon Creamery's Maine artisanal cheese sampler here.

     Caramel-icious Confections. Like dulce la leche (a traditional caramel sauce made with cow’s milk), all of the Fat Toad caramel sauces start with milk and sugar. But here, of course, the milk is from goats and the sugar is organic. Choose the original flavor (simply milk and sugar), or go for coffee bean, vanilla bean or cinnamon for an extra flavor kick. The creamy, sweet sauce tastes familiar at first, but the finish is lent a buttery complexity unlike anything we’ve ever had. (Starting at $8.95) Buy Fat Toad Farm's Carmel Sauce here.

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