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  • 6 Reasons to Attend The Grommet's Crowdfunding Weekend

    crowdfunding, product launch

    Imagine that you’ve got the perfect idea for a new product. You’ve done your research and you truly believe it could take off if given the right infrastructure and capital. Yet you don’t know how to cross that barrier. Pitching investors is one way to go, and for some people it’s the first step in the right direction. Yet you could bypass that initial headache and give crowdfunding a chance. Capital + market research in one. Voila!

    OK - now how do you get started? Setting up a campaign, making a video, marketing that content - where does one start? It’s a daunting task on your own.

    Enter Crowdfunding Weekend at The Grommet.

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  • SXSW: Why We're Excited

    Exciting news, The Grommet team is being considered to speak on two panels at the upcoming SXSW! But first, we need your help! Please vote here and here to help us get selected. Read on for more details. 


    I have to admit that I first learned about SXSW way too late (it's been around for 20 years), when a former co-worker started posting mind-blowing pictures and event recaps on Facebook a few years back. What was this magical week-long creative, innovative, techie gathering that I didn't know about? Clearly not an early adopter (took me forever to figure out what the X stood for...), I set out to will myself into attending SXSW someday.

    SXSWedu_SXSW_Slideshow_Debbie_Finley-0106_0 (1)

    For those of you who are not familiar, SXSW (stands for South by Southwest) is a 5 day conference, of sorts - "an incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity". This includes amazing industry leader talks, networking, seeing new technology and interactive work, as well as the latest work in music and film.
  • Grommet Partner Update: Sunski

    The Grommet Partners Tom & Michael are launching a new product now on Indiegogo!

    Tom Stewart and Michael Charley are no strangers to The Grommet. In fact, we launched their product Salsabol back in 2011. Salsabol is a functional yet beautiful upgrade to your typical dip bowl. It's with this same spirit of function and design that Tom and Michael have launched their most recent product -- Sunski.  Today, we've invited Tom to share with us more about the inspiration behind Sunski and their current Indiegogo campaign.

    by Tom Stewart


    Sunskis are vibrant polarized sunglasses inspired by the vintage colors and beach styles that I discovered on a surf trip in Australia. Last summer, my business partner Michael and I launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at producing the first run of Sunskis. We introduced four different colors and in less than a month, raised over $157,000 in pre-sales. Since then, we have worked to perfect the Sunski image with high quality packaging and an overall brand ethos that champions quality, affordability, and a love of the outdoors.

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  • Crowdfunding is the Name of the Game

    Back in the day, you lugged around a big cardboard suitcase of candy bars, selling each for a dollar to fundraise. Now, crowdfunding is the name of the game.

    Crowdfunding - The Grommet and Indiegogo

    From freelancing journalists in need of cash for travel expenses to kobe beef jerky enthusiasts buying a commercial refrigerator, crowdfunding has given many ideas and projects the much sought after initial push -- as well as initial validation.

    In March, we partnered with Google Apps, Boston.com, and Indiegogo to host the Product Pitch: From Home Plate to Home Run at Fenway Park, where the winner benefited from The Grommet’s expertise in launching consumer products and getting their product market-ready.

    After the event, the event winner THINX and four of the participating teams launched Indiegogo campaigns. The verdict? THINX and popular vote winner MAX'IS Creations both had their campaigns fully funded -- further validating the potential of their great products.

    To encourage folks to take the first step toward their campaigns, we are passing along an opportunity on behalf of our partnership with Indiegogo. As a new or current user, anyone who launches an Indiegogo campaign through our unique link will be associated with the Grommet Partner Page and receive 25% off Indiegogo fees!

     This is one of our ways of saying “don’t give up!” to all the dreamers and innovators out there. It’s a great chance to try crowdfunding if you’ve been considering it!

    Again, here’s the unique link. We can't wait to see your campaigns!

  • Kick-Ass Crowdfunding Campaigns for May

    It's almost summer here at The Grommet and we're gearing up for some really exciting things happening in the next few months. One of our favorite things to do each month is get to know some great crowdfunding campaigns and decide which we think have good potential for long term success.

    We're starting the season off right by investing is some majorly kick-ass crowdfunding projects. We've done a lot of research for this month's products and decided on these to name just a few. We can't wait to see them come to market and hope you are just as excited. Do you support projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that you think might make it big? Follow along with our series here to see which projects we invest in monthly.


    Kuli Kuli bars Kuli Kuli

    Kuli Kuli

    $45,324 raised of $50,000

    Days to go: 16

    While in the peace corp, the founder of Kuli Kuli discovered a nutritious plant made in West Africa called Moringa. It helped her to fight off the possibility of malnutrition and she decided to bring the plants benefits to the U.S. So she started a company to produce these gluten free, raw snack bars called Kuli Kuli. She now needs your help to get these bars into production.


    guitar for iphone JamStik


    $143,430 raised of $100,000

    Days to go: 6

    JamStik  is a modern-day, technology-charged version of the traditional guitar. When learning to play, you typically need to worry about tuning, disturbing neighbors and transporting the heavy instrument. This is a super-cool, portable digital guitar that connects to an iPad or iPhone. It uses light to scan a players fingers as they press strings, then sends that information over to a smart phone in real time. The smart phone helps you make cool music and helps you to learn more quickly.

    internet, Africa Brck


    $106,544 raised of $125,000

    Days to go: 13

    The idea behind Brck was created out of a local problem in rural Kenya: providing reliable internet connectivity where power and electricity are not always present. Brck is easy to use and can connect to the internet through an ethernet, cellular data or open wifi channels. It's portable, easy to set up, can support up to 20 devices and is able to provide wifi for multiple rooms. The team likes to say "If it works in Africa, it will work anywhere."


    iphone stand, iphone tripod Keyprop


    $17,552 raised of $30,000

    Days to go: 9

    Keyprop dubs itself as "the world's smallest tripod and stand". Yet we don't think that phrase does it justice. Keyprop is a smart way to keep your keys and your phone together, while at the same time creating a handy stand for your smart device. It's also pretty cool looking! Want to take a picture and use a timer to take the picture from afar? Now you can. Want to sit back, relax and watch a video on your phone without holding it? Now you can. You can even adjust the angle of the stand by propping it higher or lower.


    car art, home decor Blackprints


    $69,617 raised of $50,000

    Days to go: 30

    Founder of Blackprints, Sabrina Chun, loves cars. She loves driving them, admiring them and thinking about how each is different. That's why she's created Blackprints, an inverse black and white illustration of beloved classic cars, in print form . These prints are sleek, beautiful and will look great in your home or office; plus they'll help you day dream about your favorite car.

     Which campaign is your favorite? 

  • Grommet Partner Update: Project Repat

    Last year we shared the story of Project Repat here on The Grommet. This company is on a mission to turn textile waste into fair-wage job opportunities in the U.S. Founders Ross Lohr and Nathan Rothstein are doing much more than just repurposing your old worn t-shirts.  If  you're not familiar with Project Repat, be sure to check out our video and the story here.

    Although it's be a while since we last shared an update from Ross and Nathan, we stay in touch with our Partners and work with them long after their launch day. Launch day is just the kick-off to a great relationship and there are many great things ahead for Project Repat (including a new Kickstarter campaign we're eager to share with you).


    Grommet: Nathan tell us, what's new with Project Repat?

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  • EXTRA INNINGS: Updates from MAX'IS Creations

    This week, we're continuing our updates from some of our teams at our Product Pitch competition in March. We love watching how these companies are evolving and tracking their success!


    Did you have a favorite team at our Product Pitch event and can’t wait to see what they’re up to? Follow along here and watch their progress.


    Below you’ll see some great news from the MAX'IS Creations team.


     Thanks for the updates, Jennifer (Jennifer is Max's mom)!

  • Grommet Partner Update: ReFleece

    Last year we launched ReFleece here on The Grommet. We shared the story of Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller who create products using a new kind of upcycled felt they call ReFleece. If you're not familiar with ReFleece, be sure to check out our video and the story here. Although it's be a while since we last shared an update from Sam and Jennifer, we stay in touch with our Partners and work with them long after their launch day. Launch day is just the kick-off to a great relationship and there are many great things ahead for ReFleece (including a new Kickstarter campaign we're eager to share with you).

    ReFleece and The Grommet Above: Sam and Jennifer visit The Grommet HQ and catch up with Joanne.


    Grommet: Jennifer, tell us what's new with ReFleece?

    Jennifer: So much has been happening here! Polartec has come on board, sending us scraps that would otherwise have to be melted down, and Patagonia continues to send us clothing returned by customers through their Common Threads program. We've had some wonderful publicity, including a spread in Money Magazine, and Forbes Top Ten Accessories for Travelers list. We launched the iPad mini sleeve, and now, we are really excited to launch our Kickstarter Campaign. We are getting the word out about re-use by inspiring people to send in their old jackets, sweaters, baby blankets, or whatever is too worn out to wear, and have it turned into one of our beautiful new covers or accessories! In response to customer comments, we're also launching the 4square organizer, a desk-tray or art organizer, for those who don't need a new cover for their tech device but want to participate in the mission of re-using old stuff. And we've just decided to expand the campaign, adding WOOL to the list of materials we will take back for re-use (can't wait to see the moth-eaten sweaters that come our way!).


    Thanks Jennifer for sharing the latest with us!

    We're very excited to share the ReFleece Kickstarter campaign and help them meet their goal. They only have 20 more days  to raise a total of $25,000. What do you say Grommet community, can we help them get there? Please check out their campaign page and help spread the word. Let's see these new ReFleece products get their wings!

  • A crowdfunding site that IS a store

    The Grommet loves watching the innovation pouring out of crowdfunding and we follow the crowdfunding space very closely. In fact, as a company we actually invest in ideas that we think have real, long-term potential.

    Crowdfunding platforms can be a great feedback mechanism for consumer demand. The feedback product creators receive from the community is so valuable as they iterate their concepts and designs. Five of our Product Pitch participants launched Indiegogo campaigns after their big day at Fenway last month (quick, check them out, funding deadlines closing soon!) and they have received great feedback from the community.

    Once crowdfunded products are ready for retail launch, we love introducing their story to the world and actually helping them to sell on our site and off-site through our retail placement partners.

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  • Diary of a Product Launch: THINX

    product launch THINX

    THINX Member, Antonia Dunbar with her signed baseball at From Home Plate to a Home Run

    Hi product pitch fans! 

    We just can't seem to get enough of the success that our 10 teams have seen since our From Home Plate to a Home Run event on March 19th. Now that the event is over, the fun begins for these teams. We want to follow them along this journey. We want to document their trials and triumphs and celebrate with them as they reach major benchmarks. We think they each have a great story to tell and deserve for it to be told. 

    So with that said, we're starting by introducing a diary format for our winning team, THINX on our media partner's site, Boston.com Here you will be able to follow the THINX girls on their road to innovative underwear success. Check out their first post on Boston.com today and root for them along with us. 

    Good luck THINX and can't wait for your next installment.

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