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  • 9 Handy Tools Every DIYer Should Have

    More and more, consumers worldwide are turning to DIY projects not just to beautify their Pinterest boards, but to save money, be more environmentally conscious, and because they genuinely enjoy the work.  After all, what's more rewarding than looking back on a project and knowing that you did it?

    According to The American Cleaning Institute, 91% of Americans engage in spring cleaning, and with spring cleaning comes repairs and countless projects to approach with a DIY mentality.  So if you are one of those people, we are here to help. 

    DIY Tools: Micato 18 piece magnet driver set

    Micaton - 18 Piece Magnet Driver™ Set

    Using a power drill is fun. And now it can be even easier. With Micaton's magnetized driver set, you only need one hand. The heads fit onto power drills or manual tools and hold the nail for you. They're even color-coded according to size for easy grab-and-go use, and this set includes a nail holder, too. 

    Shop Now -  $54.95

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  • 10 Products MacGyver Wishes He Had

    Whether defusing a missile with tweezers or scaling a cliff with shoelaces, MacGyver makes do with what’s available to him. But if he had these dozen Grommets at his disposal, he could’ve saved himself some serious time and stress.

    Wazoo Survival Bracelet (starting at $37) is a 23-piece survival kit woven into a bracelet—equipped with everything from a paracord and liquid-filled compass to a firestarter buckle and fishing line. This wrist accessory perfect for following a group of fugitives through the wilderness or, you know, just camping.


    Sure, constructing a trap to catch your enemies out of nothing but stray branches and a pointy rock is impressive, but it’d be much easier with Klecker Knives (starting at $10.95). Equipped with an axe blade, hammerhead, and knife, it doesn’t even need a handle to hold the blade. One of those stray branches will do.

    Instead of halting an electrical current with chewed bubble gum (gross), MacGyver could’ve used self-setting rubber Sugru ($22). It’s waterproof and adheres to metal, glass, fabric, and most plastics. It’s tailor made for patching a hole in a glass tube filled with poison antidote or stabilizing a frayed phone charger. Continue Reading

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