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  • Earth Day isn't for us

    There’s a scene in Mad Men in which Don Draper, his wife, and kids are having a picnic and basking in a gorgeous sunny day. It’s a picturesque view of the vintage American family. After a few minutes they ready to leave. Don throws his empty beer can into the field. His wife, Betty, shakes out the trash-covered blanket onto the ground and the Drapers drive away. End scene.

    Were this a 2017 portrait of family perfection, the Drapers would’ve carefully separated paper from plastic and driven them to a proper receptacle in their energy-efficient 2012 Prius. But their actions in the show are a subtle nod to the way things were just 50 years ago. Paper, plastic, aluminum, it didn’t matter - leave it. It was the world’s problem to dispose of.

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