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  • Entrepreneur Tips: How to Avoid Burn-Out

    Here at The Grommet, we work with hundreds of Partners, all of which wear many hats within their own companies.  It takes someone driven, creative and dedicated to launch a company and our Partners fit the bill. Sometimes we wonder, how do they do it all? Successful entrepreneurs, like the driven ones we work with, often have specific ways they find balance and re-charge. We love to learn from others and hear how they manage it all, so we asked a few of our  Partners to share their entrepreneur tips to achieving balance and their unique ways they find center again.

    Entrepreneur Tips


    P.S. We're taking notes!

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  • Grommet Partner Update: Project Repat

    Last year we shared the story of Project Repat here on The Grommet. This company is on a mission to turn textile waste into fair-wage job opportunities in the U.S. Founders Ross Lohr and Nathan Rothstein are doing much more than just repurposing your old worn t-shirts.  If  you're not familiar with Project Repat, be sure to check out our video and the story here.

    Although it's be a while since we last shared an update from Ross and Nathan, we stay in touch with our Partners and work with them long after their launch day. Launch day is just the kick-off to a great relationship and there are many great things ahead for Project Repat (including a new Kickstarter campaign we're eager to share with you).


    Grommet: Nathan tell us, what's new with Project Repat?

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  • A 13 year old entrepreneur and role model: Meet Maya Shea Penn

    Maya's ideas, Daily Grommet

    Maya Shea Penn

    At Daily Grommet we like to highlight smart, accomplished entrepreneurs. When we came across 13 year old, Maya Shea Penn we were simply amazed at what she's accomplished so far in life. Here are just a few of her achievements to date:
  • It’s a Major Award

    Getting recognized within your company for a job well done can be a highlight of any career. You frame your certificate, make room for it on the wall behind your desk, and feel content in a job well done. But when your award takes the form of a lamp in the shape of a leg with a little blood on the knee, you know that the company you are working for has a slightly different definition of a job well done.

    The award I received was the bloody knee award. It epitomizes the entrepreneur’s mantra that being successful is just a matter of standing up more times than you fall down.  Jules Pieri, one of our co-founders, exemplifies this spirit in how she has helped navigate Daily Grommet through many bumps in the road over the past years and literally conceived this award after she fell on stage before accepting a Tech Luminary award from Mass High Tech. Instead of withering from embarrassment, she turned her experience into inspiration. (See video here)

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  • Grommets go to the Superbowl!

    Like most Americans, we were tuning into the big game last night. For the Grommet team, the biggest cheers and applause came not when the 49ers scored a touchdown or the Ravens took the game -- it was when we spotted two (yes TWO) Superbowl commercials from our Grommet partners.

    From the Grommet screen, to their own Superbowl commercials -- we're so proud (just remember, you saw them here first friends!).

    An early launch here at Grommet, Soda Stream -- blowin' it up!



    And our friends Alex and Ani were launched on Grommet back in 2010 (see their launch video here) and last night proved they were hot as ever!


    Did you catch these commercials? Which were your favorite commercials?

  • What’s Inbound Marketing and Why Do I Care?

    Inbound Marketing

    Dharmesh talking Inbound in Action!

    Many people don’t realize that Daily Grommet is so much more than an online shopping site where you can find unique, undiscovered gifts – we’re also a product launch platform that brings products to life, tells their unique stories and amplifies their message. We love to help businesses take their products to the next level.

    Every day, we produce new videos, photos, and story content to launch our Grommet partners. Thus we’ve seen first-hand the power that comes with leveraging a variety of digital marketing tactics.

    Last week, a few of our team members attended a class through Intelligent.ly called “Inbound Marketing for Startups” taught by Dharmesh Shah, Founder & CTO of HubSpot. Dharmesh gave actionable marketing tactics for entrepreneurs – and they can be applied to any product or business! “There are no excuses, that your business is ‘too boring’ or ‘doesn’t work’ for Inbound Marketing,” says Dharmesh.

    We found his presentation to be powerful yet easy to implement. Read more below and let us know if you’ve tried these, or can’t wait to get started.

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  • Back to the Roots Aquaponics Garden: let's make it happen

    Back to the RootsWhen we learned about two recent college grads turning  8,000 pounds of coffee grounds into at home mushroom growing kits -- we knew there was a Grommet story waiting to be discovered. Just when the founders of Back to the Roots, Alex and Nik, thought they were headed off to careers in consulting and investment banking, they came up with the idea to create kits that allow all of us to be farmers in our own kitchens. We were thrilled to launch Back to the Roots mushrooms kits last year (and even more thrilled about growing gourmet mushroom ourselves!). During a recent visit to their Oakland, CA facility we may have spotted a new project they are working on and today, we're thrilled to help them spread the word!

    These guys are at it again and we're proud to rally behind any idea they come up with (we figure if they can grow mushrooms out of coffee grounds, well they can probably do anything). Today, Alex and Nik are announcing their new Kickstarter campaign for Back to the Roots Aquaponics Garden which is a homegrown food and aquaponics accessible to everyone - families, gardeners, kids, classrooms, teachers, and foodies! The Aquaponics Garden is an elegant table-top fish tank that cleans itself & grows fresh food at the same time. A closed-loop ecosystem -- now that's pretty cool.

    Take a look:

    These guys need our help, check out their Kickstarter page to learn more and help them get this off the ground. They need to raise $100,000 by Decemeber 15, 2012, can we help them out? Pledge and/or share this post on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere you think we could help Nik and Alex turn their idea into a reality.





  • Networking your way to entrepreneurship: 5 things to know

    Jules Pieri

    Jules talks networking at Boston Startup School

    How important is networking when trying to impress potential customers, investors or product launch platforms like Daily Grommet? Extremely important! With connections behind you, you're likely to be noticed and move toward the top of the list. Whether you're looking for a job, or trying to get your product noticed, the rules stay the same.

    Our fearless leader, Jules Pieri, gave an illuminating talk at the Boston Startup School last week on Networking: Do's and Dont's. Her experience and advice is great for students, job-seekers and entrepreneurs alike. Below are 5 major takeaways.

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  • A day at startup bootcamp

    Startup bootcamp

    Picture courtesy of MIT StartLabs

    I had the pleasure of spending my Columbus Day at a local startup event, getting my entrepreneurial "booty" in shape.  It was wonderful to step back and look at the whole startup scene while being inspired by smart, successful entrepreneurs.

    MIT Startlabs' Startup Bootcamp is designed for students to jump in and get sweaty with startups. The one day event featured speakers such as young CEO's to tech world big wigs – and they all proved just as dynamic as the last. Since Daily Grommet works to elevate entrepreneurs and products, I knew their advice would come in handy for our employees, the partners we service and anyone with entrepreneurial potential!

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