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  • Kick-Ass Crowdfunding Campaigns for November

    Winter is upon us, but there are some hot crowdfunding campaigns burning strong.

    One of our favorite things to do each month is get to know some great new products through crowdfunding and decide which we think have good potential for long term success.

    We're starting the season off right by investing is some majorly kick-ass crowdfunding projects. We've done a lot of research for this month's products and decided on these to name just a few. We can't wait to see them come to market and hope you are just as excited. Do you support projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that you think might make it big? Follow along with our series here to see which projects we invest in monthly.



    New Products - The Carpenter

    The Carpenter Collection All-Natural Wood Watch & Soft Strap

    $67,348 pledged of $10,000 goal

    Days to go: 2

    The first soft strapped watch made with 100% all-natural wood. Designer, Lorenzo Buffa, and his company, Analog Watch Co. have spent the last year working on an all-natural flexible wooden watch. The project started out as a material exploration which led to sketching out designs, researching and experimenting with different woods, building prototype after prototype by hand, then working with various suppliers and a manufacturer to develop the final designs.



    $35,408 pledged of $65,000 goal

    Days to go: 14

    BatteryBot is the world's first and only character-based rechargeable backup battery for smartphones, tablets & mobile devices. The idea came about from the question: Why does a simple functional device like a rechargeable power pack have to live in such a boring shell? ⅓ designer toy, ⅓ battery charger, ⅓ character the battery packs are the intersection of pop-culture meets consumer electronics.

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  • 5 Ways our Grommet Partners Make Extraordinary Products


    1) They go natural.

    organic skincare S.W. Basics Organic Skincare Lip Balms


    Sometimes you need to strip down to the basics. So many products these days are pumped, loaded and infused with more additives to make the product bigger, better and last longer. Too often this means that our goods are less natural and often less healthy for us and our environment. Many of our Grommet partners believe in making a more natural world void of harsh chemicals and additives. The founder of S. W. Basics, Adina Grigore , found herself having bad reactions to most skin care lines. She knew there had to be a better way and when she realized that she could create real skin care with less than 5 natural ingredients, she knew she was on to something. The press noticed too. Check out this article  in the New York Daily News.

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  • U.S. Air Force Officer with a side of Entrepreneur

    At The Grommet, I spend my days working to build our community and promote our partners. It’s a wonderful feeling to see a partner succeed, but I find it most rewarding when I have the chance to hear their stories firsthand.  Recently, I was lucky enough to chat with Matt Butler, founder of Rollors, the outdoor lawn game. His passion for entrepreneurship and for helping others realize their dreams was very palpable. It was inspiring listening to him describe his journey. In addition to launching and growing Rollors, he works full-time for the U.S. Air Force!

    Read more of our chat below.

    New Products | Rollors outdoor lawn game ---------------------------Matt Butler, creator of Rollors



    What gave you the idea for Rollors?

    Matt: While I was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, I spent my days supporting combat missions.  It was a tough, trying time and I often thought of my friends and family back in the United States. I dreamed of being on the water, sipping a refreshing drink with close friends by my side. I thought about how much we used to love playing Bocce and Horseshoes on the beach. It was then that I was struck by an "aha" moment which eventually transpired into my product, Rollors. When I returned to the U.S., it was the height of the recession and I saw many skilled veterans out of work. I decided to help by recruiting those who were interested to help me make Rollors. I provided work for those who needed it and I got my product off the ground at the same time. I saw it as a win-win situation.

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  • 4 Crowdfunding Success Secrets

    There's been a lot of buzz lately surrounding the power of crowdfunding and it's ability to change the world of commerce, but it still remains a relative mystery to some would-be entrepreneurs.

    (Not sure what crowdfunding is exactly? That's ok, check this post out)

    With The Grommet hosting the first ever Boston Crowdfunding Weekend this Saturday, we decided it would be perfect timing to ask our partners to share their secrets for crowdfunding success. Tom Stewart, our longtime partner, has had not 1 but 2 successful campaigns funded on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo when launching  Sunskis sunglasses.

    Today, Tom is sharing his tips on how to start your campaign and reach your goals. Read on for our Q & A with Tom:

    4 Crowdfunding Success Secrets

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  • Jules Pieri, Co-Founder and CEO of The Grommet named to Fortune's 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs List!

    Jules Pieri, Fortunes Most Powerful Women Jules Pieri, Co-Founder and CEO of The Grommet.


    What a wonderful end to summer it’s been for The Grommet.  Media buzz from outlets such as Quartz, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal (to name just a few!) have helped to elevate our brand and core mission in a way that we've never experienced. Our community of loyal followers feels stronger than ever and just last week we received the biggest news of all...

    Fortune Magazine has named our Co-Founder & CEO, Jules Pieri, one of 2013’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs. Other honorees are CEO’s from EventBrite, BlogHer and more. Jules will attend a summit in October to celebrate the honor and other high profile women in attendance will include Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg and Tory Burch. Wow! To say that Jules is honored, excited and in awe of her fellow winners is an understatement.

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  • 6 Reasons to Attend The Grommet's Crowdfunding Weekend

    crowdfunding, product launch

    Imagine that you’ve got the perfect idea for a new product. You’ve done your research and you truly believe it could take off if given the right infrastructure and capital. Yet you don’t know how to cross that barrier. Pitching investors is one way to go, and for some people it’s the first step in the right direction. Yet you could bypass that initial headache and give crowdfunding a chance. Capital + market research in one. Voila!

    OK - now how do you get started? Setting up a campaign, making a video, marketing that content - where does one start? It’s a daunting task on your own.

    Enter Crowdfunding Weekend at The Grommet.

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  • 7 Tips for New Trade Show Exhibitors

    Do you have new products? Are you thinking about exhibiting at a trade show? It can be a big undertaking, but it’s worth it! As a trade-show consultant and judge, I’ve witnessed amazing success stories come out of mere 10x10’ exhibitor spaces. Not to mention, The Grommet team attends several trade shows each year looking to connect with potential Grommet partners. A lot of magic can happen at a show!

    Of course, not all companies have to exhibit at a trade show to become successful, but I advise exhibiting at least one time. You will receive direct feedback from buyers and distributors which can be priceless. Trade shows are also a great way to gain press coverage which is vital for any new business.

    Trade Show Tips

    Here are a few tips I’ve shared over the years with new trade show exhibitors (I hope they help you as well):

    1. Attend the show the year before you exhibit.

    Go as a guest and walk the show floor and be sure to talk to people.  Find one of the dozens of people sitting down, looking bored, in the big booths. They will give you the scoop on how the show has done over the years. Ask if they think this Fall Show is better than the Spring Show, for example. On the last day of the event visit the tiny booth in the far corner of the show floor. They will tell you how they value the show.

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  • Help these American Made Grommets!

    AM_FinalistBadge-291x300Last year, two of our Grommet partners participated in the Martha Stewart's American Made contest, one even taking home the crowd favorite title! Martha and the editors of Martha Stewart Living magazine are once again searching for the rising stars in a new generation of American Made small-business owners.  This year, four more of our Grommet partners have their hats in the ring, Objects with a Purpose,  Cuppow, Nye's Cream Sandwiches and MakersKit.  The winner will be honored at the American Made event in New York City, will appear in Martha Stewart Living magazine, and will receive $10,000 to further his or her business.

    Now THAT sounds like an opportunity for growth!

    We know that each of these business are very deserving of this prize and we also know they would be thrilled if you took a moment to vote for them. You can vote for each one up to 6 times.














    Vote for Ianthe and Objects With A Purpose here.














    Vote for Josh & Aaron of Cuppow here.


    Vote for Christian and Kelly of Nye's Cream Sandwiches here.


    Vote for Mike and Jawn of MakersKit here.

    Best of  luck to both of them! And we can't wait to explore all of the other "American Made" businesses as well!

  • 5 Reasons Elon Musk is a True Inspiration for any Entrepreneur

    Product Launch: Hyperloop


    If you didn't know the name Elon Musk before this week, you do now. The 42 year old millionaire is an entrepreneur and an inventor who set out to to change the world when he was just a boy. At the age of 10, he received his first computer and by 12, he had taught himself to program. He sold a software game called Blastar for $500 less than a year later.

    Skip ahead 30 years and the world is following him with open eyes as he just unveiled his latest concept that has the world split between wild skepticism and support. The Hyperloop - a futuristic transportation system that he says could take people from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 30 minutes. Hogwash? Maybe. But maybe not. Given his track record of creating uber-successful companies, his latest idea shouldn't be taken lightly.

    If you're a budding entrepreneur with a revolutionary idea, you shouldn't take it lightly either. Maybe your product won't be at the same scale as Elon Musk's, but by launching your product, you are helping the world and leveling the playing field for all your fellow makers and inventors. And you NEVER know. At one point in time, not too long ago, Elon was a 17 year old South African boy who took a risk and left his country for America. He said that he chose the U.S. because "It is where great things are possible." And while the Hyperloop is one of the biggest ideas we've known, it's simply in response to a need that he saw. Current train travel in California is expensive and slow - and proposals for future trains aren't much different. So he thought of a better idea. We see our Grommet partners doing this every day (and succeeding).

    Who do you find inspirational? Comment below on who you think is worthy and why.

    Below are 5 more reasons that entrepreneurs should be inspired by Elon Musk.
  • 9 Resources for Entrepreneurs

    Building a business is hard, whether this is your first rodeo or you are a serial entrepreneur. Questions abound and it can be difficult to figure out what your next steps should be or just exactly how to proceed. Below are a number of blogs and resources for entrepreneurs that are chock full of seasoned advice and meeting places to talk with people who have been there and done that.

    resources for entrepreneurs

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