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  • Mason jar sippy cup? Enter to WIN Cuppow

    It's safe to say that last week's feature of Cuppow (to-go lids for mason jars) was a huge hit. In addition to the steady flow of orders, they took off on Pinterest and we've noticed all of your comments and excitement around these little problem solvers. If you missed Cuppow the first time around, be sure to check out or video (here) to see them in action and learn about how after a few too many spills in the car, Joshua Resnikoff starting thinking there must be a way to make a Mason jar more travel friendly. He teamed with his friend Aaron Panone, a mechanical engineer, and together they created Cuppow, a BPA-free plastic lid that turns an ordinary Mason jar into a travel mug. Now you can fill up yor mason jar and take your favorite beverage to-go.

    mason jar sippy cup

    above: pink lemonade & sweet tea below: iced coffee & hot coffee

    mason jar sippy cup

    Since Cuppow seems to be such a hit, we thought it'd be fun to give some away! Enter to win your own Cuppow lid. Simply leave a comment here letting us know what you would fill up your mason jar with and we will choose three winners at random. Good luck! General contest rules: To enter, you must be a U.S. resident and at least 18 years of age. You must leave a comment on this post.  No purchase necessary. Winners will be randomly selected and notified by email.  Employees, contractors, and the families of employees and contractors of Daily Grommet, Inc. are not eligible to enter. Void where prohibited. Contest will end May 9, 2012 at 9 am PST.

  • Making it happen

    Back to the Root mushroom growing kits

    What would you do with 8,000 pounds of coffee grounds? If you’re Nik Arora and Alex Velez, you recycle that amount every week to make soil for growing mushrooms. We featured these two young entrepreneurs and their company, Back to the Root last year and we've been cheering these guys on ever since.

    Check out this great interview they recently did with CBS News.

    Our relationships with our Grommet partners last well beyond their feature day, they become a part of our Grommet family. Nik and Alex, they're like our little brothers -- go got 'em guys!

    You can see our original video with Nik and Alex here.

  • A lunch filled with new stories

    Last week I got the opportunity to meet and mingle with several foodies, photographers, and bloggers at wonderful luncheon hosted by Todd and Diane of WhiteOnRiceCouple.com. If you're not familiar with Todd & Diane, they describe themselves as:

    "... professional food & lifestyle photographers & filmmakers, travelers and gardeners. Fueled by our love of local culture, people & rich heritage, we document powerful stories from around the world."

    white on rice couple

    A glimpse of Todd & Diane's blog, WhiteOnRiceCouple.com

    Honestly, they had me at "stories." As I listened to Todd and Diane share  their passion of capturing someone's story and telling it through photographs and video,  I instantly wanted to get to know them better. Storytelling, now this is a topic that feels familiar and comforting. It's what we do here at Daily Grommet, everyday. It's what gets us going in the morning -- capturing the story of a great product and the people who love it and sharing that story with the world. Surprisingly, the luncheon became less about food and more about the story of everyone in the room. Themes of community and connecting  seemed to fill the air (don't get me wrong, there was some amazing food happening as well).

    Here's a peek at the food.

    white on rice couple - luncheon

    But it really was the stories of the people I met that made a lasting impression.

    Like Alex Thomopoulos -- a student, turned comedian, turned gluten free chef. She's pretty funny and has a very interesting story.

    joy the baker

    And Joy, who has been baking with her father for as long as she can remember. She created a blog to share her baking journey with the world and has just released her first book -- Joy the Baker. She also makes some amazing frosting (it's dangerously good).

    I also met up with long-time Daily Grommet friend Ciaran, creator of Francie Pants. Her story is ever-changing as entrepreneurs tend to shake things up in small and big ways. Looking forward to seeing what she does next!

    And of course it wouldn't be a successful outing without a little Grommet scouting. I discovered two possible Grommet ideas, both delicious I have to say. Stay tuned!

    follow us on Instagram and check out more photos from this luncheon.

  • Share your favorite soup recipes during National Soup Month

    Did you know that January is National Soup Month? After a holiday season full of large meals and tempting sweets, a month of warm and nourishing soups sounds so appealing -- don't you think?

    We asked our friends on Twitter which soup recipes they were most excited about and @sahopson shared this with us:

    Of course this peaked our interest, check it out -- how delicious does this look?

    soup recipes

    Brazilian Fish, Shrimp and Mussel Stew from Food & Wine Magazine


    After drooling over this soup on Pinterest (check it out here and follow the link for the recipe), we had soup on the brain. This next find had our tummies grumbling:

    National Soup Month

    Spiced Butternut Squash and Apple Soup from Martha Stewart

    This  Spiced Butternut Squash and Apple Soup looked too good not to share. So we pinned it on Pinterest and shared with our hungry Twitter crowd. Turns out it was perfect timing as our friend @DianaScimone was just about to make dinner. She saw our tweet and decided to make this recipe for dinner.  How cool is that?

    She officially sealed the deal on our soup cravings with her tweets. Good thing we have a whole month to drool over recipes like this and test out new soups one in our own  kitchens.

    What are your favorite soup recipes? We'd love to know! Share with  us in a comment below.

    And if you are on Twitter, be sure to follow our friends @sahopson and @DianaScimone because they have delicious tweets!

    We'd also love to connect with you on Pinterest and Twitter -- let the recipe sharing begin!

  • Alma's Zucchini Bread Recipe

    Last week while tweeting with our pal Alma Soto, we learned that she loves to bake. Next thing we know,  we had struck up a conversation about the types of things she bakes often and it turns out she's got this famous zucchini bread recipe that folks beg her to make. Naturally, we asked her to share the recipe with us and she agreed! Alma whipped up a fresh loaf for us to snap this photo (now if only she delivered)!

    More from Alma:

    This recipe was handed down to me by one of my mom's friends, who made this bread regularly but never had a recipe for it. We begged her to write it down and to this day I still have my copy, oil, cinnamon stains and all!

    When I first told my kids I was going to make this they thought, zucchini? A vegetable in a bread? Ew! They were convinced they would hate it. Little did they realize how absolutely awesome it is.

    Suffice to say this deliciously moist and tasty, spice infused bread has become a staple during the fall and winter months and holidays in my house! Perfect for a morning coffee, a splurge snack, the talk of the office coffee room, or your next group social potluck. Enjoy!

    Zucchini Bread


    •3 eggs

    •1 cup oil

    •2 cups sugar

    •2 tsp vanilla

    •2 cups grated zucchini

    •1 small can crushed pineapple (well drained)

    •3 cups flour

    •2 tsp baking soda

    •1 tsp salt

    •1/4 tsp baking powder

    •1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

    •3/4 tsp nutmeg


    •1 cup crushed pecans

    •1 cup raisins


    •Glaze drizzle

    •Pecan topping

    •Powdered sugar

    Add all ingredients into mixing bowl and mix well. Add crushed pecans and or raisins. Bake at 350º for about 1 hour (time may vary depending on baking pan used).

    Create a glaze of confectioners sugar, water, and a 1-2 drops of lemon juice. Drizzle over bread, sprinkle pecans on top (run through food processor) and powdered sugar.

    Thank you Alma for sharing your zucchini bread recipe with us!

    Do you have a recipe you are known for? We'd love to hear what you're baking in the kitchen!

  • Daily Grommet sandwich throwdown?

    As the Community Manager here at Daily Grommet, I spend a good part of my day on Facebook chatting with our great fans and friends. I'm always delighted to see how eager our Facebook crowd is to jump into the conversation, whether we're taking a poll, asking for opinions, or just bantering back-and-forth. Because I know our Facebook community especially loves talking about food, I decided to ask everyone to name their favorite sandwich (August is National Sandwich Month after all). In a matter of seconds, the responses were flying in. From traditional favorites to more adventurous recipes, it's obvious our Facebook crowd is all about their sandwiches.

    Take my conversation with one of our members, Al ...

    It's not like Al was calling me out for a challenge (no, I'm not competitive at all really), but I just couldn't let Al down. So, I decided to test this famous recipe out for myself.

    peanut butter and bacon sandwich

    The ingredients: Bacon, bread (no sourdough on hand, so I went with wheat), and creamy peanut butter -- as per Al.

    At this point I was a little lot skeptical. I am not a big bacon fan (I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here) BUT I do love peanut butter, so who knows?

    peanut butter and bacon sandwich

    After cooking up the bacon, I assembled the sandwich. At this point I was thinking, "am I getting this right?"

    peanut butter and bacon sandwich

    And there she is. Bread, peanut butter and bacon. Do we call this a PB-B? Okay, and now for the moment of truth...

    Not too bad Al, not too bad.

    Now, who is up for making some of the other favorites sandwich recipes? Did you see Heather C.'s favorite? Tuna fish and banana -- I'll let you all test that one!

  • How does your garden go?

    If you watch the Grommet videos very closely, you might occasionally spot the Lexington Farmers Market in the background - it's the perfect setting to shoot some video for stories like ChicoBags (creator of reusable produce bags). Every Tuesday, from early summer into the fall, dozens of farmers and artisans set up shop on our village green, just across the way from Daily Grommet headquarters. And last Tuesday, Donna, Daily Grommet's master of finance, headed over to meet Charlie, "the Boston Truck Farmer."

    It turns out, the guys who produced the award-winning PBS documentary, "King Corn" had started a new movement last year by growing a garden right in the bed of their old Dodge truck and driving it around to urban farm sites. This year, there's a fleet of 25 trucks scattered across the country doing the same -- and Charlie, from Arlington, MA,  is the Boston truck farmer.

    Charlie will be visiting 25 sites throughout the season, and we'll be watching for the next time he's back in our neighborhood so we can check in on his garden's progress.

    lexington farmers market

    I especially like how these guys describe what they're doing as a "mobile community farm" ... as well as a "public art and education project."

    You can take a look at  www.truck-farm.com to see if there's a truck farm in your neighborhood and find out more about this cool project.

  • 5 finds for summer entertaining

    Tis'  the season for summer entertaining and backyard dining. We've got the perfect collection of Grommets that are sure to enhance your summer get-togethers.

    summer entertaining - SalsabolSalsabol

    A beautiful ceramic bowl with a strategically engineered lip that’s designed to push the dip onto your chip for a more stable scoop. Buy the Salsabol spill proof salsa or dip bowl here.


    iSi Twist and Sparkle

    Once you experience this DIY carbonation system, you might find yourself trying to carbonate every beverage in your home. Juice, tea, wine, cocktails, mocktails... you name it, this little gadget can add bubbles to it. Buy the iSi Twist and Sparkle seltzer maker/drink carbonator here.


    Firewire for summer entertainingFirewire

    Made of stainless steel cable, Fire Wire skewers can literally bend to your cooking needs. You can shape them to fit inside a container for marinating (try doing that with rigid metal skewers), or twist them so they fit on your grill. Buy Firewire's flexible metal skewers here.


    What Is It?

    They look just like the ubiquitous paper plates and plastic cups that appear at picnics and barbecues everywhere, but they’re not disposable. They’re made of durable melamine, so they’ll hold up to gobs of barbecue sauce and potato salad much better than the flimsy dinnerware they pay homage to. Buy What Is It? Melamine plates and cups here.


    lights for summer entertainingAllsop

    When the garden work is done and the sun is down, it’s time to enjoy the Allsop’s stunning solar-powered lanterns. The accordion-style lanterns and string lights are made from nylon so the vibrant colors will stay bright and won’t fade from sun exposure. Add a glow to your summer entertaining. Buy solar hanging lanterns and string lights here.

  • A passion for delicious photos

    If you are a regular reader here, it comes to no surprise that we love food. From scouting cool places to eat, to sharing our favorite food blogs, and even challenging our own readers to come up with unique (mini!) recipes -- if it's tasty, we're interested! During our love affair with great foodie resources, we've been following an up-and-coming food blogger Lisa Thiele. Her blog, With Style and Grace is equal parts delicious food and delicious food photography. She was gracious enough to do a little Q&A with us, and we would love to help tell her story.

    Note - Lisa realized this is her first interview and found it to be a great exercise to articulate her story and journey so far. We are honored to be sharing her first interview with you. We have no doubt, there will be many more in Lisa's future.

    I am not sure which is more captivating, your recipes or your photography. Which came first, your love for food or photos?
    food blogs

    Mushroom & Walnut Quinoa + Fried Egg (recipe and photo by Lisa Thiele)

    When I quit my job, I decided to start cooking since it was the one thing I knew and loved to do. I then needed a way to share my recipes on my blog, With Style and Grace so my mom loaned me her camera and well, the rest is history. That was in August 2010.

    How did you learn to cook so well? What about your food photography, how did you get started?

    I can't help but laugh. I grew up watching my parents cook and reading food magazines & cookbooks and then watching the Food Channel while I worked or studied. See, I'm a perfectionist and since I didn't have experience (i.e. confidence) in the kitchen, I had just assumed I would fail. Note: don't be like me. It wasn't until the end of college that I really got into cooking and now I go to bed dreaming of what I'm going to make next.

    Food photography is all self taught and started so I could share my recipes and inspire others in some form or another.

    What has been most exciting so far in your blogging, foodie, and photography journey?

    For the blog - Every day is exciting for me. I truly love my blog. Receiving comments from followers who tried and loved my recipes, emails from people wanting to work with me and then seeing my work on other blogs or sites. It's allowed me to connect with the most incredible people and to really inspire grace and beauty in other people's lives.

    For the foodie - I recently joined the Gluten-free Ratio Rally, started by Gluten-free Girl, which is a group of us set out to test gluten-free baked goods based off a ratio. For the first time, I created my very own gluten-free recipe, for baking. It felt amazing and now I have the confidence (& desire) to continue creating my own recipes.

    With Style Grace - food blogs

    Lisa juggling cameras while attending a styling and food photography camp

    For the Photographer - It's honestly exciting any time someone says they're inspired by my photography or that they want to hire me. However, the most exciting was when my local (yet, famous) bakery hired me as a photographer - I mean shooting beautiful cupcakes and cakes, talk about a dream!

    What has been most challenging?

    Trusting myself and not being fearful of the unknown. If someone were to ask me what I would be doing a year ago from now, I would have starred at them, wondering the same thing. Not knowing what's ahead and whether we'll be able to pay our bills has been very challenging, but rather than reacting from fear, I have to just trust my heart that it's leading me in the right direction.

    What's in the future? Any exciting plans or dreams?

    I dream of becoming a food photographer and having my blog be a place where people come for inspiration. I'm currently working on a cookbook with my mom, who's an incredible cook! Overall, I aim to inspire grace and beauty whether that's working as a photographer, creating/sharing recipes, planning/hosting events, or bringing people together.

    What three blogs do you read daily?

    Just three?? I think this might be the hardest question, yet!

    1. Joy the Baker

    2. Creature Comforts

    3. Cannelle et Vanille

    Thank you Lisa for sharing your story with us! We look forward to drooling over reading more of With Style and Grace!

    For those of you new to Lisa's work -- check out the delicious creations she made after we sent her a Babycakes Whoopie Pie Maker to test. These gluten-free strawberry cakes and these vanilla whoopie pies almost look to good to eat.

  • Hidden Secrets of Savannah

    For me, a staunch northerner, coming to Savannah for college was like being a fish out of water. Having grown up in Washington DC all my life, I was coming to a city where the pace nowhere near matches that of our capitol city and where buildings tend to be smaller, not taller.

    However, once I got over the heat (even in February!) and the occasional whiff of the nearby paper mill – reminding us all of its presence – I discovered Savannah’s many hidden gems. They’re not on the top of every tourist’s list, but to me, they really encapsulate Savannah’s character.

    What to do in Savannah - Forsyth Park

    Forsyth Park

    One of my favorite areas of Savannah is one that is free of charge – Forsyth Park. Located in the heart of the historical district, Forsyth Park covers 30 acres and dates back to the 1840s. Whether you want to sit and relax or play with a Frisbee, Forsyth is the perfect place to do so. With two beautiful fountains, a stage, tennis courts and a basketball court, Forsyth always has a plethora of activities happening. Jazz festivals, outdoor concerts and movies in the park are just a few of the city organized events that have happened there; just walking through under the overhanging Spanish moss gives you a sense of calm.

    Zunzi's always crowded entrance way

    It is the South, so food does play a huge part in Savannah’s culture. When you think of Savannah, the food that comes to mind is usually grits, biscuits and gravy. However, whenever I miss food in Savannah, I always want Zunzi’s. The food that they serve is nothing short of extraordinary; a mix of South African, Swiss, Italian and Dutch cuisine, Zunzi’s never fails to impress. They say you know how good the food is by how long the line is – walking by Zunzi’s, I always see the line snaking out the door.

    Gallery Espresso's inviting exterior

    If you’re not in the mood for a lot of food (which Zunzi’s always gives you), then make sure you stop by the neighborhood coffee shop, Gallery Espresso. Gallery is not the only coffee shop in Savannah, but it’s my favorite. I always see people I know there (which may be a bad thing when I’m trying to do homework!), no matter what time of day it is. Although I’m not a coffee drinker, Gallery always has something I want to try; from their hot chocolate to their quiches. One of my favorite things to do is to sit in one of their comfy chairs with a book – it’s a relaxing way to spend an afternoon if I don’t have any pressing need to be somewhere.

    what to do in Savannah

    The Starland's wonderful backyard seating

    The last place in Savannah that I will introduce you happens to be a little off of the beaten path. Located a couple minutes from downtown, the Starland Café is one of my favorite places to eat lunch. Right next to the Savannah dog park, the Starland’s bright orange exterior is what immediately draws your attention. Just sitting and eating in their back patio takes you away from the rest of Savannah; it’s as if you are sitting in your own backyard talking to your neighbors. The food…oh, the food! I don’t think I’ve tried anything there that I didn’t like. From their amazing Panini’s to their delicious salads, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

    I hope that by telling you a little bit about some of my favorite places in Savannah, many of you will be able to experience the city as I have! Even if you've been to Savannah before, you may not have discovered these places. For those who haven't, maybe it will inspire a trip down South!

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