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  • Mother's Day Gift Guide: 10+ Presents For Mom Besides Flowers

    How do you find the right unique Mother's Day gift? The only way we know how is to find a gift that speaks uniquely to your mom. What do they like to do every day? How do they spend their time? Are they chopping it up in the kitchen? Unwinding with a book? Tending to a bountiful garden? No matter their interests, we are here to help you find the right gift.

    For the Sentimental Mom

    2019 mother's day gift guide: Kitras Tree of Enchantment ornament

    Kitras - Tree of Enchantment Ornament

    Like trees in a forest, no two of these beautiful hand-blown glass ornaments are alike. Each ornament has a special story card with a sentiment for its theme and comes ready to give in a gift box. Whether mom places them on a counter or hangs them up, when the sunlight hits these delicate orbs they give off a lovely, colorful light.

    Shop Now - $22.95

    2019 mother's day gift guide: North Country Wind Bells buoy bells

    North Country Wind Bells - Buoy Bells

    Mom can enjoy the sound of the sea at home with a buoy bell. Each bell is carefully made to recreate the distinctive chime from various buoy bell locations along both coasts. The bells are made in Maine from recycled steel and built to last for at least 20 years of sea-inspired sound.

    Shop Now - $44.95

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  • 7 Personalized Gifts They've Never Seen

    The best bet for finding a thoughtful gift is finding a personalized one. Whether it is commemorating their favorite city or state, a special day in their life, or even their initials, these gifts deliver on a unique gift just for them.

    Susquehanna Glass Company - Custom Etched Glasses

    Let these personalized glasses serve as an everyday reminder of a special place in their life. Send Susquehanna Glass Company any location, and they’ll find the coordinates to create wine glasses just for them. The Latitude and Longitude design is an exclusive collaboration with us that uses sand etching to leave a clean, crisp finish. Each glass is created in the USA with a keen eye for detail and a strong tradition—over 100 years and counting—of craftsmanship.

    Shop Now - $26.95 (Due to the customization, make sure you allow 7 days before the product ships)

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  • 10 Thoughtful Gifts for Mom She's Never Seen

    When you're looking for a gift for mom, you want something with heart. Maybe that is something personalized, something practical, or something she'll just enjoy every day. Here are 10 we think will amaze her this holiday season.

    christmas gifts for mom: Words with Boards custom wooden cutting & serving tray

    1. Words with Boards - Cutting & Serving Boards

    The boards and Lazy Susan servers from Words with Boards are all hand-cut, hand-sanded, and then hand-sealed with food-grade mineral oil. That hard work pays off with a beautifully finished piece that showcases the natural maple wood and crisp, precision-cut lettering. Each one strikes the perfect gifting balance of handmade and heartfelt.

    Shop Now - Starting at $49

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  • 8 Screen-free Gifts for Kids They've Never Seen

    Children are not easy to find gifts for. If your gift doesn’t wow a kid, they will let you know it. Luckily, we have 8 screen-free gifts that avoid any holiday disappointment and will knock kids’ heelies off. That is if they are still wearing heelies.

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  • 10 Unique Gifts for Her She's Never Seen

    You need a gift for her. And not just any gift will do. You need something thoughtful, something useful, something amazing. And we searched our collection to find something she hasn’t seen before.

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  • 9 Amazing Gifts for Him He's Never Seen

    You’re looking for a gift for him. Maybe he is a craftsman, a techie, a sports fan, or maybe just a guy who thinks he has everything. We’re calling that bluff. We’ve scoured our entire catalog to find 9 amazing gifts he’s never seen.

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  • 7 Grommets Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

    Around the world, October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer organizations lead campaigns, walks, and donation efforts to increase awareness and raise funds for research, prevention, treatments, and, ultimately, a cure.

    One of those important organizations is The Keep a Breadt Foundation.

    The Keep A Breast Foundation


    The Keep A Breast Foundation uses multiple digital and artistic approaches to educate and support a younger audience—who often aren’t specifically targeted by breast cancer charities.

    This charity meets millennials and Gen Z on their own turf, at music festivals and art events worldwide. Interactive displays, educational materials, and an approachable style help them engage women and men, and they learn more about their bodies and how to take care of them.

    Donate Here

    Now to the Makers and their products that are doing good this month, too.

    Here are six companies supporting breast cancer awareness month. Discover the products you can buy that help to support breast cancer organizations.

    1. Wink

    For every purchase, Wink donates a “Feeling Beautiful Again” bags to a cancer warrior through the Breast Cancer Charities of America. This helps regrow the lashes or brows of patients who have lost them through chemotherapy.

    Buy Now: $40

    2. Cuchina Safe

    Cuchina Safe was created in response to Maker Susan Castriota's own breast cancer diagnosis. Her daughter informed her that plastic microwave can be hazardous so Susan created her own durable, safer designs. The lids are made with strong, non-porous borosilicate glass. It won’t hold on to odors, stains, or bacteria like plastics can. Susan is in the Survivors Circle for BCRF (Este Lauder). Every October, she gives 5% of sale proceeds to the foundation.

    Buy Now: $29.95

    3. Chocamo

    The already delicious cookie cups are even tastier knowing that they are also supporting a great cause. With their new pink lemonade flavor, ChocAmo will donate 10% of the proceeds of their Pink Lemonade flavor to Wish Upon A Wedding, a nonprofit that grants renewal vows and weddings to couples facing serious, life-altering, and terminal illnesses.

    Buy Now: $14.95

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  • 7 Wine Gifts Any Wine Lover Will Appreciate

    Have a wine lover on your gift list? Here are seven wine gifts to give that go beyond a bottle of wine. From practical to decorative–these wine gifts will pair perfectly with any bottle of vino.

    Discover wine gifts that any wine-lover will appreciate.

    1. Foldable Wine Bottle

    Life’s too short to leave the wine behind. Give this wine travel bag as a gift and let them bring their favorite drink anywhere. It's foldable, flexible, and can hold a full bottle of wine.
    Buy now: $12.99


    Discover wine gifts that any wine-lover will appreciate.

    2. Wine Saver Stopper

    Gift the gift of oxygen-fighting, freshness-preserving solution to saving open wine. With this Made in the USA wine saver stopper, their last glass will taste as good as their first.
    Buy now: Starting at $8.95


    Discover wine gifts that any wine-lover will appreciate.

    3.  Convertible Wine Box

    Give more than just a bottle of wine. In addition to helping your bottle stand apart from other host and hostess gifts, this house-shaped carrier transforms into a wooden wine rack.
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  • 7 Gifts For the "It's Better to be Prepared" Dad

    Dads. They always seem ready for every scenario. And with these Grommets, you can help dad elevate his preparedness game to Inspector Gadget level.

    1. Every Tool in One

    It’s hard to be any more prepared than when you’re armed with 36 tools in one compact multi-tool. Packed with everything from a screwdriver and hammer to utility knife and corkscrew, Kelvin Tools can handle a fix around the house as easily as opening a bottle of wine.

    Buy Now - Starting at $29.95

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  • Come See What We Found For the Holidays

    What are you searching for this holiday season? A better gift? A more unique one? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you’ve come to the right place.

    All year long our Discovery team tracks down products with something that sets them apart. As of this writing, we’ve revealed over 300 products in 2017. That’s over 24,000 hours to find you products that stand up as the best of the best.

    Each product has been tested by the Grommet team so you know your mom, dad, brother, sister, significant other, family member, and/or friend will get a gift that’s been vetted and approved. You see, most stores are only concerned with getting you to buy what they’re selling, but at The Grommet, we’re focused on bringing you products worth buying.

    And with your help, we’re trying to build a world where better ideas win. It starts this holiday season.

    You’ve probably seen a few of those better ideas mysteriously wrapped up on our site, on social media, or across the internet. If you’ve been wondering what they are, allow us to unwrap a couple of them.

    When opened, this curiously shaped package reveals a friendly robot that helps teach kids how to code.

    Rip this intriguing present open and it will delight anyone who enjoys a scoop or an entire pint of ice cream. This ergonomic ice cream scoop allows you to enjoy that ice cream right out of the freezer without straining your wrist.


    Think you know what all our gifts are? Our Guess the Gift sweepstakes starts Tuesday, November 28th. Each Tuesday and Thursday our daily email will feature a wrapped gift for you to guess. Enter your guess for a chance to win. We’ll unwrap the gift each Wednesday and Friday.

    Subscribe to our daily email here and put on your detective hat. Good luck!

    Also, we’d love to hear what you’ve thought about our new holiday campaign. Have you been sitting with baited breath to discover what these mystery gifts are? Leave a comment below!

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