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  • 9 Things To Take On Spring Vacation

    It might still be winter, but we're all dreaming about spring vacation. Whether you're jetting some where tropical for spring break or just eager to get outdoors and soak up the sunshine, we've rounded up nine new products that will help you relax and recharge.


    Brush on Block Brush on Block is a brush-on sunscreen that’s easy to apply and nourishes your skin with botanical ingredients. Leading skincare figure Susan Posnick designed this SPF 30 powder for the whole family—light, non-greasy, and perfect for on the go. It’s translucent so it can be used over or under makeup, and because there’s no tint, it’s great for anyone. Shop Now


    RipSkirt Hawaii If you're self-conscious and feeling over-exposed in a bathing suit, yoga pants or bike shorts, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with RipSkirt, a sporty, water-repellant wrap. Shop Now Continue Reading

  • Gifts That Give Back

    Here at The Grommet, we tell the stories of Makers who have created innovative, new products. Non-profit businesses can be just as innovative as any other. When we discover a philanthropy with a novel approach to bettering the world, we share their story and invite our community to support them.

    This year marks the fourth anniversary of Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving. We’ve put together a list of nonprofits that we admire. The collective power of generosity can bring about real change -- help make an impact today by supporting a cause that is important to you.


    Build motivates at-risk students by teaching them to create and run their own businesses. They become engaged in learning—as proven by falling dropout rates and increased numbers accepted to college. Donate Now


    Intrepid Fallen Heroes
    Honor our veterans by supporting the Intrepid Fallen Heroes fund. This charity provides wounded veterans with needed care for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and psychological health conditions. Donate Now Continue Reading

  • Gift Ideas for Anyone and Everyone

    Have a hard-to-buy for person on your holiday shopping list? Struggling to find something for your boss, kid's teacher, or in-laws you don't know very well? We've rounded up a few gift ideas that are sure to please the masses. It's not a bad idea to keep a couple of these on hand. Be prepared (unique gift in hand) when your neighbor decides to hosts a last-minute dinner party. Or for the friend who gives you a present, even though you agreed not to exchange gifts.


    Corkcicle Vinnebago
    Vinnebago is a stainless steel, vacuum sealed, triple-walled beverage bottle that keeps what’s inside hot (up to 12 hours) or cold (up to 25 hours). This container won’t shatter so it’s safer than glass and perfect for venues where glass isn’t allowed. Shop Now


    Red Kite Candy
    Do you know a caramel fanatic? Of course you do! This Caramel Sampler won’t disappoint, with four distinct flavors of rich, buttery goodness—Original, Chocolate Sea Salt, Sea Salt, and Pecan. Made with locally sourced and organic ingredients, these Vermont caramels won’t stick to your teeth.
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  • Unique Gifts For The Host & Hostess

    Looking for a unique host or hostess gift to bring along to your next holiday party? We've rounded up the eight gift ideas that will be a hit this holiday season. Be the guest with the most unique hostess gift and you’ll be sure to get invited back again soon.



    This hand blown decanter is designed to be a versatile carafe to hold your favorite wine as well as lemonade or sangria. It will be the talk of the table.  Shop Now.


    Sunday Drive Designs

    These hard-working cotton dish towels bring vintage styling and lightheartedness to everyday kitchen cleanup.  Shop Now Continue Reading

  • Keep it Clean and Kempt for Movember

    As costumes are stashed in closets never to be used again, thousands of men nationwide look in the mirror at the result of their Octobeard experiment and debate whether to partake in the next facial hair festivity: Movember. For the month of November, men are encouraged to grow out a moustache. Guys, do it. To make the process as smooth as possible, here are some Grommets to lend a hand.



    The end of Octobeard is marked by electric razors harmoniously starting in bathrooms nationwide. Maybe you’re wiping the slate clean or maybe you’re getting rid of everything except a moustache to celebrate Movember. If it’s the latter excellent choice! But for either, make sure you have BeardMat. This polyester sheet hangs over your sink to catch every falling facial follicle and keep your counter as kempt as your face. Shop Now



    Ever missed a spot shaving? Remember how embarrassing it was? Of course you do. Good news, that doesn’t have to happen ever again. Thanks to ShaveTech, you can have a portable, USB-chargeable grooming guardian with you at all times. No matter if you are at the office, the airport, or in gridlock traffic, you can shave that weird patch near your ear. No not that one! That’s your sideburn—oh no. It’s fine. No one will notice. Shop Now


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  • 8 Business Gifts for Your Co-Workers

    As the holiday season approaches, you may be formulating the list of special people in your life deserving of a gift. Parents, significant others, family members, and friends top the list. But one group you may not think of right away, are the ones you see most—your co-workers.

    Surely, all the time spent with them will make the gift-giving process easy, right? Well, not always. Lucky for you, The Grommet is here to ease your concerns as you set out to find the perfect for your cubicle comrades.


    Wireless Jump Phone Charger

    First, that whole “sit in a cubicle all day” doesn’t really exist. People are constantly on the move in the office. Going to meetings, lunch, finding a moment of solace in a supply closet. Every time they get up, your work buddy’s phone goes with them. Theo is a wireless charger using Qi protocol that takes the annoyance of a wire out of charging every time your phone needs a boost. Perfect for any iPhone with a lightning connector, Theo is nearing an Android version to cover everyone in the office. Shop Now

    Simple Matters - Ditto

    Simple Matters
    Ditto Notification Wearable

    While your phone is wirelessly charging on Theo, you can rid yourself of having to carry it, while still getting your important texts, calls, and emails, with Ditto. This wearable allows you to customize what notifications you get from whom. If your co-worker doesn’t want their phone on them, but wants to know if there is an emergency at home or an email from their boss they should be ignoring this is perfect! Just kidding, they shouldn’t ignore that email. It’s probably a big deal and Ditto will make sure they get it. Shop Now
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  • 7 Travel Gift Ideas

    Wherever you’re headed, we’ve found incredible travel accessories to prepare, pack, travel, relax, and make time away from home even better. If you're headed out of town this fall, or looking for a unique travel gift idea, these seven products make the perfect travel companions.


    The Travel Halo

    A portable and comfortable alternative to bulky travel pillows. The Travel Halo cradles the head to allow for rest while traveling and it has a built-in eye mask that can be folded up or down. Shop Now


    Lay-n-Go Cosmo

    This quilted cosmetics mat cinches closed into a travel-ready clutch. Protect your brushes and accessories from getting wet, and pack them up easily when you're done. Shop Now Continue Reading

  • 6 Must-Haves for Beer Lovers

    Looking for thoughtful gift ideas for the beer lovers in your life? Well, look no further. We've gathered six products sure to make any beer fan happy. From DIY beer kits, to in-bottle beer chillers, these beer gifts will be a hit.



    If you need a bottle cap removed to get to your alcohol, reach for The Decapitator. It’s a fun, surefire way to remove caps. Place it over the bottle top, press down, and the cap is neatly removed. Shop Now


    Craft a Brew

    So, you want to be a brew-master? No problem. This DIY home beer brewing kit allows you to make outstanding craft beer right out of the box. This kit has everything you need to create great tasting beer. Shop Now Continue Reading

  • 5 Ways to Ride Easier and Smarter this National Bike to Work Day

    May 15th is National Bike to Work Day. These Grommets will help you get to the office easily, safely, and comfortably. Happy biking.

    cycle gear from The Grommet

    Dirty bike seats and freshly-pressed work clothes don’t always go hand-in-hand. CitySeat is a waterproof bike seat cover that is washable and foldable, so you can easily keep your clothes clean while adding a little bit of personality to your bike. Shop Now.

    Innovative Cycle Gear

    Siva Cycle
    Thanks to Siva Cycle, you can now power your devices while you commute to work. The Atom is a small lightweight generator that attaches to your bike and uses the energy of your spinning wheels to power up, so it can be used to charge any USB device. Shop Now.

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  • 6 Thoughtful Gifts That Give Back

    Mothers Day gift ideas | 6 Thoughtful Gifts That Give Back

    “Do unto others.” Is this a phrase you've heard from Mom often? Giving a gift that also gives back to others is a thoughtful way to treat her this Mother's Day.

    Mothers Day gift ideas

    Sophia Costas

    These slightly sheer, generously sized 100% cotton scarves provide whimsy to your wardrobe and fair trade jobs to women in Nepal. Handcrafted and sustainably made. Shop Now

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