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  • 10 One-Of-A-Kind Gifts for Dad He's Never Seen

    For the card shark dad, the techie dad, the traveling dad, the DIY dad, the outdoorsy dad, or the dad that just thinks he has everything, we were able to track down 10 one-of-a-kind gifts he's never seen.

    christmas gifts for dad: Lake Art custom made cribbage board

    Lake Art - Custom Made Cribbage Board

    This heirloom-quality cribbage board from Lake Art features a bathymetric representation of dad's favorite lake or coastal area, including roads and local details. It's a gift he can enjoy again and again.

    Shop Now - $69 (please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery)

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  • Impress Dad With One of These Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    If you’ve gotten your father more ties, golf balls, and #1 dad mugs than he knows what to do with, you've come to the right place. Level up your gift-giving game this year with cool Father's Day gifts your dad deserves. Here are a dozen ideas to get you started.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts - Duke Cannon Soap

    Your dad likely embodies many things: encouragement, support, accomplishment. He did help raise you to be someone reading this list of cool gifts, so something went right. Give him a gift that will allow him to actually smell like accomplishment, productivity, even victory: Duke Cannon (starting at $9). They're big-ass bricks of steel cut soap for men and champions AKA dads.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts - Walton Wood Farm

    Want to up dad’s fragrance even more? Pair Duke Cannon with Walton Wood Farm's ($36) solid colognes. The soy-based scents are subtle yet fresh with names like The Beast and Snipe Show. If for some reason you’re not already buying six, Leo DiCaprio used Walton Wood Farm products while filming The Revenant. So yes, Walton Wood Farm is Oscar-worthy.

    Mountie - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    If you’ve got a tech-savvy dad, count your lucky stars and get him Mountie ($24.95). The adjustable side mount secures a tablet or phone to a laptop screen taking multi-tasking to the next level. Now he can get work done or browse the web while streaming videos or looking up the meaning of ‘on fleek.’ What a magical time to be alive.

    For the Bartender - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    Your pops may think he's the king of the bar, but he's a measly jester if he doesn’t have Quench’s Bar10der (starting at $30) in his arsenal. Armed with 10 tools (hence the name), this Swiss army cocktail concoctor will turn dad into a mixology master. Plus, if you get him one, he’ll probably want to use it right away and make you a drink. Win-win!

    For the Beer Lover - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    There's one thing the Bar10der tool can’t do and that’s make a half and half. Lucky for you, The Perfect Black and Tan ($9.95) can. Sized to fit a pint glass like a glove, all the old man needs to do is pour. It’ll look great, taste even better, and again, he will probably want to try to make you one. Give a gift and get a gift, folks, you can’t beat that.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts - Beer Cap Trap

    With enough half and halfs, your dad will be a prime candidate for a Beer Cap Trap ($34.95). Shaped for his home state or the continental U.S., these laser-cut wooden wall maps display the caps of your favorite brews with local pride. If he’s from Rhode Island filling it will be a piece of cake. A Mainer? Start drinking now.

    Whisker Dam - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    Perhaps you’re thinking, "if I get him The Perfect Black and Tan or Bar10der, the second he sips, he’s groaning and wiping off his soaked 'stache.'" Worry not, Whisker Dam ($20) solves this exact problem. The American-made copper guard fits most glassware and works for hot or cold drinks while paying homage to mustache cups of the 1800s. If it’s good enough for Victorian era royalty, it’s good enough for your dad.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts - Beard Mat

    If your dad has facial hair, a little drink dampness pales in comparison to the mess he’s making in the bathroom when trimming it. BeardMat ($14.99) isn’t only a gift for dad, it's one for the entire family and the sink itself. Suctioning to the mirror, BeardMat protects your counter and plumbing and is made of slick polyester to easily slide trimmings into the trash.

    Juno Jumper - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    Your dad can jumpstart a car, but he probably needs another car to do it. At least he did. JunoJumper ($99) is a handheld car starter that won’t operate unless the cables are connected correctly, has a boost button that jumps completely dead batteries, and, when not jumping cars, charges a phone from 0 to 100% four times. On second thought, you might just want to get this for yourself.

    Bison Made - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    'Horween chromexcel leather’ screams 'dad.' So does 'old world style craftsmanship' and '100% hand-finished.' Bison Made (starting at $40) minimalist wallets were seemingly made for dads. They keep cash and cards snug with style with no synthetic materials, dyes, or glue, just good ol’ American workmanship designed to last a lifetime. That’s the dad dream.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts for Fisherman

    Since the dawn of time, fathers have fished and many have left disappointed. No more. Deeper ($200) helps remove the risk of an empty haul. Drop it in the water and the tennis ball-sized device displays a diagram of depth, waterbed contour, and water temperature while showing objects like gators, abandoned cars, buried treasure if you're lucky and, most importantly, the location of fish. Fishing is now as easy as shooting fish in a . . . well, you know.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts for Golfers

    If, after all of this, you're getting golf balls, at least make sure dad can easily identify his Titlist from the 700 others on the course. The personalized golf ball markers from Tin Cup ($29.95) separate dad's ball from the group while saving him money on future golf balls. Recognizing a unique design like a shamrock or martini glass eases the anger of taking a shot from the deep rough.

    Looking for even more Cool Father’s Day Gifts? Browse more unique gifts for him and our entire Father's Day gift guide

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