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  • 7 Gifts For the “I Just Want to Spend Time with You” Dad.

    If your dad doesn’t want anything for himself, get him something he can enjoy with the whole family even though it will be for him. Because, after all, there is no greater gift than the gift of quality time.

    1. Modern Campfire

    Solo Stove provides the same comradery as the age-old fire pit in a stainless steel design that burns easily and produces less smoke. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which every dad will appreciate.

    Buy Now - Starting at $89.95

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  • Can a Gift Make or Break Your Relationship?

    How important are gifts in life and relationships? Pretty important, we found.

    The Grommet recently conducted research with SWNS Digital and OnePoll about gift gifting.  With 10 questions we asked 2,000 people in the US how much they spent on gifts,  how they reacted when given gifts, and what are the worst gifts they've ever received. We thought The Grommet community would enjoy seeing the research results as well.
    For those of us who are shopping for Father's Day gifts, note the study found it takes six days to find the perfect gift, so...it's time to get shopping.
    Don't be regifted! The Grommet shares research about gift gifting to help you be the best gift giver around!


    If you're looking for a unique gift to give this Father's Day, we've got plenty. Browse Father's Day gifts, here.

  • A Gift Guide for the Fitness Guru

    Got a fitness guru to buy for this holiday season? Let this guide help you find the perfect gift.


    A common hurdle when preparing for exercise? What to do with your keys, phone, or wallet. WOLACO solves the problem. Their men’s compression shorts are made with snug, integral pockets that keep your items safe, sweat-free, and secure. No more holding your phone or tucking your house key into your sock.

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  • How To Be A Thoughtful Gift-Giver


    Holiday gifting can be stressful. We often put pressure ourselves when selecting gifts for friends and family by trying to come up with the "perfect" gift idea. The good news? You can get the perfect gift without being overwhelmed and frustrated.  Here are three ways you can become the most thoughtful gift-giver in town.

    Listen and Take Notes

    Want your gift to be remembered for seasons to come? Get them something that is not from their holiday wish list. Gifts on wish lists are obvious things that people are going to expect to receive. You know what’s delightful? Opening a gift that you didn’t even think someone would know to buy you. It’s the thing that your sister mentioned in passing several times or that you always see them drooling over when you’re shopping together. It's a way to improve their daily life or solve a problem. (Does she always misplace her keys? Is he always complaining his wallet is to bulky in his back pocket?)  Listen and take notes all year long and you'll be armed with the intel to get them something special.

    Give Them an Experience

    If you struggle with those hard-to-buy-for people on your list (it could be your 19 year old nephew or your in-laws who seem to have everything), consider giving them an experience as a gift. What about tickets to a concert to see their favorite artist, a gift card to their favorite restaurant, cooking classes, or art lessons? Wrap up a certificate explaining what the gift is and rest assured they will be thinking of you while they are enjoying their activity.

    Give Them Your Time

    Sometimes, the best gifts only cost your time.  Has your sister always admired how you can sew? Invite her over and give her a lesson. Take your niece to a pottery class. Pick up your grandmother and head to a reading by her favorite author. Spend the afternoon teaching your daughter how to cook one of your family's traditional recipes. The real gift is you choosing to spend quality time together –a gift anyone close to you will appreciate.

  • Nap Differently, it’s National Napping Day

    March 9th is National Napping Day, just the excuse we needed to dig up some slumber-friendly Grommets. Whether you’re trying to catch Z’s on the road or at your house, these Grommets will help you nap comfortably.

    National Napping Day

    Ostrich Pillow

    Burrow your head and arms into the cozy “cocoon” and you’ll be fast asleep in no time. Perfect for travel, the dorm, the desk, or home, the Ostrich Pillow is incredibly versatile.  You might turn some heads with the eye-catching design, but you’ll be too deep in sleep to notice. Shop Now.

    National Napping Day - Drift Light

    Drift Light

    If you have trouble “shutting down” after a long day, the Drift Light might be for you. This self-dimming light bulb gradually darkens over 37 minutes, mimicking the setting sun so you can ease your way to sleep. Shop now.

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  • Dorm Room Bound? 6 Grommets to Bring Along

    Summer is already flying by and if you’re a college student (like me) you’re already thinking about all the things you want for your dorm room next year. And if your a parent, aunt, or grandmother, you might be looking for cool gifts for college students (you know, to send them off with a little something special).

    Have no fear, I've picked out six Grommets that will make any dorm room feel a bit more like home and help you stay on task.


    dorm room ideas - smart phone alarm clock

    Distil Union: The Snooze Alarm Dock

    Do you miss being able to slap the snooze button on your alarm clock when using your iPhone’s alarm? If so, then the Snooze Alarm Dock by Distil Union is just what you need. All you have to do is download the free snooze app and slide your phone into the dock. Then you can slap and snooze all you want before your 8am class. Shop Now

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  • Dorm decorating ideas and deals on USCOOP.com

    Getting ready to send a loved one off to college? We've invited Madeline, from Uscoop.com to share some decorating tips and ideas with us (plus they have a cool giveaway going on, check it out!).

    by Madeline Moore

    September, Jocelyn and I launched Uscoop for the college market back in January, in hopes of creating a platform for students to inspire other students through pictures in our “Campus Style Watch” and “Campus Cribs” and sections of the website.  Our goal was to exhibit trends happening on campuses across the country relating to dorm décor and style so that we could curate students’ shopping needs with relevant deals on online brands. By working closely with 50 campus reps who provide us with pictures and content, we are now able to tell students what’s hot and let them get the featured look at a discount.

    Moms, we know back to school time means bonding with your kids over duvet covers, lamp shades and other dorm accessories, so if you’re looking to shop for your kids dorm and want them to be up to date with hot dorm room trends, take notes from our findings below!

    Top 5 Dorm Room Trends:

    1. Decorative String Lights are a must for guys and girls to add a little ambiance to a room at an affordable cost. For a girl’s room, we especially love the lights with little white paper lanterns. (Partylights.com)

    2. For a guy or gal, big Block Letters or Wall Monograms in your child’s Initials are the best way to spruce up empty wall space (Anthropologie; Dabneyleehome.com)

    3. Organized Chaos; With such a small room it’s important to have a place for everything and with the colorful jewelry or athletic gear these days it’s easy to turn your everyday stuff into fun dorm accessories. Girls display their bobbles on jewelry stands and tennis rackets on the walls, while guys can put their skate boards and baseball hats on hooks on the walls. (PBTeen.com)

    4. T-Shirt Blankets; Send your kids to school with all the memories they need right on their bed. We love these quilts, because it allows you to hold on to and display all the championship and travel t-shirts without collecting dust in storage bins. (CampusQuilts.com)

    5. Colorful Bedding; this isn’t a new revelation, but what’s still very much in these days is colorful bold bedding that acts as a centerpiece for the rest of your room and allows your child to distinguish their style and personality from all the other undergads. (serenaandlily.com; anthropologie.com; pbteen.com)

    We hope the tips above help you decorate in style. We also ahave some exciting news: In order to help you navigate the expensive and chaotic world of decorating your child’s dorm room we have come up with a week of exclusive discounted dorm décor offers and giveaways. Today, we are launching a sweepstakes sponsored by Serena and Lily where students can enter to win 2 dream dorm rooms.

    UPenn girl dorm ideas

    We staged two dorm rooms at UPenn for a guy and a girl, with the giveaway package as the focus to position the product for college students. We love this line of bedding and home accessories and know all the students will too!

    Why is Serena & Lily the perfect bedding for college living?

    1. The beautifully patterned sheets and duvets will brighten up any dorm room.

    2. The sheets and duvets are some of the softest we’ve slept on.

    3. The multiple color options make it easy to coordinate with a roommate.

    UPenn boy dorm ideas4. The twin sheets and duvets fit on an extra-long twin, which is the standard for most dorm rooms.

    5. It’s 50% OFF on Uscoop! Buy a $100 e-voucher on Uscoop worth $200 on SerenaandLily.com starting Monday, July18th and choose from tons of awesome bedding, furniture and dorm accessories to furnish your child’s entire dorm room!

    For more details on this sweepstakes and more college dorm decor ideas, visit Madeline and the crew over at  Uscoop.com.

  • Send a virtual thank you note with iGiftThanks app

    Ciaran Blumenfeld has been a long time friend of Daily Grommet. Ciaran is a talented entrepreneur (be sure to check out Francie Pants!) and recently shared with us her newest idea with us -- iGiftThanks is a thank you app for sending a virtual thank you note.
    virtual thank you noteTell us how the idea of iGiftThanks came about?

    I was at my daughter's birthday party and she was tearing into her presents, one after another.  I was snapping pictures with my phone and then I realized I wasn't writing down the gifts and who gave them  for thank you notes so I started scrambling for pen and paper (a scrap of wrapping paper). I had my phone in one hand, the list in the other and it just occurred to me if there had to be a better way. I assumed there would be app for my particular problem but none of the ones I found did what I wanted them to do. I knew I had to make one
    How exactly does it work?
    iGiftThanks lets you lose that list scrawled on the scrap of paper - the one you were going to lose anyways! It allows you to take a photo as the gift is opened, and note what the gift is, and who gave it.  You don't have to take a photo of the gift to enter an item on the list, but it does serve as an excellent visual cue and a great way to share the moment when it's time to write your thank you note. It is for lack of a better term, a Virtual Thank You Note! When you are ready to thank someone, you choose the image you want to send with your thanks. Most people like to share the photo of the gift being opened because it really brings the sender into the moment.  You can also create a handwritten note and take a photo to send that as your thank you if you believe in handwritten notes. Once you have chosen your image, you can decorate it with a frame, and then you can send it via email, twitter, facebook or text message.
    thank you app
    Sounds like a great problem solver! What has the feedback been so far?
    People love the simplicity and ease of this app! So many people feel grateful but lack the follow through to send proper thank you notes and that is the source of a lot of tension for them and their friends and family. This app is a lifesaver for them! It's also been very popular with families that are eco conscious. No trees are cut down, and no resources are wasted in delivering a note that will probably ultimately be tossed in the trash. We thought that grandparents might object but even they are won over by the images that their grandkids are sending them and in the case of grandparents with Facebook walls - they love that their friends can all see the photo thank yous as well!
    Where can we get it?
    The app is available on the iTunes app store at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/igiftthanks/id411045326?mt=8

    We're currently working on the Droid version of the iGiftThanks thank you app and hope to be sharing that soon!

  • Shopping for two: Cool Couple Gifts!

    How about a partridge for your favorite pair? Or two turtle doves for a winning twosome? If you're looking for some great couple gift ideas, look no further. We've found gifts for every dynamic duo.

     Indieflix Film Festival in a Box

    Indieflix - Film Festival in a Box

    Instead of a book club, why not host a film festival in your home? IndieFlix makes it easy to screen short, superb independent films. Buy the Indieflix film festival in a box game here.

     V:King Swedish Viking Lawn Game

    V:King - Swedish Viking Lawn Game

    Inspired by a legendary Swedish game, this beautifully crafted lawn game challenges players to topple opponents’ shields and conquer the king. Unleash your inner Viking! Buy V:King swedish outdoor lawn game here.
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  • Taking a spin on the party circuit? Don’t go empty-handed

    Irish mums teach their kids not to show up “with one arm as long as the other.” Translation? Don’t arrive empty-handed when you’re invited to someone’s home. We’ve found plenty of hostess gifts that will make it easy to arrive, arms askew, with a charming gift for your hosts.

     Taza Chocolate Stone Ground Organic Chocolate

    Taza Chocolate - Stone Ground Organic Chocolate

    Artisanal chocolate melds flavor, tradition and history. You can see, feel and taste what’s different about this chocolate Buy Taza Chocolate organic chocolate gifts here.

     Big Dipper Beeswax Candles

    Big Dipper - Beeswax Candles

    Sculptural beeswax candles burn long and clean, and they’re naturally aromatic, infused with the sweet scent of honey. Buy Big Dipper candles here.
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