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  • 7 Graduate Gifts to Prepare Them for the Real World

    Graduation season is finally upon us, and you may be wondering what to get your grad for their big day. Here at The Grommet, we have all kinds of gifts perfect for post-grad life and as a grad myself, I feel uniquely qualified to point you in the right direction.

    2789-S-101_BST.jpg1. Time Traveler

    Time Traveler's built-in Lightning cable and USB port allow you to charge three devices at the same time. It can charge an iPhone or Apple Watch in about 2 hours and is perfect for road trips, flights, or whatever travel your grad has planned to celebrate.

    Buy now: 79.95


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  • 8 Gifts for the Traveling Graduate

    One of the more common post-graduate celebrations is a trip. Whether that journey is cross country, international, or upstate, here are some Grommets to prep your graduate for their getaway.

    A Shrinking Suitcase

    Recent grads are known to live in small quarters, and this collapsible multi-feature suitcase folds down flat to store. But this smart suitcase is more than a disappearing act. When it's full-size it can charge your phone, has a 360 degree rotating handle to avoid wrist discomfort, has a pull out laptop desk, and contains a laundry bag and two shoe bags. 


    8 Gifts for the Traveling Graduate

    Passport Protector

    These minimalist wallets keep cash, cards, a boarding pass, and passport in one RFID protected vegan leather wallet. Founded by UCLA alum Steven Ng, they are grad tested and approved. If you want to make a trip easier, this is a perfect place to start.


    A Mobile Bureau

    After a trip, the inside of a suitcase or backpack always looks the same: like it was hurriedly packed before an emergency getaway. With this travel organizer, luggage can be neatly organized in a portable, mesh dresser. It even hangs up so travelers can make themselves at home no matter where they are. Continue Reading

  • 5 Grad Gifts for Living Like a Grown Up

    If your graduate is setting out to live on their own, they could certainly use some help establishing their new home. These five gifts will get them started.

    5 Grad Gifts for Living Like a Grown Up

    A Knife For Life

    In the real world, there’s no dining hall and GrubHub will drain a bank account at an alarmingly speed. Your grad will need to cook for themselves. A staple of any productive kitchen is a reliable set of knives and these handcrafted, carbon steel, USA made knives have been giving cooks an edge since 1850


    Handcrafted Cutting Boards

    Just as important as a set of knives? Something to protect them and your counter. Don’t go against the grain, go with it. By that, we mean these handcrafted cutting boards and knife blocks from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks. They’re American-made for a lifetime so your grad might even pass it on to their grad someday.


    A Pan Your Grad Will Give To Their Kid

    Your grad can cook up that freshly cut food on steel cooking pans that will last their entire life. Combining the benefits of French steel and cast iron, AUS-ION pans are made from one piece of iron steel. It cooks evenly, it’s pre-seasoned, and it comes with a multi-century warranty because, hey, when they’re 50 maybe the average life expectancy will be 200. Continue Reading

  • 9 High School Graduation Gifts that Turn Tradition on Its Head

    To the Class of 2019 -

    On behalf of all of us here at The Grommet, we would like to say congratulations, because in the words of Dr. Seuss, “You're off to Great Places!  You're off and away!” After four years full of unforgettable moments, memories, and friends, you are off to your next adventure backed with knowledge, experience, and a team of loved ones cheering you on.

    To the family and friends of the Class of 2019 -

    Congratulations, this is your day too!  You fed, clothed, taught, inspired, and loved them all the way to the finish line, and now your legacies are about to embark on their next big step.  This is as much your moment as theirs. We know this is a bittersweet time, but this is the moment when you must trust that you’ve given them the knowledge and skills to be courageous, kind, and successful in their next chapter, and send them off armed with 18 years of unique experiences, and a fabulous gift.

    Whether your graduate is off to college, about to begin their career, or taking a gap year to figure out their next move, The Grommet has thoughtful gifts they will treasure no matter their path.
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  • 4 Place-Based Gifts Grads Will Keep Forever

    Get your grad a gift that’s brimming with lasting sentiment.

    We’ve rounded up four Made in the USA picks that you can customize with any location you choose.

    Location ideas:
    For high school grads
    Personalize with their hometown or soon-to-be college town
    For university grads
    Personalize with their college town or the city they’re headed to next


    Latitude/Longitude Etched Rock Glasses

    Give the grad an unexpected toast with these custom etched glasses, showing off the coordinates of his/her hometown or college town. They're made by a 100-year-old Pennsylvania company. Don’t know the coordinates? (Who does?) Give the Maker the location, they’ll find the latitude and longitude for you. Also from this Maker: etched wine glasses.


    Circular City Maps

    Is your grad getting their degree in a big city? About to move to one? Give a letterpress map that pays homage in an artistic, minimalist fashion. Each design is hand drawn, then each map is hand printed in Oregon.


    Place-Based Pillows

    Turn your grad’s hometown, college neighborhood, or childhood street into a customized pillow. This Massachusetts Maker takes nautical maps and topographical charts, then creates a purely personal home accessory. They make tote bags, too. Continue Reading

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