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  • No power? No problem. Where the Grommet team worked today.

    Our Boston based team got hit with an early snowstorm.  With the leaves still on the trees the weight of a fast heavy snow caused a lot of damage. The yards and streets look like some kind of Armageddon, with all the downed leaves and branches.  70% of the households and businesses in Lexington, MA have no power.  Schools were closed.  Halloween is postponed.  Our office was in the affected group.  Yet, the Grommets must go on.  Here's how we coped:

    Ray, Justine and Charlotte put on warm clothes and headlamps to "power through" getting the Grommet orders on their way.  Charlotte stayed warm by running up and down the stairs carrying stuff.  A few of us made a run to Panera for hot soup and sandwiches to keep their blood flowing.

    Jeanne had heat and electricity at home (after losing it for the weekend) so she cozied up in her office to make the Marketing doughnuts.If you contact Daily Grommet about an order, chances are very good you will talk to Chew-hoong.  However, you would have no idea how she was dressed when she chatted with you!  She says "Halloween is one of my fave American enjoyments. Now I look forward to cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, cookie swap & Yankee swap."

    Julia and June decamped to the public library to get the Grommets out.  (Wendy too, but we missed her for the photo.)  They report that the library was a popular place to hang out for the many displaced residents, but it was quiet and friendly.

    Jesse kept warm at home, editing videos, in his son's old Halloween headgear.

    Joanne sidled up to her kitchen island with coffee brewing and a candle burning.

    Adam hopped around.  He started at the local library  installed himself at home to take customer calls.

    My house has been without heat for two days, so this is me squatting at a friend's house.  I'm soaking up the warmth and looking forward to using the oven later to make a hot dinner.

    Kate had the coziest setup, under a thick blanket next to the fire.  She is also wearing two sweaters and a jacket vest.  There's been no heat in her house, since yesterday.

    Finally two of our remote team members reported in.  Tori said it is 85 degrees and sunny in Southern California so she did not dare send a photo.  But Katherine, in Minneapolis, has precious few opportunities to make us jealous of her weather so she forwarded this glorious shot, below.  Now that is what Halloween SHOULD look like!


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