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  • Come See What We Found For the Holidays

    What are you searching for this holiday season? A better gift? A more unique one? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you’ve come to the right place.

    All year long our Discovery team tracks down products with something that sets them apart. As of this writing, we’ve revealed over 300 products in 2017. That’s over 24,000 hours to find you products that stand up as the best of the best.

    Each product has been tested by the Grommet team so you know your mom, dad, brother, sister, significant other, family member, and/or friend will get a gift that’s been vetted and approved. You see, most stores are only concerned with getting you to buy what they’re selling, but at The Grommet, we’re focused on bringing you products worth buying.

    And with your help, we’re trying to build a world where better ideas win. It starts this holiday season.

    You’ve probably seen a few of those better ideas mysteriously wrapped up on our site, on social media, or across the internet. If you’ve been wondering what they are, allow us to unwrap a couple of them.

    When opened, this curiously shaped package reveals a friendly robot that helps teach kids how to code.

    Rip this intriguing present open and it will delight anyone who enjoys a scoop or an entire pint of ice cream. This ergonomic ice cream scoop allows you to enjoy that ice cream right out of the freezer without straining your wrist.


    Think you know what all our gifts are? Our Guess the Gift sweepstakes starts Tuesday, November 28th. Each Tuesday and Thursday our daily email will feature a wrapped gift for you to guess. Enter your guess for a chance to win. We’ll unwrap the gift each Wednesday and Friday.

    Subscribe to our daily email here and put on your detective hat. Good luck!

    Also, we’d love to hear what you’ve thought about our new holiday campaign. Have you been sitting with baited breath to discover what these mystery gifts are? Leave a comment below!

  • Tips for The Host and Hostess

    Entertaining in the new year? Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your efforts. The key to hosting the perfect event is to find the balance of a super-star host or hostess and laid back entertainer. Seem like too much to figure out? Accomplishing the perfect hosting style is much simpler than you think. The one trick that will help you pull it all off is to delegate.

    tips for the hostess

    Above: CapaBunga, Reusable Wine & Champagne Caps

    If you are anything like most hostesses, you would feel guilty putting others “to work” during a party or event. The truth is, guests are often eager to help out and letting them will give you more time to mingle with your party guests–which is a vital part of being a good hostess. Below are three simple tasks that you can (and should) easily delegate during your next party.

    1.    Checking coats and purses: Before the guests begin to arrive, ask your husband, kids, or an early arrival, to check coats and purses. Delegating this tedious task will allow you to either greet guests as they arrive or finish up any last minute things in the kitchen. Take this time to set out appetizers, mix drinks or light candles around the house.

    2.    Tending bar: Refilling guests’ glasses all night can be never-ending. Rather than jumping up every time someone empties their glass, consider delegating the task. As the hostess, I suggest you serve their first drink of choice and then politely let them know where they can find the bar should they need a refill. If you don't have a bar area in your home or event space, simply gather all the ingredients needed to mix the drinks you served and put them in an area with room for guests to serve themselves. Don’t forget to leave out a stack of napkins and extra glasses.

    3.    Clean up: No hostess wants to leave a disastrous kitchen after dinner. However, no guest wants to see the hostess disappear for an hour into the kitchen to clean up. Resist the urge to clean up everything and instead, do a quick clean. Ask a close friend or family member to give you a hand and simply rinse and stack the dinnerware for now. Then, quickly return to your party and enjoy your guests.

    The next time you find yourself in the role of hostess, try these simple delegating tips. Not only will you enjoy your party more, but guests will have a much more relaxed and entertaining time as well. After all, the hostess often sets the tone of the party, so go ahead and have a good time.

    Find unique products for your next party by browsing our top products for Host & Hostesses here.

  • 4 Father's Day Gifts Made by Dads

    Becoming a father bears innumerable responsibilities. You wear the hats of a provider and protector, teacher and friend, all while dressing the part of role model for leading a happy and healthy life.

    The crown jewel of fatherhood is creating a better life for their children. At The Grommet, we have Dad Makers filling that role in more ways than one. Here are just a few.


    Moff is a wearable smart toy infusing technology into the limitless capacity of a child’s imagination. Moff snaps to a wrist and adds realistic sound effects to arm movements via a Bluetooth connection to the Moff app. Instead of imagining the sounds of their spoon drum set or a pencil magic wand, kids can hear it themselves.

    “I take it as a responsibility as a father to make the world better for my daughter, “ says Moff founder Akinori Takahagi. “When she was born I made up my mind to make a great playing experience for her. I want her to enjoy face-to-face interactive and imaginative play. That's why I'd like to invent and produce more products with an active user experience. One of those examples is our Moff Band. To be an entrepreneur and Maker is tough job, but for my family, I do my best all the time.” 

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  • Philanthropies Helping Others Reach New Heights

    Every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we here at The Grommet take a break from launching products. Instead, we spotlight organizations we feel adhere to our idea of giving differently. If you have one last gift to give, let it be to those who aim to help others.


    Venture for America – “Helps the next generation of entrepreneurs realize their potential, which will revitalize struggling cities.”

    Startup Fellowship Program Igniting Entrepreneurship

    Andrew Yang believes you learn by doing and surrounding yourself with those who have done is the best way to do that. That’s why he founded Venture for America, a non-profit that mentors recent college grads in cities with budding entrepreneurial base like Detroit and New Orleans and aims to bolster it with the idea that anyone can transform their ideas into a business-worthy reality.

    The two-year fellowship allows grads to learn how to grow companies and become successful entrepreneurs through apprenticeships with experienced entrepreneurs who offer a wealth of knowledge. It instills in fellows the important belief, “If they can do it, maybe I can, too.”

    Venture for America has given over 200 budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to realize their potential in dozens of cities across America and their plan is to keep growing. We here at The Grommet especially understand this mission as we give independent Makers a chance to realize their potential every day.

    Donate: http://ventureforamerica.org/support-vfa/donate/

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  • Pop-In and Meet Our Makers

    The Grommet Pop-In Shop You might have heard that we've recently opened our first-ever Pop-In Shop in Boston's South End. Teaming up with local Retailer, Michelle Willey we've set up shop within her storefront for the holiday season (Not local? You can browse all of the products here). By bringing our Grommets to a retail location, we are making it easier for you to support independent Makers this holiday season and purchase gifts that have meaning.  This retail experience has given us the chance to meet many of you in person and in turn, we invite you to meet and greet with some of our local Makers. Check below for dates and time of our Meet the Maker weekends. We hope to see you there.

    Saturday 12/13

    Meet Elizabeth from Yoga by Numbers, 12:00-2:00 Meet Mark from R. Murphy Knives, 3:00-5:00

    Sunday 12/21

    Meet Jennifer from Refleece, tentatively 1:00-3:00


    Can't make it to meet our Makers? Be sure to pop in to the shop anytime to browse and shop Grommets in person. 

    Michelle Willey 8 Union Park Street, Boston, MA
    November 20 - December 24
    Mon-Sat 11-6, Sun 12-5
  • A Handcrafted Holiday Dessert Table

    To mark the opening of our holiday Pop-In Shop (our first retail experience which is inside Boston's Michelle Willey boutique) we recently hosted an opening party to celebrate this Grommet "first." However, we set out to celebrate more than just bringing our Grommet products to retail shelves; we were marking  a strong relationship with a local retailer (Michelle), while celebrating our Makers and introducing them (and their stories and products) to the local community.


    With the shop full of friendly faces of Makers, local Retailers, our biggest supporters, media, and an excited Grommet crew, we kicked off the holiday season in style.

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  • "Pop In" and Be a Part of a Grommet First


    Just in time for the holidays, we're opening our first-ever Pop-In Shop and you're cordially invited. We've teamed up with local Retailer, Michelle Willey to set up shop within her storefront in Boston’s South End. 

    If you're like us, you're on the hunt for most unique gifts this year. By bringing our Grommets to this retail location, we are making it easier for you to support independent Makers this holiday season and purchase gifts that have meaning. We hope you accept our invitation to  experience what it means to “Give Differently” this year. Through our “Pop-In” experience, you will be able to touch, test, and purchase Grommets on-site as part of our installation within the shop. On the shelves, you will find popular items such as the instructive yoga mat by Yoga by Numbers, along side Boston-born and manufactured products like drink lids by Cuppowand custom handcrafted gold and silver jewelry by Dennis Higgins among others– all of which are created by independent Makers and have been vetted and approved by our Discovery Team.

    Our host and partner, the ethereal South End boutique Michelle Willey, is helping us bring this exciting project to life. If you're in the Boston area, stop by to start your holiday shopping with a collection of giftable Grommets. Not local? Browse our Pop-In collection that includes all of the unique gift ideas you’d find on the store shelves.

    Michelle Willey
    8 Union Park Street, Boston, MA
    November 20 - December 24
    Mon-Sat 11-6, Sun 12-5

    We will also be holding special events on the weekends. Be sure to join us for Small Business Saturday to receive complimentary gift wrapping when you #ShopSmall (and check back for news on future events).


  • Top 7 Hints for Happier Holiday Shopping

    Holiday Shopping Tips from The Grommet

    1. Make your Wishlist and check it twice.

    Select “Add to Wishlist” whenever you discover a Grommet to save for later. ...

    2. Get gifts you want in one click.

    Help your family and friends know what you want. Select “Share Wishlist” to send your most-wanted gifts with others.

    3. Make sure your gifts get delivered with time to spare.

    •Shop early and keep your eye on shipping dates. Your checkout page will give an estimated delivery date.

    •Remember, even with expedited shipping, many items need extra time to process (that could add 1-3 days). ... Continue Reading

  • 12 Unique Hostess Gift Ideas

    Tis' the season of festive gatherings and dinner party invitations. If you want to be a guest who impresses, arrive to your next event with one of these hostess gift ideas. We have nine unique products that are sure to delight any home entertainer.


    Evo Oil Sprayer

    Evo is the first non-aerosol trigger sprayer designed especially for spritzing foods and cooking surfaces with oils or vinegars of your choice. Simply fill Evo with your favorite cooking oil and pull the ergonomic trigger to deliver a consistent fan-shaped mist with precision and ease over everything from meats and vegetables to pots and pans. Shop Now


    Sweet Jules Caramels

    From Town Hall Scotch Ale to the Beer & Pretzel caramel, to the chocolate sourced in Switzerland for the Dark Chocolate, Sweet Jules has selected special flavorings and created caramels for the discriminating palate.  Shop Now


    Vestiges State Towels

    Vestiges towels are made of 100% preshrunk cotton and use water based inks. Not only are these colorful towels perfect for the kitchen or bar but are frameable making them an affordable and unique piece of art for any decor.  Shop Now

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  • From Their Workshops to Your Home for the Holidays

    Did you know that half of all Grommets purchased are given as gifts? This tells us that you find it as rewarding as we do to Give Differently and share distinctive products with family and friends. Although our team spends the entire year curating our collection of products with great style, utility, and invention, it’s our Makers who bring these products into the world. A Grommet holiday wouldn't be possible without our talented and dedicated Makers. We know they’re  working round the clock making sure your Grommets are ship-shape for the holidays and we wanted to check in with them to get a feel for exactly how they’ll be gearing up for the seasonal demands of business. We checked in with a a few of our Makers to see how they’ll be preparing for the busy holiday season.




    “The holidays are a very exciting time for Urban Cheesecraft- our DIY Cheese Kits make such great gifts that the season is incredibly fast paced. We know that preparation is the key to avoiding stress and making our customers' cheesy dreams come true! For us, holiday preparations include re-testing recipes, polishing up our website FAQs, making any edits to the booklets that will further simplify instructions, spicing up our online descriptions and photos as well as making sure our shipping processes are seamless. Customers have a lot on their plates this season and we want cheese kit delivery to be the least of their worries! Of course, we also make many, many kits and the planning for that starts early in the year. It's a whirlwind but in the end, it's very satisfying to know that thousands of friends and families will enjoy homemade cheese as well as a new skill thanks to our hard work and cute little cheese kits.”

    -Claudia Lucero, Maker of Urban Cheesecraft

    Toydozer Maker The Grommet

    "We love the holidays over here at Toydozer because, well, the holidays are really why we created the Toydozer (we needed a way to clean up the gazillions of little toys our son would receive as gifts). There really is so much more work that goes into making a product than meets the eye, and I have a whole new appreciation for small hands-on manufacturers. With the Toydozer, there is resin, colorant, packaging, labels, and velcro to order which we have to start thinking about in July. (That's the easy part!) Then, once the Toydozers are made, the velcro and labels need to be applied which is time consuming if you want them to be put on perfectly. And since I do, I end up doing most of this work myself—one of the many benefits of having the factory nearby. By early October we are good to go and excited for the mad holiday rush!"

    -Amy Bradley, Maker of Toydozer


    “We start gearing up for the holidays in our slow time which is July. Making sure we have enough wax, wicks, dye and supplies to carry us through the busy fall and holiday season is crucial. In the studio, we ramp up production based on sales reports and projections. Once we return from the NY Gift Show in August, our production is at max overdrive 6-7 days a week until December 20th!”

    -Jenifer Green, Maker of Green Tree Home

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