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  • The Power of Collaboration: How To Find Light In a Power-less Place

    Here at The Grommet, we love the Makers and products we work with—they‘re a part of us, they make up who we are. Each Grommet has a purpose and each Maker has a story to tell, and it is our mission to share these with the world.

    Our journey has shown us over and over again that when we as consumers support companies who do good, good things happen. Simple as that. A perfect example of this is the collaboration between two do-good Grommets—Haiti Projects and Luci by MPOWERED.

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  • Discover How You Can Bring Back American Manufacturing

    Meet the Maker: Vermont Rolling Pin

    The Grommet’s launch conversation board is wonderfully unique to the Internet, which, for a resource that provides access to anything in seconds, is saying something. It provides you with the opportunity to speak to the Maker of a product on their launch day.

    During that time, we are often flooded with positive feedback and comments like “This is awesome!” “Why didn’t I think of that?” or our favorite “I love supporting small Makers on The Grommet.” For a Maker, it is validating  to see such support.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum, there is…“Why is it made in China?” “Too expensive!” “I can get this for $10 at Amazon!” It’s often difficult to answer questions about why a Maker is manufacturing overseas because each product comes with its own story –and each Maker has to work within their own framework. But we do know it will be easier in the future to manufacture in America for many Makers and that’s thanks to the Maker Movement – the next industrial revolution poised to transform local economies and our entire nation as a whole. 

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  • Maker Faire: More Than Just Fire and Flashy Robots


    Maker Faire Beautiful streamers greeted visitors inside the main NYC Hall of Science building.


    The Grommet team has been attending Maker Faire events around the country since our early days as a company. They have always served as a great place to find new Makers, stay on top of industry trends, and create valuable relationships. This past weekend, The Grommet team stepped up our presence and held a physical booth at Maker Faire in New York City.

    Traditionally, when people think of Maker Faire, they envision large, flashy demonstrations including elements like fire or life-sized robots. While that vision certainly held true this weekend, Maker Faire and the Maker Movement is about that and so much more. It’s also about the small, independent Makers who were present to grow their audiences and their businesses.

    To read more about our insights and takeaways from the show, see below.

    This robotic giraffe named Russell is the same one who greeted Barack Obama at the White House Maker Faire in June where our Co-Founders were present. This robotic giraffe named Russell is the same one who greeted Barack Obama at the White House Maker Faire in June where our Co-Founders were present.


    It’s no exaggeration to say that Maker Faire is the Greatest Show and Tell on Earth.

    We immediately heard the “oohs” and “ahhs” as a 17 foot-tall robotic giraffe named Russell walked the grounds, the world’s largest mouse trap gave daily demonstrations, and stilt walking circus performers made afternoon appearances. This handful of highlights only scratches the surface of what we experienced and the old adage of needing to see to believe holds true here.

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  • These Grommets Are Smarter Than We Are


    the internet of things

    Here at The Grommet, our  Discovery Team is always on the look-out for new trends and corresponding products that have the potential to make it big. Our Co-Founder and Chief Discovery Officer, Joanne Domeniconi, says that when she and Jules first founded The Grommet, she wasn’t sure how easy it would be to continually find new, innovative products every day. She doesn’t worry about that anymore, she now jokes. With the lower barriers to entry for creating consumer products, there are more products out there than we can sometimes handle. And while there are many “trends” that come and go, there is one that’s here to stay; The “Internet of Things.” The Internet of Things means that hardware products are getting smarter. So smart, they can remind us of things we risk forgetting like when to take medicine or that our milk in the fridge is going sour.

    This may sound like a far-off future to some, but the truth is that it’s already here. We spotted the enthusiasm for these types of products back in 2011 when we launched the now mainstream wearable tech, FitBit. The company was brand new at the time and needed market feedback. The Grommet’s community showed just how high the demand would be for these wearables. The category of tech-enabled fitness products has grown exponentially, but there are also now products you place all over your home and car (and play with too).

    Here are just a few Grommets that are “smarter” than we are.

    Stay tuned for even more coming down the pipeline in the next few months.

    IceDot crash sensor

    This little device attaches to your bike helmet and can sense a significant impact (a crash) and automatically send a notification to a loved one who can call for help. It’s an added layer of safety if you're biking alone. Shop Now

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  • The Maker Movement: In Motion


    Maker Movement | The Grommet

    This maker movement puts power in the hands of the people to fund, design, prototype, produce, manufacture, distribute, market and sell their own goods. - Jeremiah Owyang

    If you're a Maker, or aspire to be one, today is a great day to be you. What exactly is a Maker, you ask? Am I a Maker because I love to spend my weekends fixing up my old car? Or, am I a Maker because I spend my Sunday afternoons with a paintbrush in hand? The answer is that anyone can become a Maker regardless of whether you work in tech, design or another field and whether it's a hobby or a full-fledged business. Here at The Grommet, we view all the wonderful product creators as Makers. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Jules Pieri views creators and Makers as one in the same. "If it’s coming from a person, not an institution, they’re a Maker," says Jules.

    The good news is that if you've always had an itch to create, it’s easier than ever to make things. This is much of why The Grommet exists and is thriving with a strong supply of worthy products in our pipeline. Twenty years ago, there wouldn’t have been the opportunity for people to make consumer products the way they can today, it was expensive and difficult. Innovation was once sprung by big brands, but they're no longer the only players. Today, thanks to the Maker Movement, the real innovation is happening in our garages and basements. People are creating new products with laser cutters and making prototypes with 3D printers.

    This movement is so big, that on June 18th, 2014, the White House held their very first Maker Faire to celebrate these Makers. Our fearless leaders, Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi attended to represent The Grommet's role in this movement. You can watch a video on our day at the White House here.

    What does all of this mean for our world?

    The Maker Movement is shaping the future of: 

    • Consumer Products
    • U.S. Manufacturing
    • Product Innovation
    • Main Street Retail
    • Our Economy

    Did you know that?

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  • Mother's watching you! And other fun finds at CES 2014

    consumer electronics show During a short break, the trio had some fun at the photo booth! Hint: those dice and hats aren't real.


    Last week, three members of our Grommet discovery team, Ian, Kate and Aaron, packed their sunglasses and most comfortable walking shoes for a flight to Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronics Show. If you're familiar with the tech world, you know this event is like the Superbowl for technology. It's the biggest and best event of the year and no one wants to miss it. While at the show, our team scouted for the newest, innovative products and got an overview of this year's biggest tech trends. With 150,000 estimated attendees and miles upon miles worth of show floor to cover, they were pretty tired at the end of each day. Yet talking with them about their overall experience, I sensed nothing but exhilaration and excitement from their adventure.

    Each January, there are thousands of articles, tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures available for anyone who wants to keep up with all the happenings. I asked the trio about their experience to get a first hand look. Below you can read more about their take on the biggest trends coming up and some of their favorite products. Think these crazy gadgets don't apply to the average consumer like yourself? Think again and read more for what might be coming your way sooner than you think.

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  • Recent Press: Grommets Making a Splash

    As exciting as it is to launch a new product here on The Grommet, for us, it gets even better when we get to see how the world reacts to these innovative ideas and passionate entrepreneurial stories. For our partners, a Grommet launch is just the beginning of some well deserved attention.

    Here’s the most recent press for our Grommet partners:

    The Drawstring Tool was featured in the recent issue of PEOPLE Style Watch Magazine!


    Product Launch | Success on The Grommet



    IdeaPaint which was launched in The Grommet in 2009, has recently shared that they are expanding with more corporate customers in this Boston.com article. This makes complete sense as our own walls here at Grommet HQ are covered with IdeaPaint! We love to see their continues growth. Go get 'em guys!

    New Products | IdeaPaint

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  • An Art Walk in Boston

    This past Sunday, some Grommet team members ventured into Boston to stroll through the "Public Art Walk" where you have the ability to walk freely in and out of people's personal art studios and exhibitions.  There were many beautiful pieces of art, rich with colors, textures and stories. One exhibit stood out to us, as it touched on the important subject of education and the artist did a particularly good job of detailing his passion for the issue throughout his exhibit. Above the Standard is an art exhibit created by Boston Public School Teacher, Ari Hauben. His solo art show depicts the detrimental effects of the increasingly standardized and mechanized worlds of education and society. Read more about Ari and his exhibit here and view some of his most beautiful pieces below.

    Ari Hauben | Art walk Boston

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  • What has innovation looked like over the last century?

    1939 New York  World's Fair

    Courtesy of dok1 via Flickr

    Here at Daily Grommet, we see innovation every day. Whether it's when we receive Grommet submissions through our Citizens Gallery, or when we're discussing big ideas for the company, there isn't a point of innovation that we don't touch. It's amazing to watch how quickly the world changes and what's cutting edge one day is considered old news the next. Anyone who owns any type of personal technology device can attest to this. We often joke that "Grommet time" is faster than regular time. Things happen quickly around here and trends come and go at a rapid pace. Yet one thing always stays the same: the desire to create products that make people's lives easier. We've seen it since the dawn of time.

    Recently, we happened upon an article that showed us what "big innovation" looked like back in the 1930's. Oh, how far we've come. This got us thinking. What have been the biggest technological milestones over the last century? Some of the big advancements below might appear very commonplace, yet not the case at the time.

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  • Innovation, will.i.am and Grommet scouting at CES


    Me (Kate) and Ian at CES 2013

    At CES two weeks ago, one of the events Ian and I attended was the Next Generation Innovators panel. We heard the forward-thinking thoughts of some very prominent start-up CEOs, who are working with new models and technologies that challenge the way we do things.


    They talked about connectivity, the potential of the cloud, information sharing, talent scouting and even manufacturing. They shared their thoughts on start-up culture (something near and dear to our hearts at Daily Grommet). David Liev of Bump said that in a start-up, the things you think will be hard (like creating a product) are easy, and the things you think will be easy (like growing your organization from a start-up to an enterprise) are really, really hard as you work to maintain your vision and create a new thriving organization in the world.


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