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Tag Archives: Made In The Usa

  • A Cut Above: All-American R. Murphy Knives


    american made knives - factory tour

    Last November, we launched R. Murphy Knives here at The Grommet and  have since remained taken back with these USA Makers.  We sent three Grommeteers to visit the R. Murphy Knives factory in Ayer, Massachusetts in order to share a closer look at how these knives are made.

    Founded in 1850 as a cutlery business, the local company was family owned until 1954. Today, Mimi Younkins and her husband-business partner Mark Furman run the company, which still uses a handcrafted manufacturing process with machines about a century old.

    american made knives - R. Murphy

    The Grommet discovers R. Murphy Knives

    “When I first walked in there, I was curious, very curious,” Bobby, our resident knife enthusiast, recounted to me. “I was blown away by the precision of everything -- and the thoughtfulness that went into the production of each knife.” He had watched the knives being prepped in the sea bath.

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  • Q&A with USA Love List

    Here at The Grommet, we are constantly meeting new people who are passionate about shopping by their values. More and more people are realizing  what products they choose to support, makes a difference in the world (a term we call Citizen Commerece). We're creating a place for people who want their purchases to have meaning -- to support what matters most to them: whether it's technical innovation, green or social enterprises, the creation of jobs, domestic manufacturing, or the preservation of craft. And when we meet other folks who are passionate about helping these types of products succeed as well, we get excited.
    We recently met Sarah Wagner, founder of  USA Love List and her story struck a cord. Sarah is from the Detroit area  so the idea of buying American and supporting the businesses that support our communities is not something new or trendy for her but rather a part of her consumer DNA. We recently sat down with Sarah to get to know more about her and her site USA Love List.


    Can you tell us a bit about why and how USA Love List got started?

    The site itself was inspired by a cross country RV trip with my family. Driving through towns and cities across the country, I noticed that the presence of manufacturing was often the key that allowed small towns to remain vibrant communities where people want to live and raise their families. On the trip, we went on several factory tours and was inspired by the pride, even LOVE, expressed by the people who were still making things in America. The site was launched with the idea of making lists of the items we loved, made in the USA.

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  • Celebrate 'Made in the USA' with us on Instagram!

    This year we’re taking an entire week to celebrate the 4th of July and asking you to join us in capturing America’s greatness, one (Instagram) photo at a time.  To kick this off, we’re teaming up with our friends over at CustomMade for some patriotic Instagram action. Will you join us?

    Every day this week we’ll each be posting specific pictures, and we want you to get in on the action, too. Follow DailyGrommet and CustomMade_com on Instagram, post your favorite photos daily with the hashtag #maker2buyer and be sure to tag us so we can  follow along!


    Monday post a picture of something you made to celebrate the Maker in you.

    Tuesday is all about taking a picture of something you can’t live without – whether that’s your favorite gadget, article of clothing or something handmade just for you.

    Wednesday is a time to boast your personal style. Snap something that totally captures you.

    Thursday means celebrating the 4th and what better way to do that than with a photo of something ‘Made in the USA’.

    To wrap up the week on Friday, show off a photo of your hometown.

    This is all about bringing Makers and Buyers together so everyone is encouraged to join. See you on Instagram!

  • Grommet Partner Update: Project Repat

    Last year we shared the story of Project Repat here on The Grommet. This company is on a mission to turn textile waste into fair-wage job opportunities in the U.S. Founders Ross Lohr and Nathan Rothstein are doing much more than just repurposing your old worn t-shirts.  If  you're not familiar with Project Repat, be sure to check out our video and the story here.

    Although it's be a while since we last shared an update from Ross and Nathan, we stay in touch with our Partners and work with them long after their launch day. Launch day is just the kick-off to a great relationship and there are many great things ahead for Project Repat (including a new Kickstarter campaign we're eager to share with you).


    Grommet: Nathan tell us, what's new with Project Repat?

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