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  • Meet the Maker Podcast: Jules & Joanne of The Grommet

    jules joanneThis week is the National Week of Making, a celebration of innovation, creation, and the entrepreneurial spirit. It is also the two-year anniversary of the inaugural National Maker Faire at the White House where The Grommet co-founders, Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, unveiled The Grommet Wholesale.

    On this special episode, Jules and Joanne discuss what prompted the start of The Grommet, the struggles and triumphs of building the business, the power of an engaged community, their experience at the National Maker Faire, and the future of the Maker Movement.



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  • The (Make Make Make Make) Maker Movement Soundtrack [Shake it Off Parody]

    Makers gonna make… and we made a music video. When the pop music world gives you a gem like “Shake It Off,” you’ve got to make a parody (right?). Well at least for us, it made these recent snow days a bit more bearable.

    The Grommet team is all about good stories, good products, good videos, and (after hours) a good jam session, so why not throw it all together? Press play to catch our team and cast of Makers, making and shaking … 

    to this. sick. beat.



    Want to learn more about the Maker Movement? Check out our Maker Movement infographic.

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  • Maker Faire: More Than Just Fire and Flashy Robots


    Maker Faire Beautiful streamers greeted visitors inside the main NYC Hall of Science building.


    The Grommet team has been attending Maker Faire events around the country since our early days as a company. They have always served as a great place to find new Makers, stay on top of industry trends, and create valuable relationships. This past weekend, The Grommet team stepped up our presence and held a physical booth at Maker Faire in New York City.

    Traditionally, when people think of Maker Faire, they envision large, flashy demonstrations including elements like fire or life-sized robots. While that vision certainly held true this weekend, Maker Faire and the Maker Movement is about that and so much more. It’s also about the small, independent Makers who were present to grow their audiences and their businesses.

    To read more about our insights and takeaways from the show, see below.

    This robotic giraffe named Russell is the same one who greeted Barack Obama at the White House Maker Faire in June where our Co-Founders were present. This robotic giraffe named Russell is the same one who greeted Barack Obama at the White House Maker Faire in June where our Co-Founders were present.


    It’s no exaggeration to say that Maker Faire is the Greatest Show and Tell on Earth.

    We immediately heard the “oohs” and “ahhs” as a 17 foot-tall robotic giraffe named Russell walked the grounds, the world’s largest mouse trap gave daily demonstrations, and stilt walking circus performers made afternoon appearances. This handful of highlights only scratches the surface of what we experienced and the old adage of needing to see to believe holds true here.

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  • Join in: National Day of Making

    The Grommet wouldn't exist without Makers, tinkerers, inventors, and entrepreneurs who create new innovative products every day. We celebrate Makers and amplify their stories each time we launch a new Grommet.

    So when the White House announced its first Maker Faire we got really excited. Why? Having the White House recognize Makers and encourage people across the nation to make things themselves will fuel innovative product creation. And we all win when that happens.

    The White House is embracing The Maker Movement on June 18, 2014 by organizing an event that features Makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs of all ages who are using cutting-edge tools to bring their ideas to life.

    In addition to the Makers who will be at the White House, people  all across the country are invited to participate virtually  on June 18th in a Day of Making in their homes, schools, maker spaces, and communities. Let's showcase our own projects and the vibrant grassroots communities of inventors, tinkerers, and manufacturers that are building our future.

    On June 18, 2014 use #NationOfMakers to share your  creations. The White House will be using it as well and it will be a great way to connect with other Makers across the country.

    National Day of Making



    How can you participate in this National Day of Making on June 18, 2014? Here are a few ideas from the White House to get you started: 

    • Post photos of a current maker project you are working on or choose a new project to work on and ask a couple of friends or family members to build it with you. You can find fun and creative projects ideas from a variety of websites for Makers such as MAKE.
    • Host an open house at your local makerspace or set up a hangout online to connect and share your inventions with Makers across the country.
    • Volunteer to be a mentor for someone who is interested in learning a new skill or find a mentor who would be interested in teaching a new skill you’ve been eager to learn.
    • Create a project of your own and then share the plans for your project online through Maker platforms so others can also make, modify, or remix your project.
    • Organize a maker roundtable to identify and convene maker thought leaders in your community on expanding Making initiatives, programs, and activities in your neighborhood.
    • If you’re an organization or company, encourage your employees to volunteer as an educator and/or mentor to host maker-oriented workshops or classes in your community.
    • Follow the action online at www.whitehouse.gov/makerfaire.


    We can't wait to see your projects on June 18th! Be sure to post using #NationOfMakers and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as we'll be sharing too. 

  • The Maker Movement: In Motion


    Maker Movement | The Grommet

    This maker movement puts power in the hands of the people to fund, design, prototype, produce, manufacture, distribute, market and sell their own goods. - Jeremiah Owyang

    If you're a Maker, or aspire to be one, today is a great day to be you. What exactly is a Maker, you ask? Am I a Maker because I love to spend my weekends fixing up my old car? Or, am I a Maker because I spend my Sunday afternoons with a paintbrush in hand? The answer is that anyone can become a Maker regardless of whether you work in tech, design or another field and whether it's a hobby or a full-fledged business. Here at The Grommet, we view all the wonderful product creators as Makers. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Jules Pieri views creators and Makers as one in the same. "If it’s coming from a person, not an institution, they’re a Maker," says Jules.

    The good news is that if you've always had an itch to create, it’s easier than ever to make things. This is much of why The Grommet exists and is thriving with a strong supply of worthy products in our pipeline. Twenty years ago, there wouldn’t have been the opportunity for people to make consumer products the way they can today, it was expensive and difficult. Innovation was once sprung by big brands, but they're no longer the only players. Today, thanks to the Maker Movement, the real innovation is happening in our garages and basements. People are creating new products with laser cutters and making prototypes with 3D printers.

    This movement is so big, that on June 18th, 2014, the White House held their very first Maker Faire to celebrate these Makers. Our fearless leaders, Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi attended to represent The Grommet's role in this movement. You can watch a video on our day at the White House here.

    What does all of this mean for our world?

    The Maker Movement is shaping the future of: 

    • Consumer Products
    • U.S. Manufacturing
    • Product Innovation
    • Main Street Retail
    • Our Economy

    Did you know that?

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  • Now Launching: Sustainable Businesses in the USA

    Here at The Grommet, our MO is to support up-and-coming entrepreneurs and new to market products. But we aren’t the only ones on a mission to help Makers.

    Shannon Whitehead is the Founder of Factory45, a new accelerator program that gives independent makers the resources to start sustainable businesses in the USA.

    I was lucky enough to interview Shannon and learn more about this new initiative, what she see’s in the Maker landscape and why she felt compelled to start Factory45.

    startup accelerator - Made in the USA

    What is your background? How did you get into being a sustainable clothing consultant?

    In 2010 I co-founded {r}evolution apparel, a sustainable clothing company for female travelers and minimalists. We launched a Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2011 for our signature piece, the Versalette, one garment that can be worn over 20 different ways. We became the highest-funded fashion project in Kickstarter history at that time and were featured in The New York Times, Forbes.com, WSJ.com and Yahoo! News.

    In the beginning of 2013, I started a small consulting company to help other designers and sustainable apparel brands launch and grow their own businesses. Realizing that I most enjoy working with startups, I launched an accelerator program at the beginning of April called Factory45. Starting on June 2nd, I’ll be working with 10 people, for six months, to launch sustainable businesses in the USA. (Applications are open now until April 28, 2014.)

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