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  • Meet the Maker Podcast: Elena Favilli of Timbuktu Labs

    hireslifestyle_Still_TimbuktuLabsTimbuktu Labs is a media company creating interactive apps, games, and educational materials for kids. 100 Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is their latest and most celebrated hit as it highlights historic and contemporary women who have left their mark on the world with rich storytelling and beautiful pieces of art from dozens of female artists.

    On this episode, Elena Favilli — the CEO of Timbuktu Labs and the co-author of 100 Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls — and I discuss the inspiration of the book, the preparation for a massive success on Kickstarter, and how their work and this book have become more important in the current political climate.

    Francesca Cavallo e Elena Favilli di timbuktu.me fotografate a "The Hub", Milano, 11/11/11


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  • Meet the Maker Podcast - Gavin Armstrong of Lucky Iron Fish

    Commenter_LuckyIronFishGavin Armstrong is the CEO of Lucky Iron Fish, a certified b-corps making actual iron fish that you can drop in a pot of soup or cup of tea to get 75% of your daily iron intake. For every Lucky Iron Fish purchased, one is donated to a family suffering from iron deficiencies - an initiative that began in Cambodia and is now being spread worldwide.

    Gavin talks about his experience working in impoverished countries and his passion for sustainable businesses leaving a global impact. He also discusses the challenges that come with running a business with such a mission and what he sees as the future of Lucky Iron Fish.


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  • Meet the Maker Podcast: Will Carswell of Zen Art Puzzles

    commenter_zenWhen you think of puzzles, you think of 1,000 pieces, finding the corners, and taking hours to complete it. Zen Art Puzzles buck the traditional stereotypes. Each puzzle is laser cut from premium birchwood here in America. They're just a few hundred pieces and you can try to find the corner pieces, but there may be six of them. With piece designs ranging from traditional jigsaw to moose silhouette, Zen Art puzzles give you an imaginative way to relax.

    Will Carswell, one of 23 puzzle makers in the U.S. talks about the intricacies of each puzzle and the care he and his company put into each piece of his business from manufacturing in America to using eco-friendly materials for each product.


    To learn more about Zen Art Puzzles and to purchase, click here.

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  • Maker Update: Bombas Socks

    Maker Update: Bombass Socks

    Socks are the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. When Dave Heath and Randy Goldberg learned this startling fact, they knew they needed to take action. They founded Bombas Socks, a social business that donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter or disaster-stricken area for each pair purchased.

    Maker Update: Bombass Socks

    When we launched Bombas on The Grommet 12 months ago, they had donated socks to 45,000 people. Today, that number is over 275,000. And Bombas now works with 58 charitable partners around the globe, so the impact will keep growing.

    We all put our socks on one foot at a time, but Bombas adds some meaning to the routine. Remember, your purchases can (and do) shape our world.

    To learn more about Bombas watch our video here.

    Learn more about the impact of your support and read recent updates from the Makers of Lifestraw and Pebble.  

  • Calling All American Makers

    Here at The Grommet we support American Makers and launch many Made in the USA products throughout the year. So when we heard about this year's American Made Program with Martha Stewart, we knew it was something we should share. Are you an American Maker? If so, this program might just be for you.
    Martha Stewart's American Made Program spotlights the Maker, supports the local, and celebrates the handmade. Through the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards, Martha, her panel of judges, and the American Made community are selecting the next generation of American Made entrepreneurs, those who are creating beautiful, inspiring, useful products; pioneering new industries; improving local communities; and changing the way we eat, shop, work, and live.
    The American Made Awards recognize ingenuity and excellence in the fields of crafts, design, food, and style. Prizes include a trip for two to New York City, a spot in our American Made Market, an opportunity to be featured in Martha Stewart Living, $10,000 to grow your business, and much more!
    To submit a nomination for your small business, to recommend your favorite Maker, or to get involved in the community, visit  www.marthastewart.com/americanmade.

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