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These unique Mother's Day Gifts will delight any mom. We have rounded up the best ideas for Mom this year.

  • 9 Thoughtful Gifts for Grandma

    Help make Grandma feel extra special with a thoughtful Mother's Day gift. We know that finding Grandmother gifts can be challenging–but don't worry, we've done all of the hard work for you. We've rounded up nine gift ideas that will put a big smile on her face.

    Fiat Luxe
    Like a soap and washcloth all in one, Fiat Luxe is wrapped in colorful wool felt for a lovely marbled look and gentle exfoliating feel. The soap is handmade in the USA using only natural ingredients and generously scented with botanically derived essential oils for a lovely aroma from the first wash to the last. Grandma will love using this felted soap and it looks beautiful displayed on the bathroom counter.
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    PJ Harlow
      These perfect spa-like clothing separates will take Grandma through the evening and into the night. The pieces are structured enough to work as a legitimate outfit if a neighbor knocks on the door after dinner, and they’re loose enough to keep her comfortable when she curl up on the couch to read a book or watch TV.
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    The Vintage Pearl

    Grandmoms can show that their loved ones are always close to their heart, with these handcrafted necklaces. Meant to be personal, these necklaces can be customized to reflect how many grandkids are in her family.
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  • Grandmother Gifts Sure to Delight

    Finding Grandmother gifts can be challenging. But don't worry, we've done all of the hard work for you. These Grandmother gift ideas are sure to delight that special lady in your life.

    Grandmother Gifts - Coin Laundry Kitchen Towels

    The Coin Laundry

    From a Montana-based company called The Coin Laundry comes an assortment of towels that absorbs whatever Grandma dishes out while adding a touch of 1950s retro-style to her kitchen, bathroom, or bar.   Shop Now


    Grandmother Gifts - Sweet Jules Caramels

    Sweet Jules Caramels

    These specialty caramels made with only the best natural ingredients sourced from around the world. Grandma wont want to share these silky-soft and buttery caramels -- but she shouldn't have to after all.  Shop Now

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  • Best Gifts for a New Mom

    If you're searching for gifts for a new mom, you're in the right place. We have gathered the most unique gifts for her -- from personal to practical, these gifts will make any new mom feel special.

    Gifts for a New Mom | Initial Pendant


    Olive Yew Jewels

    These necklaces are petite and simple. Handmade in Charlotte, North Carolina, these initial pendants are a thoughtful gift for a new mom. Personalize with your choice of metal (we're loving the rose gold) and initial of the new little one and you have a truly special gift. Shop Now


    Unique Gifts for a New Mom


    Lalabu is a stylish top for mom, a cozy pouch for baby, and a nursing bra all in one. Manufactured in the USA from imported fabrics, the Soothe Shirt provides all the intimacy of a wrap without the complexity. Any new mom would appreciate this top. Shop Now


    Thoughtful Gifts for a New Mom

    Treasured Passages

    This gift will encourage a new mom to share their  wildest dreams as a child, favorite holiday meals and more. Treasured Passages’ Mother Daughter Letter Book is a guided scrapbook, filled with prompts that will help a new mom share memories with future generations. Shop Now

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  • 60 Gifts for Mom

    Do you need a gift idea for mom? Is she tough to please? A stickler for style? Wow the most discerning women in your life with our handpicked gift ideas.


    Best gifts for mom

    Here are some of our favorite gifts for Mom:

    Joolz Hayworth Bracelets, thinksound earbuds, Gluggle Jug, Jade Harmony Yoga Mats, Kabloom Flowers, Lifestyle Crafts Letter Press.

    See all 60 of our favorite presents for women here.

  • Mother's Day Story No. 2

    I just received this email from Daily Grommet customer, and friend, Nancy and it cracked me up:
    "I sent my mother a Smith Island cake for Mother's Day. Her reaction was hilariously near hysteria. I never knew this, but in 1973 my parents had lined up a week's vacation on Smith Island at a local's house. The deal was that Smith Island families put up visitors for a week and cooked for them--an early version of a B&B, I guess. They had finalized their reservation and the hosting couple had bought all the food--and then my dad had to go Detroit because Ford wanted to transfer him. My mom had to cancel the reservation.

    The woman hit the ceiling! She said that my parents would never be allowed to land on the island if they ever came back. My mom said that if that woman was still on the island and found out that cake was going to her, she would have stopped the shipment--or stepped on the cake before it went into the box!

    The funny thing is that I never knew my parents had lined up this trip. It was to be a get-away just for the two of them. I was in high school at the time, and I certainly remember Ford telling my Dad they wanted him to transfer, but I have no recollection of a cancelled trip to anywhere called Smith Island.

    My mom told the story to all her friends on the Isle of Palms, beginning with the preface "Nancy has a friend who has this company called Daily Grommet, and they feature one product a day. . ." So you got some publicity down there!"

    Thanks to Nancy and her Mom for sharing this crazy bit of serendipity in our mutual lives.

  • Mother's Day--Story No. 1

    A man I recently met asked me for a killer Mother's Day gift idea--he wanted something truly special for his wife.  After a few "research" questions, I pointed him to the Liquid Metal bracelet.

    I was delighted to receive this enthusiastic email this morning.

    This is my post-mother’s day huge “thank you”. My wife is a terrible liar. So, if she didn’t love your pick I would’ve known immediately. She LOVED it. She has never in the history of my gift-giving put something I gave her on right away - see my covert photo of her mother’s day afternoon nap (attached).

    I received some wonderful gifts from my three sons this year, but found myself equally delighted to play a tiny role in another woman's Mother's Day.  Her husband is the real hero, though, for caring as much as he did about her response.

  • Parents of Teens - You're Empowered!

    Mothers Day is on our doorstep, and the "You're Empowered! Parenting Teens with Conviction, Communication and Love" audiobook for parents of teenagers will make a wonderful gift for a mom you know. Sue Blaney is an award-winning author and speaker who specializes in supporting parents in successfully raising teenagers. Access the extensive free resources, articles, e-book, podcasts and more at www.PleaseStoptheRollercoaster.com.

    Sue offered to share a quick parenting tip for us. Click the audio link to listen in: Audio Tip from Sue Blaney 

    You say on the jacket “The secret to raising teens is communication.” Why do you say this?

    If parents and teens can talk, they can work through any issue they will face. And it is perfectly natural for communication to get difficult at times between parents and teens because teens are seeking independence and power all as a part of their natural development. This can be a confusing time; parents can benefit from learning some new approaches.

    What kind of information are parents looking for?

    Parents’ usually have three questions: 1.)What is “normal” teen behavior? 2.) Am I doing this right… and what are the “rules”? And 3.) How can I keep my teen safe from risky behavior? These questions provide the context for this three hour audio program.

    What will parents get out of the program? Give an example

    One point that resonates with readers is what I call the “70% solution.” It says “If you and your teen’s combined effort toward a common goal equals 100%, you need to be prepared to make 70% of the effort.” The program is full of concrete points that provide helpful insight about their teens’ behavior and about the small actions parents can take that will positively impact their relationship.

    Specifically, parents will learn what the three common communication mistakes are and how to avoid them, what matters most in keeping their kids safe from risky behavior, why tuning into their teen’s feelings is vitally important, and what words work against good communication.

    Why is this in audio-book format?

    Parents are incredibly busy today, and to be able to listen in the car or at the gym is really time-efficient. The workbook that accompanies the audio makes it easy to review the points later and access additional tips.

    Is there a type of parent for whom this program is most appropriate? What is the age range for the teens you talk about?

    I find parents of teens have a lot in common and one thing they really appreciate is to learn they are not alone! Hearing stories from other parents, like the ones shared in this audiobook really resonate with most parents with kids from 12 - 18.

    How did you come to develop this?

    My expertise is in communications, which provides a specific, and unique, perspective. I have developed a parent discussion group program (Please Stop the Rollercoaster! How Parents of Teenagers Can Smooth Out the Ride) that is being used in living rooms, schools, churches and synagogues across the country… but I’ve observed that not everyone has the time to be in a discussion group. This audiobook is for parents who want to invest in their relationship and are open to learning new approaches, but who are short on time. I try to communicate efficiently to make the material time -efficient for busy parents, and of course we also focus on enhancing parent-teen communication.

    What kind of response have you gotten on this audiobook?

    Not only did it receive a Mom’s Choice Award for excellence, it also won a Ben Franklin Award for best audiobook. But, awards aside, what is most rewarding for me is when I hear from parents directly. And many parents of teenagers tell me they really related to the stories and understood their teenagers better after hearing about things like the “growth and development factors” and the “invisible motivators” that drive teens’ behavior. Parents who have listened to this audio program are very enthusiastic about it!

    Thanks so much, Sue!

    Sue has graciously offered to give one of her audiobooks to one of our lucky readers. Leave a comment for a chance to win!

    General contest rules: To enter, you must be a U. S. resident, and at least 18 years of age and you must leave a comment or question on today’s post. No purchase necessary. The winner will be randomly selected and will receive a win a copy of You're Empowered! Parenting Teens with Conviction, Communication and Love . Employees, contractors, and the families of employees and contractors of Daily Grommet, Inc. are not eligible to enter. You are not eligible to win if you have received a prize or giveaway from Daily Grommet in the last six months. Void where prohibited. Contest will run from 8:00 am EST May 4thth through 10:00 pm EST May 4th, 2010.

  • Mother's Day Grommet Gift Guide

    Mother's Day is fast approaching (well, I'm not sure if it's actually approaching any faster than normal, but it sure feels like it is!). If you want to avoid that last-minute rush to find something great for the Mom in your life, take a look at the special Grommets we're featuring in our Mother's Day gift guide:

    The Coin Laundry

    These hand printed flour sack towels  look great and absorb well. From a Montana-based company called The Coin Laundry comes an assortment of towels that absorbs whatever Mom dishes out while adding a touch of 1950s retro-style to any kitchen, bathroom, or bar. Shop Now

    Mother's Day Gift Guide | GIR

    Get It Right Spatulas

    It’s hard to believe Mom could fall in love with a utensil...But GIR Spatulas won the hearts of our testers and we think they’ll win hers too. Designer Samantha Rose decided it was time to serve up a new spatula and we think you're mom will love using this in the kitchen. Shop Now

    Mother's Day Gift Guide | Card Cubby

    Card Cubby

    Gift cards and their brethren (reward cards, loyalty cards, rebate cards) are often tucked into forgotten side pockets of wallets or tossed around with the spare change at the bottom of a purse.  With Card Cubby, Mom can keep these cards close at hand, alphabetized, organized and ready to go. Shop Now

    Felted Soap | Mother's Day Gift Guide


    Fiat Luxe

    Like a soap and washcloth all in one, Fiat Luxe is wrapped in colorful wool felt for a lovely marbled look and gentle exfoliating feel. The soap is handmade in the USA using only natural ingredients and generously scented with botanically-derived essential oils for a lovely aroma from the first wash to the last. Mom will love it. Shop Now

    Mothers Day Gifts

    Goodnite Shirt

    The Goodnite Shirt is a super soft shirt, so comfy Mom might never want take it off. Made from bamboo and cotton, the fabric mix is breathable and absorbent, making it perfect for sleeping. The shirt has the roomy, broken-in feel of a favorite T- shirt, but with a more flattering fit, hitting above the knee. Shop Now

    Looking for more gifts ideas for mom? Check out more unique gifts for her.

    Mother's Day Gift Guide | The Grommet

  • What Mother's Day means to me

    Mother's Day is right around the corner, and today's Grommet, Animoto,  makes a "wow" kind of last-minute gift for Mom, Nana,  or Grammy!  We invited our dear friend Angella to share what Mother's Day means to her.  Let us know what it means to you, too.

    What Mother's Day means to me

    By Angella Dykstra of Dutch Blitz

    Mother's Day GiftFor as long as I can remember, I always knew that I wanted to be a Mom. I had a doll that I held in the crook of my arm who appears in nearly every photo of me between the ages of two and five. I am the eldest child of two girls, and would often (s)mother my baby sister more that she could handle.

    The reasons I chose my career as an accountant are twofold. 1. I find that it comes naturally to me, as well as challenging my intellect. I need this. 2. I knew working in this field would give me the flexibility to stay home more often when my (future) children were small.

    I come from a circle of friends that were married/engaged in their early twenties. In hindsight I find it quite humorous, but at the age of twenty-four I was convinced that I would spend the rest of my days single and alone. Possibly surrounded by a dozen or so cats.

    Within the year I met and married the man I get to (I get to!) call my husband. Fast forward nine years and we have three of the most phenomenal children that this world has ever seen. You really have no idea.

    There are many times in a day where I will sit back and look at these creatures. They are flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones. And yet, they are also these fantastically unique human beings who amaze me daily with their very being.

    Because of them, my life is fuller in every sense of the word. I smile wider, I laugh harder, I love greater than I ever thought possible.

    This is all because I get to (I get to!) be referred to as "Mom."

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