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  • A Decade of Discovery: The Grommet Turns 10

    It started, as innovation often does, with frustration. Sitting in the boardrooms of Stride Rite and Keds, Jules and Joanne grew discontent as new, unique products were swept aside in favor of iterations of last year's best sellers. They grew tired of watching small businesses play on an uneven playing field.

    They decided to change it.

    In the time since The Grommet — or rather Daily Grommet — launched in 2008, the landscape of product creation has aptly reinvented itself. Kickstarter became common vernacular, 3D printing is now accessible at libraries around the country. It's never been easier to bring a product to life.

    Years ago we set a goal. By 2020, 10% of all products flowing through the U.S. would originate from small-scale businesses. Consumer purchases represent 65% of the American economy. What we buy is a powerful step in achieving that goal and changing how we discover, share, and ultimately, purchase products.

    It's a tough goal to track. But 3,000+ products, 1,000 Ace Hardware displays, and 15,000 Main St. Retail partners nationwide goes a long way in evening the playing field.

    This is how we got here. We still have a ways to go.


  • Ace Hardware Has Acquired a Majority Stake in The Grommet

    In November, we placed Grommet displays in 250 Ace Hardware stores throughout the country. Since then, our partnership with Ace has expanded, strengthened, and, as of this morning, officially reached new heights.

    Ace Hardware and The Grommet share a deep heritage of helping local businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. Our values are uncannily aligned. We're even named after a piece of hardware. As our CEO Jules Pieri said, there is clearly some destiny at work here.

    This is exciting for seemingly limitless reasons. The most fundamental of which is they're allowing us to be ourselves and double down on our mission of helping small-scale Makers succeed like never before.

    There are few companies as dedicated to the success of small and local businesses as Ace Hardware. That's been their mission for the last 93 years and we have no doubt it will only strengthen over the next 93. And no one is in a better position to help us with our own mission of growing the businesses of our Makers and Retailers than Ace Hardware.

    To all of our Makers, Retailers, and supporters: thank you.

    Help spread the word! Check out the release & share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn!

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