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  • 7 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

    After being cooped up all winter, what's a better way to get ready for summer than the difficult but soul-cleansing ritual of spring cleaning? For anyone like us who looked around and audibly gulped at the amount of house prep you need to tackle before the dog days of summer comes 'round, have no fear!  We know just how to help make the spring cleaning ritual a little easier.


    spring cleaning tips: Glider magnetic window cleaner

    Glider -Magnetic Window Cleaner

    When you open your windows to let that fresh spring air in, you’ll probably realize how gross they are. With Glider, you can clean the outside of your windows from the inside. Super strong earth magnets connect two sides of the cleaner through a window pane making the job of window washing a painless experience.

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  • 7 Back-to-School, Get-Your-Act-Together Grommets

    Upgrade your organization from the dorm room to the classroom all semester long with these de-cluttering Grommets.


    1. Lay-n-Go Makeup Case

    Tired of an annoying cleanup after you're finished putting on your makeup? This quilted, water resistant cosmetics mat allows you to see and spread out everything that's in your makeup bag without actually taking it out. It then cinches closed into a travel-ready clutch.

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  • 10 Must-Have Items to Declutter Your Life

    Most of us could use a little order in our lives. Everything from our kitchen counters to office desks can quickly turn from neatly arranged to tornado aftermath before you know it. To avoid such disaster, here are two handfuls of products designed to provide some much needed structure.

    For life organization, let’s start with your person. If you're a guy you’re probably stowing keys in your front pocket and I bet they’re bulky and uncomfortable. For the ladies, maybe they're at the bottom of the endless abyss you call a purse. In either case, instead of a jumbled, stabbing mess of pointy metal jingling as you walk, put your keys in their place with KeySmart (from $19.95). Holding 6-10 keys systematically, it’s slim, sleek, and yes, smart.


    There are millions of disorganized closets nationwide and if you listen carefully, they’re begging for Xangar ($19.95). Xangar hanger spacers separate your clothes to shorten time spent looking for the perfect shirt, prevent wrinkling and as a result, cut down dry cleaning costs.


    Ladies, if you’ve got boots or handbags flopped over, losing shape and taking up unnecessary space, stand them up with INNIES (from $19.95). These quilted boot and handbag stuffers are made in the USA and prolong the lives of your fashion staples.


    Phones, laptops, and tablets turn desks, tables, and counters into a wire jungle requiring a machete to hack through the mess to see which charger belongs where. Now, you can tidy up the cord chaos with Cord Buddy (from $16.95). These weighted, magnetized organizers keep your cords securely out of the way and in one place and double as a paper weight.


    Controlling your cords and devices at home or in the office is a great start, but taking them on the road is another story. When traveling, manage your electronics and the stress that comes with such a task, with Cocoon GRID-IT! (from $14.95). Don't be the person scraping the bottom of your bag or suitcase for your USB cord as you're about to board a flight, secure everything from in the rubberized woven web.


    No one likes cleaning out cabinets, freezers, or refrigerators. It just devolves into you repeatedly exclaiming “Why do I still have this?!” Never ask that question with Frego ($17.95). The shatter-resistant glass and silicone coated food containers take your food from table to fridge to freezer to oven in any order. No more separate containers, Frego does it all.


    Wall art is nice, but not practical. Urbio (from $21.95) is the exception to the rule. These magnetic wall organizers keep papers, magazines, and household accessories handy, but they were originally designed to let you grow herbs and plants in your home. Thanks to Urbio, you can arrange your odds and ends into a work of art.

    Children are our future and an endless reminder that life is precious. They're also mess-making machines so if you or someone you know has children, get a Lay-n-Go (from $24.95). A child’s toy collection grows exponentially every year as does the time it takes to clean them up. Lay-n-Go created an activity mat (and a travel cosmetic bag for growing makeup collections) for all those toys that, at the end of the day, makes clean up a cinch, literally. You pull a drawstring then cinch it with the cord lock. End of cleanup.


    Apartment dwellers know this more than most: storage space is sacred. Especially when you have a bike. Clug ($24.95) designed a minimalistic way to keep your velocipede in place and out of the way. Install it with two screws and the world’s smallest bike rack will hold everything from skinny street bikes to fixie tires. Don’t live in an apartment? Don’t worry; Clug is perfect for a garage or shed, too.


    The idea of a robot hanging on your wall as a shelf is crazy. And by ‘crazy’ we mean ‘the perfect way to add personality and storage to your home décor.’ Handcrafted in the U.S. from sustainable pine, DIYShelf (from $119.95) Shelfbots can be assembled for you or you can, aptly, DIY. Either way, these bots are a whimsical way to whip your home into shape.

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