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  • Celebrate Giving Tuesday with These Innovative Charities

    At The Grommet, we are always on the lookout for innovation and that includes in the nonprofit space. Tackling global and local challenges with novel approaches, these philanthropies are helping those in need.

    Community Servings - Nutritious Meals for Those in Need

    Community Servings makes nutritious, home-cooked meals for people with serious illnesses and their families—while also fueling the greater good.

    They make all of their meals from scratch using local produce and herbs, tailoring each meal to a specific patient’s needs so that it provides important nutrients recommended by his or her doctor. For a family facing a terminal or serious health crisis, these meals offer a sense of comfort and care from the community.

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  • The Shoe That Grows

    A shoe that grows with a child isn’t just innovative. It’s life changing.

    Over 300 million children worldwide don’t own a pair of shoes, often because they’re in poverty. They walk unprotected against everyday hazards like inclement weather and sharp objects. Worse, if they’re living in an area with poor sanitation and improper hygiene, they’re vulnerable to the soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that afflict two billion people every year.


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  • Strong Women Building Strong Girls

    Recently, I've been thinking more and more about the considerable work that still needs to be done in the fight for women's equality.

    On February 7th, we launched ‘100 Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’ from the brilliant Timbuktu Labs. As the title suggests, the book dispatches with the tired princess in a castle fairy tale and instead tells the stories of 100 real women whose tales have been even more fantastic–who didn’t need knights in shining armor to make them happen.


    That afternoon, a video message from Hillary Clinton produced by MAKERS, the storytelling platform for women by women, hit my Twitter feed. She encouraged her audience to ‘dare greatly and lead boldly.’ It was Clinton’s first real public appearance since the election and an echo of her message to the nation’s female youth during her concession.

    “To all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams."

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