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  • Celebrate Giving Tuesday with These Innovative Charities

    At The Grommet, we are always on the lookout for innovation and that includes in the nonprofit space. Tackling global and local challenges with novel approaches, these philanthropies are helping those in need.

    Community Servings - Nutritious Meals for Those in Need

    Community Servings makes nutritious, home-cooked meals for people with serious illnesses and their families—while also fueling the greater good.

    They make all of their meals from scratch using local produce and herbs, tailoring each meal to a specific patient’s needs so that it provides important nutrients recommended by his or her doctor. For a family facing a terminal or serious health crisis, these meals offer a sense of comfort and care from the community.

    Donate Now


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  • 7 Grommets Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

    Around the world, October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer organizations lead campaigns, walks, and donation efforts to increase awareness and raise funds for research, prevention, treatments, and, ultimately, a cure.

    One of those important organizations is The Keep a Breadt Foundation.

    The Keep A Breast Foundation


    The Keep A Breast Foundation uses multiple digital and artistic approaches to educate and support a younger audience—who often aren’t specifically targeted by breast cancer charities.

    This charity meets millennials and Gen Z on their own turf, at music festivals and art events worldwide. Interactive displays, educational materials, and an approachable style help them engage women and men, and they learn more about their bodies and how to take care of them.

    Donate Here

    Now to the Makers and their products that are doing good this month, too.

    Here are six companies supporting breast cancer awareness month. Discover the products you can buy that help to support breast cancer organizations.

    1. Wink

    For every purchase, Wink donates a “Feeling Beautiful Again” bags to a cancer warrior through the Breast Cancer Charities of America. This helps regrow the lashes or brows of patients who have lost them through chemotherapy.

    Buy Now: $40

    2. Cuchina Safe

    Cuchina Safe was created in response to Maker Susan Castriota's own breast cancer diagnosis. Her daughter informed her that plastic microwave can be hazardous so Susan created her own durable, safer designs. The lids are made with strong, non-porous borosilicate glass. It won’t hold on to odors, stains, or bacteria like plastics can. Susan is in the Survivors Circle for BCRF (Este Lauder). Every October, she gives 5% of sale proceeds to the foundation.

    Buy Now: $29.95

    3. Chocamo

    The already delicious cookie cups are even tastier knowing that they are also supporting a great cause. With their new pink lemonade flavor, ChocAmo will donate 10% of the proceeds of their Pink Lemonade flavor to Wish Upon A Wedding, a nonprofit that grants renewal vows and weddings to couples facing serious, life-altering, and terminal illnesses.

    Buy Now: $14.95

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  • Shatter the Stigma of Mental Illness

    Jennifer Marshall doesn’t want talking about mental illness to be brave. She wants it to be talking.

    Jennifer is the co-founder of This is My Brave. If you want a brilliant definition of the stigma engulfing discussions around mental illness, watch her TEDx talk. The stigma, she describes, draws its power from silence, from a fear of speaking out and being seen as weak. When one in five people in a given year lives with a diagnosable mental illness, that silence impacts tens of millions.

    To destigmatize mental illness and create empathy, this nonprofit gives people the forum to share their stories through music, comedy, and writing. They’re building a dialogue and creating hope.

    This is My Brave encourages those millions to stand up and provides a stage for those impacted by mental illness to shatter the stigma. They produce live performances of song, poetry, and spoken word around the world.

    If you have the chance to see a This is My Brave show, you should do it. To see teenagers and war vets, friends and single moms openly talk about their experiences will move you, shed light on a topic often left in darkness, and introduce you to a vibrant, open community. The more people join together to experience these stories, the less power stigma has.

    You can be part of that community right now. You can help organize a show near you, you can see past performances, you can share your own story on their blog. Storytelling sparks conversations which create connections. As This is My Brave sees it, storytelling saves lives. That could be a friend’s life, a family member’s life, or your life.https://thisismybrave.org/host-a-mini-show/ Continue Reading

  • The Shoe That Grows

    A shoe that grows with a child isn’t just innovative. It’s life changing.

    Over 300 million children worldwide don’t own a pair of shoes, often because they’re in poverty. They walk unprotected against everyday hazards like inclement weather and sharp objects. Worse, if they’re living in an area with poor sanitation and improper hygiene, they’re vulnerable to the soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that afflict two billion people every year.


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  • Gifts That Give Back

    Here at The Grommet, we tell the stories of Makers who have created innovative, new products. Non-profit businesses can be just as innovative as any other. When we discover a philanthropy with a novel approach to bettering the world, we share their story and invite our community to support them.

    This year marks the fourth anniversary of Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving. We’ve put together a list of nonprofits that we admire. The collective power of generosity can bring about real change -- help make an impact today by supporting a cause that is important to you.


    Build motivates at-risk students by teaching them to create and run their own businesses. They become engaged in learning—as proven by falling dropout rates and increased numbers accepted to college. Donate Now


    Intrepid Fallen Heroes
    Honor our veterans by supporting the Intrepid Fallen Heroes fund. This charity provides wounded veterans with needed care for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and psychological health conditions. Donate Now Continue Reading

  • Make a Difference in Nepal


    On April 25, the Nepal earthquake took the lives of several thousand and displaced hundreds of thousands more in the region. This past week, another earthquake hit Nepal further damaging the area and complicating relief efforts for this tragedy, which remain constant as those affected work to rebuild their lives.

    Seven Grommet Makers work in or source from Nepal and neighboring countries. While thankfully none were among the casualties, some saw their homes destroyed and all of them are in the process of helping their country cope.

    For the next week, The Grommet will be donating proceeds from the sales of these products (below), to Nepal relief funds to help in their efforts.


    Lollycadoodle creates cat caves and pet mats sourced and made in Nepal by local artisans at a fair trade facility. All products are made of renewable, naturally breathable and insulating wool that are water and dirt-resistant. They keep your pet warm in the winter months while maintaining body temperature and minimizing odor in the summer. Shop now


    VideoStillV2_PilgrimWaterScarves Continue Reading

  • Philanthropies Providing Digital Literacy for All

    Every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we here at The Grommet take a break from launching products. Instead, we spotlight organizations we feel adhere to our idea of giving differently. If you have one last gift to give, let it be to those who aim to help others.


    Code.org - “Forming the next pillar of America’s education system.”

    Kids Thrive with Coding and Computer Science

    Throughout the United States there has been a visible decrease in the availability of computer science courses for young students. Meanwhile, computers increasingly integrate into our daily existence. The disconnect leaves the U.S. education system behind one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the world. Code.org aims to remedy that.

    Hadi and Ali Partovi, who grew up in post-revolutionary Iran, founded Code.org in 2013. The twins were of the lucky few with access to a Commodore 64 in their youth. Upon moving to America as teenagers, they used their self-taught programming skills to pay their college tuition, found separate startups and eventually create Code.org.

    A donation to Code.org provides in-person computer science training for teachers and helps build computer science curriculums for schools around the country. Code.org’s goal is improving education for 100 million students. You can give the next generation the necessary tools to thrive in our tech-driven society.

    Donate: www.code.org/donate

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  • Philanthropies Helping Others Reach New Heights

    Every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we here at The Grommet take a break from launching products. Instead, we spotlight organizations we feel adhere to our idea of giving differently. If you have one last gift to give, let it be to those who aim to help others.


    Venture for America – “Helps the next generation of entrepreneurs realize their potential, which will revitalize struggling cities.”

    Startup Fellowship Program Igniting Entrepreneurship

    Andrew Yang believes you learn by doing and surrounding yourself with those who have done is the best way to do that. That’s why he founded Venture for America, a non-profit that mentors recent college grads in cities with budding entrepreneurial base like Detroit and New Orleans and aims to bolster it with the idea that anyone can transform their ideas into a business-worthy reality.

    The two-year fellowship allows grads to learn how to grow companies and become successful entrepreneurs through apprenticeships with experienced entrepreneurs who offer a wealth of knowledge. It instills in fellows the important belief, “If they can do it, maybe I can, too.”

    Venture for America has given over 200 budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to realize their potential in dozens of cities across America and their plan is to keep growing. We here at The Grommet especially understand this mission as we give independent Makers a chance to realize their potential every day.

    Donate: http://ventureforamerica.org/support-vfa/donate/

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  • Get Involved with #GivingTuesday

    Giving Tuesday

    You've heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but have you head about #GivingTuesday? Giving Tuesday is a movement to create a global day of giving at the beginning of the holiday season. In its first year (2012), it activated over 2,500 partners and increased online giving by 50%.

    Our friends over at Indiegogo have let us know about a cool initiative they are doing to help you join in on #GivingTuesday.  They're on a mission to empower individuals, nonprofits, social innovators, families, and communities to increase awareness for causes they care about, mobilize a broader base of supporters, and drive real results -- and that's something we want to help support.

    Take a minute and learn how you can get involved. Head on over to Indiegogo to learn more and kick off your #GivingTuesday campaign while you're there! 

    More info here.

  • Dreaming of pink lobsters

    Once a Grommet partner has successfully launched on Daily Grommet, it doesn't mean that our relationship ends there. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We work with our partners every day to amplify their story, we bump into them in the wild, and we're eager to hear about new stuff they're up to.

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