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The Best Board Games to Play When You're Stuck Indoors

Searching for the best board games can be overwhelming. If you've ever found yourself browsing aisle, after aisle of endless boxes that claim to be the answer to your family's indoor boredom -- this post is for you. When the cold weather hits, family games can be a great pastime and here at The Grommet, we've found the best board games for you to try. Grommet tested, family approved (plus we're giving you a chance to WIN one).

Best Board Games

Squashed - Easy to learn and fun for people of all ages from 6 year olds to grown ups, Squashed was created by Nick Metzler to encourage players to think in three dimensions, strategically positioning themselves to squash their opponents and to avoid getting squashed along the way.

Colorku - This game uses wooden marbles instead of numbers to solve puzzles. Like Sudoku, the object of ColorKu is to fill a 9x9 grid so that every row and column has nine different colored marbles with no repeats, and each 3x3 grid also has nine different colored marbles with no repeats. The marbles make it easy for players to move the colors around, trying different combinations without constantly erasing.

Tenzi - It’s not often a new game can be described in just 20 words, but TENZI can: Each player gets 10 dice. The first player who rolls all 10 on the same number and yells “TENZI” wins.

Gigamic Games - Spatial thinking and tactical decision-making are put to the test in board games from Gigamic. The Gires brothers (Jean-Christoph on left & Stephane) have been making games since the 1970s, and they have stayed true to the original Gigamic mission of creating games and puzzles that are engaging and thought provoking, not mindless entertainment.

Show me the Kwan! - From a company called Griddly Games comes a fast-paced word game you don’t have to be a spelling bee champion to enjoy. It’s called Show Me the Kwan and it’s as easy to learn as it is fun to play for people of all ages from 8 year olds to grown ups.

What board game do you think your family would most enjoy? Leave a comment telling us below. We'll select three winners and send them the Grommet game of their choice. Good luck!

General contest rules: To enter, you must be a U.S. resident and at least 18 years of age. You must leave a comment on this post. No purchase necessary. Winner will be randomly selected and notified via email. Employees, contractors, and the families of employees and contractors of The Grommet  are not eligible to enter. Void where prohibited. Contest will end January 23, 2014 at 11 pm PST.



  • Craig Says:

    Cards Against Humanity: funny, creative, and engaging.

  • Catherine Says:

    My family loves tenzi. They liked it so much that I got each a game of their own because they live in different places. I would like to suggest that in addition to the Tenzi game itself for 4 people you may want to care the one for 6 people. Also there is an accessorie that is "42 Ways to Play Tenzi" All I can say is its great.

  • Laura Says:

    Squashed looks like super fun. My 5-year-old saw the video clip and asked for the game. I think the fact that play time is short, that it's strategy based, and that it looks like a lot of fun squashing all the pieces, makes this the perfect choice for us!

  • Michelle Says:

    We have 4 children, actually they aren't SO young anymore, ranging in age from 22 to 13. We all love to play board games...when vacationing in Northern Michigan or during the latest polar vortex. The colorku game looks exactly like one we would all enjoy!

  • frank Says:

    Tenzi is probably the most universal game for my family since the age range is so broad and it is so easy to learn. Simple games tend to be very enjoyable.

  • Lynda Says:

    My husband and I recently took a beach vacation and spent more time together and more time talking than we usually get to. We vowed to watch less silly TV and do more talking. I think playing games together will be a great way to spend time. Would love to have Squashed.

  • Theresa Says:

    My family would enjoy playing Show me the Kwan.

  • Michele Says:

    OMG! Tenzie was a stocking stuffer this Christmas. Everyone wanted to play from 6 to 86! What an easy game to learn! Everyone loved it!

  • Mary Says:

    My daughter (31 years old) won't get together if there isn't going to be games played. The harder the better. She is always on the lookout for a new, exciting game to play. Luckily her husband is "game" too, not that we all have a choice, really. I'm thinking of ordering Squashed, to keep on hand for when she visits.

  • Linda Says:

    I say you market the bunch of them as a package of games for those who can't decide.

  • Judy Says:

    Colorku looks like a perfect game to play with my mentee at middle school. We meet once a week!

  • Eve Says:

    I think Tennis would be great for all ages! Especially when we are all at the lake and at Holidays!

  • Donna Says:

    I love games and love sharing them with family and friends.Kwan sounds perfect for all groups and ages.

  • Rella Says:

    Colorku would be a great game to challenge my family on game night! Tensi is already a go to game for us on game night.

  • Tom Says:

    I would love the game Squashed. Wit the guys fishing on out trips sounds competitive enough with that thinking part to squash the other one!

  • Linda Says:

    I bought Tenzi from Grommet and it is great. I think next we would like to try Squashed. We love games!

  • Beth Says:

    I love word games so I think Show me the Kwan would be a good choice.

  • EVE Says:

    Sorry! That auto spell has a mind of it's own...even after you proof read!

  • Karen Says:

    Since I love word games, Show me the Kwan looks fantastic and lots of fun!

  • Judith Says:

    My grandchildren are always challenging us to show our brain power. SQUASHED IS JUST THE TICKET FOR SUCCESS!!! We purchased TENZI from the Grommet when it first was featured and the children were amazed I had a game they did not know about...........YAY FOR ME!!!

  • Judi Says:

    When my family gets together kids and grand kids we love to do games. Tenzi looks like a fun game we would enjoy. Easy to learn and play for us all. Love being with my family!!!

  • Deana Says:

    We join 3 generations in monthly game playing and are always on the look out for new games for groups or team play. Show Me the Kwan sounds perfect.

  • Stephanie Baumgartner Says:

    I think our family would like Tenzi. We like Yahtzee and fast paced games like Speed.

  • Sandi Says:

    We are o family of six that plays board games after our dinner on Friday nights. Two of our four kids have moved out but a home cooked meal and an opportunity to beat a sibling in a game brings them all home on Fridays. I think Squashed sounds like something that they would really get into.

  • Lisa Says:

    I think they all look fun but Squashed would be my pick! thanks!!

  • RuthAnn Says:

    We love games. Kwan looks like fun!

  • KAril Says:

    They all look so great!! We've played Tenzi and love it! Kwan looks awesome! Keeps you thinking on your toes!! Love it!! SHOW ME THE KWAN!!

  • Helen mosley Says:

    Tenzi..my daughter ,myself ,and granddaughter look forward to playing games during summer and Cristmas when they are here. Tenzi looks like the kind we would enjoy.

  • Leigh Ann Says:

    My family loves Tenzi. We have given it many times as a gift. It's fun to make up your own versions to play also. We need a new Tenzi though, because even one of the family dogs enjoys it - to eat. :)

  • Brooke Says:

    I think Tenzi would be fantastic! Easy, fun and high-speed.

  • Michele Says:

    Show me the Kwan looks like it would be great fun. We are Bananagram/scrabble/words with friends crazy. I think this might fit the bill. ⛄

  • judy Says:

    Tenzi looks to be an easy and faced paced game that any age would enjoy. Am also interested in the Kwan game.

  • Patricia Says:

    Tenzi-I love dice games.

  • Michele Says:

    Would love any of them but I've seen Tenzi in action with my family a show stopper from 6 to 86! They loved it. Easy to learn. Hard to stop playing!

  • Stacey Says:

    We are a game-playing household and all the games sound great. Tenzi or Squashed both sound right up our alley!

  • Rose Barrett Says:

    All my kids are grown and with kids of their own. We all love games. I'd love to get a game for us that they don't have. I think they would like TENZI.

  • Betty Says:

    We love to play games. We are rebuilding our collection that was washed away during hurricane Sandy and would love to win show me the Kwan

  • Rose Barrett Says:

    All my kids are grown with kids of their own. They all like to play games when we get together. I'd like to present a game that they don't have. I choose Tenzi

  • Susan Says:

    My 7 year old twin boys are incredibly excited about the game Squashed...we just watched the video and are already hooked. I'm eager to show their 14-year-old sister (who wants a career in video game design) a board game designed and commercialized by a teenager.

    We are all eager to be Squashed!

  • Michele Says:

    I think the name SQUASHED says it all. We vacation every year with a group of friends with kids from 3 - 16. This will be our 20th year getting together. I think we would all love it.

  • Valerie Brown Says:

    Squashed looks really fun! We love games, but I've never seen anything like it.

  • Michele Says:

    We vacation with the same couples every year. This year will mark the 20th anniversary that we've done it. There are now (in addition to the 15-20 adults, anywhere from 10-16 kids ranging from 3 to 16. We'd love most of the games but I think the name SQUASHED fits the personality of this group.

  • Terri Says:

    I grew up playing games with family members during the holidays ( we still do this) , and while camping. I would love to get my grandson interested in more games, and less TV! Any game for a 7 year old would be fabulous!!! Thanks!

  • Lisa Says:

    We bought my daughter colorku for Christmas and she loved it I think I would love to try squashed next.

  • Laura Odenthal Says:

    Show me the Kwan. What a fun game. We got Tenzi for Christmas (stocking stuffer) and love it! I think show me the Kwan would be a blast!!

  • Morgan Says:

    Tenzi sounds like the perfect game for our family!

  • Christy Says:

    My husband and I love playing games and Quoridor by Gigamic games looks fun - PLUS it would be great to play with the grandkids. The Grommet is a great source of new and fun games! Thanks!

  • Lisa Says:

    Colorku would be great to play as our family members are into visual games and strategy.

  • Ann Applegarth Says:

    Kwan would take New Mexico by storm!

  • Stacy Behnke Says:

    Our family loves all kinds of board games. We take a selection with is whenever we visit extended family. Because there is a wide range of ages amd abilities represented, the fast paced game of Squashed! sounds like a perfect fit for us. It isn't like any of the other games we have and we'd love the opportunity to support a young inventive entrepreneur as well!

  • Claudette Says:

    Squash! All 5 grand kids are spending the night , I need it quickly!

  • Jill Says:

    I would love Tenzi to play with my grandchildren!

  • Lisa Says:

    My family loves tenzi, there are so many different ways to play .

  • Patricia Says:

    Would love to play the Tenzi game. Our families always play board games when we get together.

  • Patricia Says:

    Would love the get the Tenzi . That is a new game for us. We always play games when our families get together.

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