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The best gifts for picky teens

What's the best way to figure out what teens like? Just ask them. We make sure our trusty teenage testers give their stamp of approval to all the teen products we feature. It's much easier than trying to guess what gifts might get the younger generation buzzing.

 O'clock Novel Watch

O'clock - Novel Watch

Wristwatches with minimalist form, maximum impact and surprising affordability. You'll need more than one. Buy the O'Clock silicon watch here.

 Sporting-Sails Play With the Wind

Sporting-Sails - Play With the Wind

Sporting-Sails are wearable sails that let skaters and skiers play with the wind and tame those vertical drops. Totally awesome! Buy Sporting-Sails' body sail here.

 Jon Wye Graphic Leather Belts

Jon Wye - Graphic Leather Belts

Graphic leather belts from indie designer Jon Wye tell a story. The designs are laid out horizontally, and each belt is custom made to fit the wearer. Buy Jon Wye graphically cool belts here.

 Babycakes Mini Cupcake Maker

Babycakes - Mini Cupcake Maker

The Babycakes appliance is ideal for whipping up small batches of mini cupcakes, muffins, scones, quiches and brownies. It's fast, fresh and fun! Buy the Babycakes mini cupcake maker here.

 ZAGG invisibleSHIELD & ZAGGskins

ZAGG - invisibleSHIELD & ZAGGskins

Protect your electronic devices with a tough-as-nails alternative to bulky gadget cases. The invisibleSHIELD is crystal clear, while ZAGGskins add artwork. Buy Zagg's InvisibleSHIELD screen protectors here.

 AERIAL7 Tank Stereo Headphone

AERIAL7 - Tank Stereo Headphone

Aerial7's Tank headphones bring quality sound to match their DJ-influenced style. But be warned: These headphones are head-turners. Buy Aerial7's cool headphones with a DJ style here.

 Jishaku Game of Magnetic Action

Jishaku - Game of Magnetic Action

Jishaku is a game of simple rules and careful strategizing. Success rests on players' ability to feel the magnets reacting to one another. Buy the Jishaku magnetic stone strategy game here.

 sneakart Customize Sneakers & Accessories

sneakart - Customize Sneakers & Accessories

What does your stuff say about you? Sneakart's temporary sneaker skins let you customize your stuff in a way that's easy and inexpensive. Buy Sneakart customized shoe stickers here.

 thinksound High Definition Wood Headphones

thinksound - High Definition Wood Headphones

Nothing beats wood for pure audio enjoyment. thinksound's wooden earphones sound great, fit comfortably and are made with eco-friendly materials. Buy ThinkSound's wood earbuds here.

 Dynomighty Mighty Wallet

Dynomighty - Mighty Wallet

A hip wallet for all ages that resists rips, stains and water, is totally green and totally thin, and has a design for every personality. Buy Dynomighty thin Tyvek wallets here.

 Beadorable Necklaces Sterling Charm on Gore-Tex Cord Necklace

Beadorable Necklaces - Sterling Charm on Gore-Tex Cord Necklace

Molly Brandt combines a simple Gore-Tex® cord and textured silver charms to create the perfect necklace for everyday wear. You won't want to take it off. Buy Beadorables black cord necklace with silver pendant here.

 SlouchBack Inflatable Microsuede Couch

SlouchBack - Inflatable Microsuede Couch

Get comfy with the SlouchBack, an inflatable microsuede couch that's perfect for adding lounge-around space in a dorm room or family room. Buy Slouch Back inflatable couch back here.

 Vurtego Extreme Pogo Stick

Vurtego - Extreme Pogo Stick

This super-powered pogo stick uses a patented air-spring propulsion system to unleash the big bounce. Get ready for an exhilarating ride. Buy Vurtego high perfomance extreme pogo sticks here.

 Gibbon Slackline The New Age Tight Rope

Gibbon Slackline - The New Age Tight Rope

You don’t need to be a gymnast to enjoy the Gibbon Slackline, a modern-day tightrope for all skill levels. Buy the Gibbon Slackline for tight rope balance and agility fun here.

 Altec Lansing Ultra Portable Speakers

Altec Lansing - Ultra Portable Speakers

Yes, you can have a small, portable (and—bonus!—not too pricey) music speaker that sounds great! Buy Altec Lansing Orbit portable MP3 speaker here.

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