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Cool Travel Accessories That Won't Weigh You Down

Daily Grommet travel gift guide

Team Grommet won't leave home without these travel accessories ... read on to find out why we think they're the ultimate in lightweight travel gear:

Mom and Dad never had to deal with baggage fees, but they're a new fact of life for us. Here are three ways we pack light:

  • The Balanzza luggage scale lets you weigh your bag before you take off so there won't have any surprises at the airport.
  • The SPIBelt is a modern take on the fanny pack with all the pros (hands-free, handy hauling) and none of the cons (looking like a style-challenged tourist).
  • The Zen Class Nirvana Travel Organizer converts your airplane seat pocket into something useful and keeps all carried-on things at your fingertips.

We also like to pack these protective products to make sure our trip goes off without a hitch:

  • Coolibar clothes keep you cool and sun-protected.
  • Kinesys suntan lotion/spray will keep your skin safe no matter how sunny your destination is.
  • Psi Bands prevent motion sickness with acupressure, not pills.
  • Uncle Bill's Sliver Grippers mini tweezers will remove a splinter, arch your brow, or multitask in a million other ways while you're on the go.
  • Pacific Shaving Company's travel-sized shaving oil replaces his giant can of shaving cream, and keeps her legs silky smooth. It's so good, you'll never go back to the other stuff.
  • Mabel's Labels are great for summer camp, but just as good at keeping your brood organized on long vacations. Road ID is a great way for grown ups to label their loot, and keeps kids' sneakers identified.

When traveling with little ones -- kids or pets -- we've found that these must-haves make the journey a little easier:

  • CARES airplane safety harness swaps in for that humongous toddler seat, keeps your tot safe, and lightens your load considerably.
  • Lillebaby's EveryWear 4-in-1 baby carrier gives you lots of options when carrying your infant, every one of them hands-free -- great for busy airports or crowded subways.
  • The game Bananagrams will keep kids entertained on longer trips
  • And even if his bowl is packed away, Fido can get rest stop refreshment from portable Slurpabowls.

And of course, wherever we're bound, we think it's wise to set the mood with cool music or a transporting book, so don't forget:


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    Slurpabowls are great!!!

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