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The candy stash and my first week at Daily Grommet

This is an exciting time at Daily Grommet, with lots of exciting changes and a growing vibrant staff. I'm Melinda, one of the new additions to the Daily Grommet Marketing Team. After a very rigorous interview process, I was welcomed into the Grommet family with open arms (and warning to "be ready, we're moving fast"). My first week was exciting and overwhelming as any new job can be. This being my third startup, I know how interesting, fun and challenging a growing company can be. After one week, I'm even more impressed by this team. Everyone is so dedicated!

 Some of my personal highlights from this week were:

  • On my first day, I already had a welcome Starbucks Gift certificate from my manager (I wonder if this was a hint to get the caffeine pumping).
  • I came into work and waiting at my desk was fresh flowers from my assigned beer buddy (in my case it will probably be a coffee buddy, thanks June!).
  •  Then day two was HUGE ... I found the candy stash! I think the sign of a great company might be their snack selection and I was not let down in that area.
  • I've already gotten to try out tons of great products and was a wrist model for a new Grommet in my first couple of days. My first "modeling" assignment was really fun and I loved learning how Grommet videos are made.
  •  Then of course the last highlight is just being a part of such an exciting, intelligent and innovative group. I've always loved learning about new companies and what better place to do that then Daily Grommet. A new discovery every day!

More updates from me soon but for now, I'm back to work!


  • Ben Mirin Says:

    Hi Melinda,
    Great meeting you today at the DG office. I wanted to follow up on our conversation with a couple of details. With regard to texting, I misquoted that Time Magazine statistic. Thirty-two percent of respondents in the Time international survey said they prefer to communicate by text message, and 74% of Americans use their cellphone for texting more than anything besides making and receiving phone calls. Here's a link to the graphics from the poll:


  • Melinda Says:

    Thanks Ben, great meeting you today!

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