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The Classic Mason Jar, Upgraded

Feeling nostalgic? These mason jar lids, adapters and reinventions of  the classic mason jar will have you feeling southern (or hipster) in an instant. Go ahead, get your "mason jar" on.

mason jar lids


BNTO Canning Jar - A conveniently shaped insert that separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip your food ($9.00 buy here).

reCAP - Shake, pour, and store, reCAP turns the classic mason jar into a spill-proof water bottle, salad dressing dispenser, cereal container, candy jar, and more ($14.00 buy here).

The Mason Shaker - A shot of Americana, a jigger of Southern sensibility, a dash of design ingenuity, and what have you got? The Mason Shaker. A unique four-piece cocktail shaker made of glass and stainless steel ($29.00 buy here).

Fancy Rednecks - A drinking glass with an appreciation for its Southern roots. Stemmed Mason jars are a fun and great way to add a bit of sophistication to your beverage (starting at $14.00 buy here).

Cuppow - These mason jar lids are designed for both large and regular mouth Mason or canning jars. The dishwasher-safe lid fits underneath the screw-on ring that comes with a canning jar ($7.95 buy here).

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