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The "cross-country" Grommet

Discovery of our Grommets is always an interesting process. Whether the idea was submitted to us from our community or we discovered it while out searching for great finds -- there really aren't two Grommet discoveries that are the same. Today's Grommet however, has a very unique story. In a way, this Grommet idea has followed us around the country. From Detroit, to New York --  Boston, to Seattle this Grommet has its own history of discovery here at Daily Grommet.

The first time Utilikilts "found us" was in Detroit. Jules was attending  the Maker Faire Detroit   to give a talk on Citizen Commerce™, while also kicking off a “Great Grommet Search” for Michigan based products.

The men standing around (confidently) in their Utilikilts caught Jules' eye, causing her to pause (snap a few pics) and take in the whole idea.

Then, Jules and Joanne were off to the New York Maker Faire for a little more Grommet hunting.

And there they were again. More men, all types -- wearing their Utilikilts. Now Joanne was able to see these first hand -- she also paused (and snapped this photo).

Then, like an odd sign, Jeanne was out running errands  here in Boston one day after work -- and wouldn't you know it?  She ran into a Utilikilt-wearing guy (Mikeal) who was happy to tell Jeanne all about why he loved Utilikilt.


And because a cross-country sighting would not be complete without a west coast spotting -- it was inevitably my turn. I had been in Seattle for a short trip and as I was rushing down the street, I too paused. I stopped right in front of the Utilikilts shop. At the time I hadn't known much about them, I had seen a photo from the Maker Faire but didn't know much more. Turns out they are made right there in Seattle, WA -- and I had stumbled upon their shop. I decided to snap a photo, you know just in case they did become a Grommet and we needed an extra one.

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