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The day I learned to like curd (cheese, that is)

Tuscan Herbed Curd cheese from Silvery Moon Creamery

I'm a really big cheese person. That is to say, I really like cheese and all kinds of it. So when Joanne asked if I wanted to taste some Slivery Moon Creamery cheese, I didn't have to think twice.

We settled around our "conference room" table (it's kind of hard to call it a conference room because we work out of an old house) and Joanne pulled out this beautiful wooden box. There were five different cheeses inside and I could feel my taste buds starting to dance. And then Joanne asked me if I wanted to try the curd first.

I'd had curd cheese once and didn't like it one bit. It was many years ago, probably before I became a bonafied cheese person, but the memory stuck with me. So my first inclination was to say no and move on to the gorgeous-looking Rosemary's Waltz. But before I had a chance to say no, Joanne opened the box of the Tuscan Herbed Curd and the smell of garlic and parsley got the better of me. I took a small bite.

And that was the day I learned to like curd cheese. It was subtle, not overpowering, and its texture a lot smoother than I remembered. I took plenty more bites and loved them. Thank you, Jennifer (the Head Cheesemaker and Co-Owner of Silvery Moon Creamery) for adding yet another favorite to my list of cheeses I love.

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