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The Final 10 Teams. Here are the Players!

Drum roll...

The Daily Grommet team is ecstatic to announce the top ten competing teams for our Product Pitch event on March 19th. We received 145 great entries and burned the midnight hour over the weekend to choose the very best. Want to get in on the action? Click here to vote for your favorite!

Here they are!

MAX'IS Creations: Weston, MA
What is it?

A mug with an attached basketball hoop. Make eating fun!

This product was developed by an 8 year old boy named Max. The hoop attached to the mug can be used for marshmallows into hot chocolate, cereal into milk or anything else you want. Max made his first mug in art class at school. He was then invited by a professor at Babson to present his idea at a product pitch and he knew he was on to something! With help from his parents, he was off and running.  Unlike most mugs, these would be handmade in the United States. Max has big plans for his mugs and hopes to get his business off the ground with Daily Grommet's help.

DoorJamz: Traverse City, MI
What is it?

An updated take on the old, boring doorbell.

DoorJamz brings web technology and high design to an old and stale product category, the home doorbell. DoorJamz allows a homeowner to wirelessly customize their house’s ‘ringtone’ to anything they choose or program different ringtones for different days of the week, time of day, holidays, or even by their moods. Boring doorbells no more! This team wants to be at the forefront of smart home products and hopes to get there with Daily Grommet's help.

Grid By Band: Boston, MA
What is it?

Customizable iphone cases and straps.

Grid is an iPhone case that lets you customize it anyway you want including nylon bands that hold things like money or cards.  The team calls it customizable fashion and function for your iPhone. Grid comes in infinite color combinations and you can even show your support for local teams, associations, and charities with certain styles.  The nylon bands come in any number of colors to go with any number of outfits, accessories and frames of mind.  This team is excited to give everyone the ability to show their personality and style through their phones.

Frogglez: Prospect, Kentucky
What is it?

Comfortable swim goggles for kids.

Swim goggles are a pain and can rub, itch or be uncomfortable. This father of 3 created swim goggles for his kids (ages 5, 7, 9) that are comfortable and a complete redesign of what one thinks of traditional swim goggles. They are made out of neoprene - you can print any pattern on them and they float. Even better is one size fits almost all kids. He's hoping Daily Grommet's assistance can help him take this product to market and make a real splash.

Pansy Maiden: Medford, MA
What is it?

Handcrafted fabrics and soft goods made in a socially responsible manner.

Pansy Maiden was founded with an activist spirit and one heady goal: To create and provide the world with handcrafted, fashion-forward, cruelty-free bags in a socially responsible way. While there are many cruelty-free handbag companies, the founder believes that none of them truly address the environmental and human-health concerns that make a truly “cruelty-free” company.  The founder, Laura Collins designs and builds every single bag by hand in her Massachusetts studio. Her hope  is that she can move production to a non-profit sewing studio where refugees receive training and jobs. With Daily Grommet's help, she knows she can achieve her goals.

Blu2Green: Medford, MA

What is it?

Repurposed hospital prep fabrics made into neck ties and tote bags.
Blue2Green are high quality, hand-stitched, 100% recycled products sewn by special needs individuals, repurposed from the blue fabric used in hospital prep rooms. These well-designed products that have been fully tested for durability and intuitive and aesthetic design. The team takes pride in the part of the tag that say ‘Made in the USA’ .  Their passion comes from the knowledge that they are doing something responsible and necessary for the local community. Currently they are working with a local Boston hospital.

THINX: New York, New York
What is it?

Fashion + Technology intersect to solve a global problem.

THINX is underwear that prevents unwanted leaks or stains during a female's time of the month. Often times these accidents can happen and women are left with few options, except embarrassment.  Over the past three years, this team has developed a new kind of underwear that has a unique support matrix hidden within beautiful underwear that has you covered every day of every month. The underwear is leak/stain-resistant, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and lasts for several years. They're also giving proceeds to a company that produces washable re-usable cloth pads for girls in developing countries. They are passionate about solving a MAJOR problem for women around the world.

Outlet Anywhere: Sherborn, MA
What is it?

Updated baseboard moulding.

The team at Outlet Now wants to revolutionize power in the home. Electrical outlets are immoveable objects that can't be positioned to a more convenient location when necessary. They've developed a genius solution that remedies this. It's baseboard moulding that can be installed in new or existing households and houses modular electrical outlets. These outlets can slide along the moulding to any place along the wall. One can place multiple outlets along a wall, or remove outlets from walls where an outlet is no longer needed. The team hopes to sell Outlet NOW online,  in electrical supply catalogs, and in home improvement stores. They're looking forward to help from Daily Grommet to make their dream a reality!

DrinkSavvy: Boston, MA

What is it?

Drug detecting drinkware

Date rape drugs are odorless, colorless, and tasteless once they’re in your drink. DrinkSavvy is developing drinkware such as straws, stirrers, plastic cups and glassware that looks and functions normally, except that the drinkware will immediately change color to warn you if a date rape drug has been slipped into your drink. That means discrete, 100% effortless, and continuous drink monitoring throughout the night, because the same drinkware that you are drinking with…is also the color changing material that makes invisible drugs visible. With the help from Daily Grommet, DrinkSavvy hopes to sell  to the larger drinkware manufacturers  or manufacture and distribute to colleges/universities, as well as all dram shops worldwide. The founders have seen friends and loved ones become the victims of date rape drugs and hope to prevent anyone else from becoming a victim.

88 Acres: Allston, MA

What is it?

Nut-free, gluten free granola bars
88 Acres makes all-natural, seed-based, GMO-free, healthy snacks in a dedicated nut-free and gluten free environment. Food allergy is a major and growing public health concern in the US and while diagnosis to food and nut allergies has been skyrocketing, the number of snack foods that are safely manufactured to avoid cross-contamination with nuts has not. 88 Acres aims to enhance the quality of life for the millions of people who suffer from nut allergies by providing great-tasting, healthy snack foods that are safe for all to enjoy.


Which new product idea is your favorite? Click here and you will be able to vote!

For details on the event, winner's prize package and the panel of expert coaches, head back to our Product Pitch page here.


  • Rita Says:

    The Thinx underwear is an idea so great on so many levels. However, those with the most "leakage" problems are older women. I would gladly pay $32 for a brief that kept dry when I sneeze, etc. Teachers can't leave their classes alone and with 7 minutes in between classes and having to do hall duty, we rarely have a chance to even go to the bathroom. Please concentrate on the plus size woman who has the need and more money to buy the product. I assure you the money will come and then you can produce the colors for thin folks. Black and tan are fine with me. Just the size and enough to fit around the waist. What a good choice Grommet, help them as much as possible. Rita

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