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The Grommet Grill with Beth Feldman

Today marks the fourth installment in our series the Grommet Grill (check out our first respondents, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Brogan and Leslie Carothers). This is a series of  quick interviews with people in our community.  Our community members tend to be people who are uber-passionate about the companies and products they support.  So we decided to turn the table and ask them to imagine what they would do if they were on the “creator” side of the equation.

Grommet Grill with BethFeldmanToday's Grommet Grill is with Beth Feldman. Beth is the President of Role Mommy, an online community created to inspire, entertain and inform today's busy moms. Beth is also a former network TV Executive, PR maven and author -- she has her thumb on the pulse of what's important to women and families and she is definitely someone we enjoy connecting with.


Grommet: If you were a product what would be your tagline?

Beth: You've gotta believe.


Grommet: What's your favorite product ever and why?
Beth: It's a tie between my Uggs slippers and my MacBook Air. There is nothing like wearing comfy cozy Uggs while checking status updates on Facebook.
Grommet: If you could have invented a product what would it be?
Beth: Dark chocolate that helps you lose weight (and the laxative kind does not count).
Grommet: Did you ever buy something and regret it?
Beth: Jeggings
Grommet: Who do you think is the best spokesperson for a product?
Beth: Sofia Vergara
Grommet: What product do you think you'd be the best spokesperson for? Why?
Beth: Volkswagen. When I was 16, my dad taught me how to drive by taking me out in his Jetta and decades later, I got a Jetta of my own and eventually upgraded to a Tiguan -- we've driven it for close to five years now and my favorite part about it are the heated seats and amazing sunroof.
Grommet: What product would you like to see disappear?
Beth: Spam -- I never understood why so many people swear by it.
Thank you Beth for letting us grill you today. We're making a note, dark chocolate over spam!
Who should we grill next? Let us know in the comments!

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