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The Grommet Grill with Chris Brogan

A few weeks ago, we kicked of a new series called the Grommet Grill (check out our first respondent, Whoopi Goldberg). This is a series of  quick interviews with people in our community.  Our community members tend to be people who are uber-passionate about the companies and products they support.  So we decided to turn the table and ask them to imagine what they would do if they were on the "creator" side of the equation.

Here's our second respondent: Chris Brogan. Chris is no doubt an digital-influencer, however we were most impressed with his mission to send handwritten thank you notes.   Pen or pixel, we knew Chris would have some great answers to our Grommet Grill -- and we were right. Read on:


Grommet: If you were a product what would be your tagline?

Chris: It's not fancy, but it works.


Grommet: What's your favorite product ever and why?

Chris: My favorite product ever is the blog, because it allows millions to build a business or simply declare a voice.


Grommet: If you could have invented a product what would have it been?

Chris: I wish I invented Dropbox, because it's such a simple idea, but is changing everything.


Grommet: Did you ever buy something and regret it?

Chris: Only on days ending in Y.


Grommet: Who do you think is the best spokesperson for a product?

Chris: I think the passionate user would be the best spokesperson.


Grommet: What product would you like to see disappear?

Chris: This list is too large to print. Snuggies. Start there.


Blogs and Dropbox? We're not surprised by Chris' online focus. But we are shocked by his lack of luster for Snuggies (okay, not really).

Be sure to connect with Chris on Twitter at @ChrisBrogan and stay tuned for our next Grommet Grill!

We’d love to hear YOUR answers to these questions as well. Leave your answer to one of the above questions in a comment below!


  • janet louise Says:

    For those of us who aren't that worldly...who is Chris Brogan? He seems like a nice enough guy, but you could have given us some description of his talents, noteriety, celebrity, etc. Would really like to know why you chose him for this venue. It seems if Whoopi was your first selection, then Chris must have something special too! If he is an author, then I really need to check him out. Thanks.

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